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StormGain Comprehensive Review 2022


Are you looking for the comprehensive StormGain 2022 review? Seeking answers, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Although many cryptocurrency trading websites have grown recently, just a handful can provide the most pleasing user experience.

StormGain provides a unique, intriguing, and novel trading experience. The platform has combined the best of the investing and crypto market to create an individual marketplace for trading cryptos.

Throughout this review, we examine what the platform has to provide in much more depth. As a result, in this StormGain review, readers will find answers to their queries and learn how StormGain may help you improve your cryptocurrency trading practices.

Pros And Cons Of StormGain

  • The platform trades and exchanges all key cryptos.
  • The portal offers a free bitcoin wallet to users.
  • Simple validation and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Enhanced information and personal data security.
  • There are possibilities for passive income.
  • There are no trading charges.
  • Fees are only applied to profitable deals.
  • Translation into major languages of the world.
  • On the crypto platform, it has no tools that accept fiat money.
  • Lack of hot wallet method for storing cryptocurrency.

StormGain At A Glance

Website Homepage
Year Founded 2019
Headquarters United Kingdom
Number of coins 48
Number of coin pairings 50+
Native token availability No
Exchange availability Yes
Customer Service Email Support, Live Chat
Mobile app Yes
Leverage  Upto 300 times
Minimum Deposit  50 USD (for credit card deposits)
Transaction Fee None
Withdrawal Fee Depending on the coin or token
Education Yes
Supported Nations 230
Demo Account  Yes

StormGain Exchange: Company Overview

StormGain is yet another exchange for purchasing, holding, dealing, and trading cryptocurrency, with over five million members in over 230 nations. The StormGain network is designed for professionals and amateurs, and it is ideal for traders wishing to benefit from the turbulence of the cryptocurrency industry.

The platform has been one the forefront of innovation and presently aids long-term virtual currency investing, accessible via any gadget. The site allows traders to gain and keep cryptocurrencies or start trading prominent currencies with upwards of a 300x boost.

StormGain was founded to make lucrative crypto trading easier for users of all levels. The website mixes conventional and innovative trading capabilities and provides chances and essential information when the digital market rises and falls.

Cryptocurrencies Supported In StormGain

Users signing up for StormGain get access to 50+ tokens! You’ll have the option to trade among some established and budding crypto projects. Here’s an overview of the different crypto projects that you might be interested in: 

Cryptocurrencies Supported In StormGain

Binance Coin BNB Axie Infinity Token AXS Bitcoin Cash BCH Bitcoin Cash SV BSV 
Cardano Coin ADA Bitcoin BTC Chiliz Token CHZ ChainLink Coin LINK
EOS Token EOS Enjin Coin ENJ Ethereum ETH Ethereum Classic ETC
Tether USDT Terra Coin LUNA Theta Token TOKEN Tezos XTZ
Monero Coin XMR MIOTA IOTA Ontology Coin ONT Neo Token NEO
XRP XRP VeChain Token VET Zcash Coin ZEC Yearn finance Token YFI
Polkadot Coin DOT PancakeSwap Token CAKE Qtum Coin QTUM Polygon Token MATIC
Aave AAVE 0x protocol ZRX Avalanche Coin AVAX Algorand ALGO
Internet Computer Coin ICP Filecoin FIL Maker MKR Litecoin LTC
Stellar XLM Solana Coin SOL Synthetic Network Token SNX SushiSwap Token SUSHI
TRON Coin TRX THORChain Token RUNE UniSwap Token UNI UMA Token UMA
Cosmos Coin ATOM Compound Coin COMP Dogecoin DOGE Dash DASH

StormGain is also renowned for being open to potentially powerful projects. Therefore, if you want to invest in an upcoming crypto project, the chances are that you’ll find it listed on this exchange. 

Key Features Of StormGain

StormGain Cryptocurrency Exchange

StormGain’s technology makes it simple for users to swap cryptocurrency at the best possible prices. The site promises a simple sign-up procedure, extensive charts, market depths, real-time trade monitoring, and other tools. 

In addition, unlike similar platforms, StormGain will not need users to go for numerous authentications and will provide you with a simple online sign-up that will allow anyone to join the blockchain realm swiftly.

