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Gate.IO Comprehensive Review 2022: How Secure is Gate.IO?


Cryptocurrencies are all set to revolutionize the world of finance! They’ve been influencing every aspect of finance, from transactions to loans, making them more effortless and efficient than ever. The advanced features and characteristics of new technologies such as blockchain and cryptography have attracted millions of users across the globe. This has also ignited people’s interest in crypto trading, allowing them to generate more returns with minimal hassle. 

As crypto trading goes mainstream, numerous crypto exchanges compete against each other. This offers traders a wide range of choices regarding choosing the suitable crypto exchange to cater to their requirements. However, finding the proper crypto exchange best suited to your needs also makes it challenging.  

But fortunately, there are a couple of crypto exchanges that still manage to stand out with their unique offerings. is also one of those few crypto exchanges with many unique offers for its traders. For instance, the platform supports more than 1200 cryptocurrencies, far more extensive than most popular crypto exchanges. 

Vast crypto selection should not be the only reason you choose The platform has much more to offer! 

But why take our word for it when you can check out what offers in this review. So continue reading to acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of and determine if this is the right crypto trading platform for you.   

   Pros and Cons of Gate.IO

  • Numerous Trading Options
  • Great Security
  • Robust Mobile Application
  • Readily Available Customer Support
  • Extensive Range of Crypto Selections
  • Not Ideal For Beginners
  • Unregulated

Gate.IO At a Glance
Headquarters  Cayman Islands 
Founded in  2013
Number of listed cryptocurrencies  1200+
Regulated No
Allowed in the US Unclear
Trading fees 0.2%
Mobile App  Yes
Withdrawal fees Variable 

Gate.IO: Company Overview is one of the leading crypto exchanges that initially began its operations in China. The platform didn’t take long to attract a wide range of users with its appealing features and offerings. The best thing about is the platform supports an extensive range of cryptos, with over 1200 cryptos to choose from. no longer has its headquarters in China, as the company had to shift after the Chinese authorities began their crackdown on crypto exchanges. At present, has its headquarters in the Cayman Islands. However,’s registered office is based in Virginia, US.      

The platform supports numerous trading options so traders can make the most of every opportunity that comes their way. Be it derivatives, ETFs, futures, or options, has you all. However, is mainly suited for advanced users as beginners may face issues as the platform does not accept any deposits in fiat currencies. never fails to ensure practical convenience and satisfaction for its traders. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes navigability a left-hand task for traders. Besides that, you also get access to uncompromised customer support to ensure all your queries are resolved in no time.

Cryptocurrencies Supported Over Gate.IO

Most people agree that supports almost every cryptocurrency you can think of. The platform currently supports more than 1300 cryptocurrencies. No other crypto trading platform offers its traders an extensive selection of cryptos. Be it some of the largest and most popular cryptos or even the least popular ones, has got it all. Some of the best-known cryptos you can find on include.

Tether (USDT) BNB (BNB) USD Coin (USDC)  Litecoin (LTC) Super Bitcoin (SBTC)
XRP (XRP) Polkadot (DOT) Shibu Inu (SHIB) Dash (DASH) Dragon Chain (DRGN)
Bitcoin (BTC) Cardano (ADA) Gate Token (GT)  Civic (CVC) SALT (SALT)
Bianance USD (BUSD) Dogecoin (DOGE) Ink (INK) BTG (BTG) Nebulas (NAS)
Ethereum (ETH) Solana (SOL) Qtum (QTUM) Kick (KICK) Etherparty (FUEL)

Besides, continues to update its existing listings with new and better token options. Therefore, if you’re a user who’s into investing in new potential projects, this might be the platform for you. 

Key Features of Gate.IO

There are many reasons why has been able to draw traders from all across the globe. But one of the primary reasons is the key features that the platform has to offer. These features are carefully curated to ensure traders get an unmatched experience on the platform. So let’s check out some of the critical features that has to offer. 

