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Cryptopreneurs Influencing Blockchain’s Adoption

Today we will look at some of the top cryptopreneurs who have invested in the technology. Blockchain is still a nascent and evolving technology. Its penetration on the mainstream remains inevitable. A pivotal study in 2015 showed that at least 5 million blockchain wallets were in existence, four years later in 2019, the user count has reached over 42 million.

The measure of success of any technology is its relevance and user acceptability. And blockchain has proved the feat in the past decade. The technology has not only transformed organizations but industries at large.

Now, amid the mainstream adoptions. Blockchain has experienced setbacks, contributed by several factors including slow and expensive transactions, safety concerns and unfriendly user interfaces. But that hasn’t stopped some of the notable crypto pioneers from believing in the technology. Here are a few of them.

John MacAfee

Founder of MacAfee cybersecurity tools and a British American computer programmer. MacAfee still firmly believes that blockchain is on its way to massive adoption. He has also made some absurd crypto prediction figures some as high as a million dollars by 2021.

Vitalik Buterin

The Russian-Canadian programmer and co-founder of Ethereum. The crypto enables developers to build an array of decentralized applications that run successfully on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum’s mainstream adoption is yet to click, but the coin is gradually growing every day as developers are tirelessly working to resolve existing issues in scalability and the planning of future transactions.

Charlie Lee

Primarily known as the creator of Litecoin, one of the most popular crypto coins in the industry. In a tweet earlier in the year, Lee announced that he would improve Litecoin’s fungibility and privacy by adding confidential transactions.

Lee also asserted in an interview earlier in the year that his coin would be one of the most used and will achieve mass adoption.

Andreas Antonopoulos

An entrepreneur, coder and author of mastering bitcoin, mastering Ethereum and the internet of money. He is also a sought after consultant by researchers and incubators.

One of his most prominent features is when he answered on which scalability options the community should adopt. He went ahead and answered all of them in a spectacular fashion.

Nick Szabo

A renowned crypto scientist, a cryptographer, and a legal scholar. Developed the concept of smart contracts, went ahead and created BitGold, which many consider as the precursor of bitcoin.

Erick Voorhees

The American-Panamanian founder of shapeshifting and among the top bitcoin advocate and entrepreneurs.

He recently commented that there was a need for mass adoption to be specified according to use case.

Marvin Steinberg

One of the leading STO experts and founder of Steinberg invest that holds various subsidiaries including CPI technologies, the only firm providing white label STO solutions.