StormGain Trading Signals

StormGain is well-known for providing precise and timely trading signals. This product is free and the indicators are useful for improving performance. StormGain trading specialists assist users in implementing their financial goals.

These AI-generated indications are the product of StormGain professionals who employ various analysis methodologies. These experts generate quality alerts with chart-based fundamental evaluation and analytical performance measures to market motion news.

These trading signals are sent to all StormGain clients and skilled traders. They are passed around at regular intervals. It allows them to develop a better understanding of risk assessment. The availability of these indicators also assists them in determining whether to execute stop losses or enhance profitability. As a result, StormGain trading signal professionals offer a 70% effectiveness rate on their projections, according to StormGain reports.


Commendable User Interface

A portal is a fully-featured tool accessible both on the website and as a smartphone application. The StormGain system’s user interface displays all exchange information and instructions on depositing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

The layout ensures users remain active and have a good time. The availability of push alerts, signals, advanced analytics, and plotting tools around the clock makes the UI more user-friendly. The system’s portable cryptocurrency mining functionality is also pretty beneficial.

The website is compatible with PC and MAC devices. StormGain smartphone applications may be downloaded and installed on mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, this technology may be used on smartphone devices that support Android and iOS. StormGain has become accessible for download on the Apple Store and the Play Store.

StormGain Bitcoin Miner

The platform’s webpage offers a special BTC cloud mining tool tab. There, a customer may sign-up and navigate to a Bitcoin Miner-specific website. The customer may then select the “Activate” icon to receive a reward for StormGain mining efforts.

A client may receive Bitcoin mining incentives every day by performing these actions. As a procedure, it aids in increasing mining speed and improving trade or trading abilities.

Rewarding Loyalty Program

These schemes offer a variable spectrum of exchange fees and subsidized trading. It also assists consumers in obtaining a bonus on resources deposited, ranging from 5% to 15%. 

StormGain Loyalty is intended for experienced market participants. It features five tiers, with each level providing a variety of perks, which are: 

The client or user can attain these tiers based on their site performance. The rank of these tiers is determined by a one-of-a-kind mix of trading activity and current balance sizes.

This funding bonus perk is only available to Gold or Diamond tier users and does not apply to the Standard Loyalty scheme. Nevertheless, VIP players are eligible for all personal funding reward advantages.

Additional Features Of The Platform

Users signing up for the platform have access to several excellent capabilities unavailable with any other internet network. It provides its cryptocurrency investors with useful pro-tools like graphing tools, as well as margin options to assist users in pushing their investment portfolios towards the highest level. In addition, the site’s educational packages are easy. Even for novices, learning to trade is simple. The site provides a wealth of materials to teach clients the most recent and successful trading strategies.

StormGain offers excellent rewards and leverage ratios for novices when matched to other rivals. It is inexpensive for everybody. However, it must also be noted that such a large margin might result in many losses.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency traders have yet to become acquainted with this comparatively latest online trading tool. StormGain’s mobile application and site are safe and give specific in-app BTC miner and investment tools. Furthermore, it guarantees that client data is always valid and secure. StormGain additionally keeps its membership in the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association by offering total privacy and dependable margin trading to its consumers.

However, the site should seriously evaluate the range of digital currencies it provides. It is far less than anything the present market wants. The website is also unavailable in the United States, preventing many players from entering.

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Trading Experience

Currently, the platform is only limited to a single trading account for all its users! The platform is subtle and designed to provide the users with an immersive experience across both web and mobile trading platforms. They offer various parts in which you can discover all of the tools available, a part with trading indications, the condition of each transaction, details about each of your accounts, and 2-factor authorization, allowing users to operate comfortably and without issues.

All of the primary functions of the online portal are included in the smartphone application, which is well-designed and efficient. In addition, most of the reports we’ve seen say that the network is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. 

The platform offers a seamless UI for users across the mobile and web trading platforms. All of the advantages of a well-designed trading system to keep track of your deals anywhere. Aside from that, beginner investors also have the option to try trading under suited conditions via the platform’s demo trading account. Here, you can practice your trade strategies with some fake funds and real-time market simulation. 

Fees Structure

Transaction fees are essential for most traders when utilizing a crypto trading marketplace. Especially for aggressive day traders who can complete many deals daily with a significant margin. The following are StormGain fees:

Trading Fees:

StormGain has earned a name around the industry for its competitive fee structure. The platform charges a 0% commission on open plus close trades. However, users must submit at least a 10% profit share when they decide to make lucrative trades.

