What Are Decentralized Databases?

What is a database?

A database is a collection of information arranged practically. Nowadays there is a significant stream of information, and the obstacle is to keep it in such a way that you can quickly locate and use it whenever you have to. The databases can be categorized into two kinds:


All the data is in one place and is saved on one computer. To get the details, you need to connect to the central computer system called server.


It indicates that there is no main storage. Some servers provide information to clients. The servers are linked with each other. There are no data storages. All the nodes consist of information.

decentralized databases

How do databases work?

Though they have been used for a very long time, there are some issues. Decentralized and dispersed databases can resolve these problems.


If somebody has access to the server with the info, any data can be added, altered, and removed.


If there are a variety of requests, the server can break down and no longer respond.

Ease of access

If the central storage has issues, you will not be able to get your info unless the problems are fixed. Also, various users have various requirements. However, the procedures are uninformed and can be bothersome for the customers.

Data transfer rates

If the nodes are located in various countries or continents, the connection with the server may become an issue.


The centralized networks are hard to scale since the capacity of the server is limited, and the traffic cannot be infinite.

decentralized databases

Can decentralized databases improve security?

They do not have any central storage. And it indicates that all the information is distributed between the nodes of the network. If something is included, modified or deleted on any computer system, it will be shown in all the computers of the net. If there are some legal changes accepted, brand-new details will be spread out amongst other users throughout the network. Otherwise, the information will be backed up to accompany the other nodes. Hence, the system is self-sufficient and self-regulating. The databases are protected from intentional attacks or unintentional changes of details.

Are decentralized databases reliable?

Significant pressure can be withstood by decentralized networks. All the computers in the system have the information. So, the requests are distributed between the nodes. For that reason, the pressure doesn’t fall on one machine, but on all the network. In this case, the overall power of the network is much bigger than the centralized one has.

Are decentralized databases safe?

Because the number of computers in the decentralized or dispersed network is extensive, DDoS attacks are possible just in case their capacity is much larger than that of the system. That would be an extremely pricey attack. In a central model, the response time is really in this case. It can be considered that decentralized and dispersed networks are safe. The users might be located all over the world, and do not ignore possible Internet connection issues. In decentralized and dispersed networks the customer can select the node and work with all needed info.

Can decentralized databases scale?

A central network can not broaden considerably. In a central model, all the clients are linked to the server. Just the server stores all the information. If the number of customers is more significant, the server load might go beyond the limitation during the peak time.

How can decentralized databases be used?

The databases accelerate the interaction between different celebrations in the production line. Let’s consider the copying. In the whole life, the automobile passes lots of stages: from the assembly, sale, insurance coverage, all the way to usage. At each action, a lot of documents and reports are established. If any explanation is needed, the requests to various authorities are sent. It takes a lot of time. Areas, language miscommunication, the administration may end up being severe issues. The blockchain can prevent these issues. All the details about each car and truck are stored on the network. And you can access the features you need anytime.


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