Roundup – 04/10/2018 – Uganda Crypto Project wants to provide 10mn people with solar energy

Ugandan start-up aims to provide Uganda with solar energy based on crypto blockchain

The cryptocurrency Dala is a joint project by Wala and the Dala foundation. Both have set the goal to facilitate transactions in emerging markets. Together they have processed transactions worth millions of USD mainly in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda. Now both projects are partnering with Ugandan agencies and the Ugandan company ‘CleanPath Emerging Markets Uganda’ (CPEM). CPEM wants to provide the people of Uganda with solar energy. The company aims to create step by step 200,000 jobs to provide about 10 million people in Uganda with energy.

Retail Brokerage Giant TD Ameritrade and Trading Firm Virtu Financial Invest in US Cryptocurrency Exchange

TD Ameritrade, a major retail brokerage firm in the country, and Virtu Financial invest in a US cryptocurrency exchange platform called ErisX. One of the main objectives of the exchange platform is to bridge the gap between the burgeoning cryptocurrency ecosystem and Wall Street. This bridge has been hindering most people from investing their preferred digital assets in the country.

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UK Finance Minister Says Solution To Hard Border  Brexit Is Blockchain Technology

With the Irish border being the most divisive when it comes to the discussions on Brexit between the UK (United Kingdom) and the EU (European Union), the UK finance minister has opined that the solution could well lie in Blockchain technology. Minister Phillip Hammond has stated that the way in which trade will remain possible across the Irish border after Brexit will be through utilizing Blockchain technology.

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