Besides, the platform charges a minimum fee for different crypto pairs, such as:

BTCUSD = 0.000001 BTC

BTCUSDT = 0.000001 BTC

BTCETH= 0.000000001 ETH

You can view the other charges as you move to the website! 

Besides, the platform charges you a commission between 0.25% – 0.095%, depending on the digital asset you want to trade.

Debit Or Credit Cards Deposit Commissions:

Thanks to the competitive fee structure, StormGain generally charges you a minimum commission of either 10 USD or a commission of 5% on all currencies. Moreover, the platform also has a minimum and maximum commission based on the crypto you’re trading with. 

Upper and lower limits apply based on the cryptocurrency asset, and we recommend you consult the webpage. The withdrawal cost is uncommon because most exchanges charge the regular blockchain system processing fee.

Crypto Deposits/Withdrawals

Every token you deal with comes with a minimum deposit and withdrawal fee on the StormGain platform. Besides, you’ll also have to pay a certain amount of a fixed withdrawal fee. 

Therefore, based on the digital asset you deposit or withdraw, you might need to pay an additional 0.1% fee. Lastly, don’t forget that the market conditions also play a significant role in the charges. 

SEPA Transfer: Commissions On Withdrawal (For EU Countries)

ETH and BTC charges range from 0.1% to 5%, depending on the currency exchange and withdrawal commission. Besides, the platform has a min withdrawal amount of 150 EUR, going up to 10,000 EUR at maximum.

How Secure Is StormGain?

StormGain mobile Application and Cryptocurrency exchange provide complete anonymity, and it does not need KYC to begin cryptocurrency trading after signing up. Furthermore, the network is meant to secure all money and employs industry-leading security standards to prevent hacking and other cyber assaults.

In addition, the StormGain wallets get protected by two-factor authorization and robust encryption to ensure the safety of your cash. Moreover, cryptocurrency assets can be held in warm wallets for trades and cold vaults for additional protection.

Account Opening With StormGain

StormGain is a simple sign-up method that does not need users to give too many details. The registration procedure is short and easy, and the customer may begin cryptocurrency investing the same day.

Step 1: Visit the homepage.

Step 2: Just add your email id.

Step 3: Select a strong password.

Step 4: Acknowledge the conditions and affirm that users are not US nationals.

Step 5: Select the ‘create account’ button.

Step 6: Open the link given to the email inbox to verify the email id.

Seamless account opening is one of the strong suits of StormGain! Once you’ve decided to sign up with the platform, you could get started with trading in a matter of minutes.

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Customer Satisfaction

StormGain has a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. In addition, we can report that 62 % and 21 % of the 29,000+ reviews, respectively, are rated 5 stars and 4 stars, with relatively few negative reviews.

Almost all of the evaluations highlight instructional resources and mobile trading. While some reviewers commended its security system, others thought it was incredibly user-friendly and intuitive.

StormGain will provide maximum customer satisfaction with this fantastic platform for everyone interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, regardless of experience or education.

StormGain Vs. Competition

Considering the wide range of functionalities that the StormGain platform provides, it is a complete 360-degree solution for trading digital assets and options. Besides, StormGain has also earned its name around the cloud mining functionality, one that’s a unique option among the competitors in the industry. 

However, similar to the pros, the platform also has its cons. Users signing up for the platform have concerns about its US operations. Many find it limiting for this reason. Therefore, if you think StormGain is not the option for you, here, we have compared the platform to its prominent competitor Binance

StormGain vs. Binance

Like StormGain, Binance is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange that combines innovative technology and established financial standards to provide Binance users with a highly secure, safe, and private trading experience.

You can pick from several coins that have been traded on the Binance platform for many years and are a popular trading pair.

  1. Supported Cryptos: Talking of the supported cryptos, Binance takes the lead with 440+ crypto tokens to trade with. On the other hand, StormGain is currently limited to 50+ tokens. 
  2. Trade Signals: The smart trading tool of StormGain allows users to leverage trading signals and anticipate the upcoming price trends. However, Binance provides no such functionality. 
  3. Rewards Program: Binance and StormGain have a rewarding program for their users. However, in comparison, StormGain takes the lead. 
  4. Cloud Mining: StormGain is the only possible crypto exchange that allows users to access cloud mining, making it a clear winner in this aspect. 

