Daily Roundup: 25th July 2018: Andrew Yang accepts Crypto Donations, Tron gobbles up BitTorrent & Coinbase with another step in Expansion Campaign

Today was all about adoption, expansion, acquisition. Fittings news to a renewed bull market. Google announces partnerships with blockchain startups, Tron completed its acquisition of BitTorrent and Coinbase adds another piece to its stunning expansion campaign. And then there is Andrew Yang who announced that his campaign will now announce cryptocurrencies as well. A good signal for mass-adoption. Though, we remain critical of Yang and his policies.

Democratic president candidate Andrew Yang accepts Crypto donations

Andrew Yang is one candidate of the Democratic party to run for the presidency in 2020. The media presents him as a successful entrepreneur. According to himself, he represents some kind of “human capitalism”. CCN is clearly not wrong to call Yang a dark horse. However, it would be even more accurate to call Yang a Trojan horse. We argued earlier this month, why the crypto space should not be too excited about Yang and the crypto project he supports.

Manna Project establishes Political Affiliation with Andrew Yang and breaks Crypto Statutes

Google partners up with Crypto-Startups

BlockApps und Digital Asset are two blockchain startups that roughly try to solve the same problem. Google Cloud partnered with both of them as announced on Google’s conference that ends tomorrow. So far, Google doesn’t have its own blockchain. However, the demand of Google’s customers to integrate and work with an own blockchain is, of course, growing. Digital Asset offers an on-demand solution for developers to integrate and individualize a blockchain on Google cloud for private or commercial usage. BlockApps offers distributed ledger solutions that specialize in enterprises. It is based on Ethereum’s code, works with SQL databases and other “classic” coding tools and languages. Therefore, enterprise developers can work with BlockApps product STRATO fastly and easily.

Tron foundation gobbles up BitTorrent

That Tron tried to acquire BitTorrent is now known since September. However, the process was only completed today. In an official announcement BitTorrent proclaimed that joining the Tron network would enhance the common aspiration to build an “[i]nternet of options, not rules”. As Tron is trying to build the internet 4.0, aquiring the software developer of the most common P2P protocol is a wise strategical move. In 2013, BitTorrent accounted for 3.35% of the global bandwith. Seemingly, a small step closer to mass adoption.

Coinbase with another expansion move – gift cards in Europe and Australia

Evidently, Coinbase launched a big expansion campaign. In less than a week now Coinbase’s moves were reported several times in respective media. Coinbase hired influential Wallstreet experts last week, then Coinbase was one of the first exchanges or crypto companies in general that could advertise on both Facebook and Google once again. Now, Coinbase announced that it will offer gift cards in Europe and Australia. This might seem like a minor move at first. But in a larger context Coinbase is executing an impressive campaign that fetches institutional investors, no-coiners and the general public alike.