Custom Deal: Travel Like You Should

What is Custom Deal?

Custom Deal is a company that has a platform that lets travelers take care of all of their necessary travelling tasks in one location. For example, on the Custom Deal platform, travelers can book their accommodations and their transportation, as well as get access to a shopping helper, language translation assistance, and a tourist guide. This app is extremely handy for travelers and it prevents people from having to bounce back and forth from many different websites and apps to get all of their travelling needs met.

                                                The Token

custom deal 2Token Name: CDL

Pre-ICO Price: 1 CDL = 0,02 USD

ICO Price: 1 CDL = 0,06 USD

Total Supply: 400,000,000 tokens

Public Sale Start Date: 9/1/18

Public Sale End Date: 9/30/18

Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH


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How Does it Work?

To use the Custom Deal platform, all that users have to do is download the custom deal app Then, users will be able to carry out certain tasks, depending on what they need to accomplish. Most travelers need to arrange transportation and accommodation. So, these are two of the primary tasks that users will carry out on the app.

Users will be able to pay in cryptocurrencies on the Custom Deal app. Cryptocurrencies that the app will accept include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several others. Blockchain technology will also help to maintain the integrity of the app. Custom Deal aims to be a sort of hybrid of a number of other travel platforms such as Airbnb, Uber, Trip4Real, and a number of others.

custom dealWhy Custom Deal?

The obvious value proposition for Custom Deal is that it prevents you from having to visit five or more apps and websites to get your travel arrangements taken care of. Custom Deal also makes it extremely easy to customize your travel arrangements because so many things can be taken care of all on one platform.

Essentially, it is an incredibly handy app for people who are travelling, or who plan to be travelling in the near future. People who use Custom Deal will save time and prevent headaches by booking their airfare, their hotel, their tour, and any custom arrangements they want in their hotel room.

Custom Deal is also beneficial because it enables people to pay in cryptocurrencies. Oftentimes, cryptocurrencies have smaller fees for transactions that fiat currencies do. So, people who use cryptocurrencies for payments on the Custom Deal app may be able to save money for their travel arrangements.


Travelling is stressful enough with all of the packing and journeying from place to place. It really does not need to be even more stressful by forcing travelers to bounce back and forth between many websites, apps, and telephone calls. Custom Deal is doing us all a favor and making travelling easier. This app can be especially beneficial for anyone who travels with any sort of regularity. This one app can save frequent travelers a large amount of time through its convenience. This app provides the best aspects of the sharing economy, apps, and blockchain technology. It definitely has the potential to become very popular over time due to its high utility value.