Considering the review, we can say that StormGain dominates the likes of Binance in two areas, making it a better trading platform. However, it might be limiting for users who like trying out new exchanges. Read the full Binance exchange.

Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using StormGain?

Users are provided with several payment choices based on the country and the item they are acquiring. For example, in the payment section, you can pay straight or acquire assets using fiat money. Besides, SEPA payments don’t require any fee and are recommended by the exchange.

Note: The number of cryptos available for purchase is limited, but you may still obtain some of the most prominent ones, such as BTC and ETC. When users don’t find the coin they desire, they may always buy another one and afterward change it to the selected coin. That’s just another element that simplifies the lives of cryptocurrency owners and investors.

Still, you might come across all the major crypto projects that are valuable in the industry and may provide you with excellent results. Besides, since the platform is open to accepting potential crypto projects in the future, it is a reliable option to sign up for. 

Commodities are limited to silver and gold, while options are limited to two pairings: BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Users may continue with futures when they want a straightforward investment portfolio, but StormGain allows users to broaden their knowledge and explore other things.

StormGain’s mobile applications are offered on both the App Store and google play, and users can install them swiftly and simply. 

The platform provides an interactive mobile trading experience with an immersive UI and seamless trading functionalities. Anyone may sign up for a profile using the smartphone application or just login in if they currently have one. The application has most of the site’s functions; however, a handful operates optimally on a computer.

Users can place the trades and personalize their transactions on the upper right edge. The thorough and precise indicator in the middle of the interface assists you in evaluating market trends. You may switch to full-screen viewing when you wish to use all of the choices without interruption. Traders may utilize indications, draw features, altar candlesticks, implement trends, and more.

However, the process isn’t very affordable, and this is where cloud mining enters into play. Cloud mining allows users to generate profit without the need for sophisticated gear. StormGain will enable users to cloud mine while on the platform. Since it is eventually free cash, you may continue running while on the website.

There are tutorials accessible for every part of the website if you seek market information or just want to get going.

Interestingly, StormGain will pay you 15% of any mining revenue collected by the referrals. Whenever a referral joins the network with the link, you’re likely to get 3 USDT. Whether you own a website, a social media page, or a large fan base elsewhere, you should look at its affiliate marketing scheme, which might be an excellent choice for a larger population.

Such accounts vary from standard accounts, including not having interest rates, time limitations, or transfer fees. Users who want to access these products can join the portal as Islamic.

You may also approach StormGain via Telegram to have the issue escalated to the relevant team. If none of the above solutions works, you may contact StormGain via a legitimate phone or email.

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Shortcomings Of StormGain

  1. Not available in the US: StormGain does not allow US citizens, making it inaccessible to many crypto traders in the country. This could be because of the tight rules and restrictions in the United States, which not all crypto exchanges like to follow.
  2. Limited earning opportunities: StormGain provides extremely few income possibilities, and that provides yields almost nothing. The site does not allow users to stake commodities or generate money in any other way. Mining is the sole viable method, with a payment cap of $10 that might take a long time to attain.

With this, we come to the last section of our StormGain comprehensive review! With all the different aspects of the section reviewed, we hope you’ll now have a better idea of whether or not to sign up for the platform. As you know, StormGain is one of the most innovative crypto trading platforms that continues to innovate the sector with new and better offerings. However, it doesn’t mean the platform is perfect or lacks some features. 

Yet, when evaluating it with competitors, StormGain continues to stand out among other platforms in the market. Lastly, don’t forget to be thorough with your research; it is the base of all your crypto efforts. 


Yes, users need to verify their accounts and it’s a compulsory step! StormGain charges no fees on the verification process. This process needs to be duly complete to start trading. It is easy to follow this one-time process and is completed in a couple of hours.
Yes, StormGain has several credible advantages over traditional exchanges. Some of the primaries are low fees on withdrawal and easy transactions that can be done via credit cards. In this exchange, StormGain account holders can get maximum leverage at a near-zero fee, which most competitors do not offer.
Currently, StormGain doesn’t operate in the USA due to some concerns around the law and taxes. However, given the platform's prominence, the chances are that the platform might soon be available to US residents too.
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