Massive Selection Of Cryptocurrencies 

It started with Bitcoin in 2019, where a single cryptocurrency was all that crypto traders had. But things have changed drastically since then, and thousands of cryptos are currently traded in the market. Thus, traders need a crypto exchange that offers a maximum number of cryptos.    

Trade with is one such crypto exchange that offers an extensive range of cryptos for traders to choose from. The platform currently supports more than 1200 cryptos which is much larger than any other leading crypto exchange has to offer. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios and mitigate the risk of the volatile nature of the crypto market. 

Gate Token (GT)

Crypto traders often prefer to trade their cryptos on exchanges with native tokens. This is because simple traders can often avail of discounts on trading fees and other similar fees with the platform’s native token. For example, also has its native token called the Gate Token (GT). 

Gate Token (GT) is an ERC 20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain network. The maximum supply of this token amounts to 1 billion tokens, out of which 700 million tokens are burned, bringing its total supply down to just 300 million tokens. 25% of these tokens are in circulation, up to 76 million. Traders can use the Gate Token (GT) to avail of many benefits on the platform. 

Periodic Investment Plan

Investing in the right crypto is anything but easy. For starters, it can be very challenging to determine which crypto will perform and which will not. But one easy way to go about it is investing your capital at different intervals. The exact mechanism in conventional markets is used in the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). has something very similar for its traders, providing them with a systematic investment plan. This feature is yet to be introduced in most of the renowned and popular crypto exchanges in the market. is one of those exchanges that allows you to make consistent investments in any crypto asset and make the most of the same. 

Copy Trading            

Getting started with crypto trading and mastering it at once is never easy and almost impossible. Mastering crypto trading requires a deep understanding of the market and the overall crypto network. This can often be found among experienced and advanced crypto traders. 

So allows traders to copy other experienced and advanced trading strategies. This is done with the copy trading feature, which allows the exchange to copy all the trade instructions automatically from a specific crypto trader. This allows novice traders to level up their game with minimal hassle. 

Additional Features of Gate.IO

The features mentioned above are some of the key offerings of the crypto exchange. But this is not all the platform offers to enhance your crypto trading experience. has many other additional features that set the platform apart from most leading crypto exchanges available in the market. So let’s check out some of these additional features. 

  1. Push Transaction: Transfering your cryptocurrencies from one person to another has long been a hassle with all the existing crypto exchanges in the market. But has the ideal solution to this problem through the push transaction features. This feature will allow you to send cryptos directly without hassle. 
  2. ETF Leveraged Token: Derivatives and leveraged tokens are the ones that depict a leveraged position against any given spot token. This gives traders an excellent option to amplify their returns with little risk. But before a trader gets into leveraged token trading, they must gain knowledge about the market to mitigate risk. 
  3. HODL and Earn:’s other unique feature is the HOLD and Earn feature. It allows traders to generate a passive income on their crypto holdings. All you need to do is deposit some cryptocurrencies, and the exchange will give you a stable return on the same.    
  4. NFT Box: NFT has been dominating the headlines for quite some time. allows its traders to leverage the benefits of the NFT market with its NFT box feature. This feature allows you to create and auction NFTs where the exchange acts as a medium between creators and collectors.       

Trading Experience

Talking of the user experience over, the platform is open and similar to users of all types. Therefore, no matter if you’re a seasoned trader or have just begun crypto investing, you can easily get started over the simple, clutter-free trading dashboard. 

However, upon detailed inspection, the platform seems more refined for beginners as introduces features like copy and bot trading. Once onboard, you can easily advance as you trade. 

Fee Structure Of Gate.IO charges the most competitive fees compared to most of its competitors in the existing market. The platform follows a simple maker and taker module for spot trading fees. Additionally, there are several ways traders can avail of discounts on trading fees. However, you can only get this discount based on the amount of Gate Token (GT) you hold. also charges a withdrawal fee that can vary based on the crypto you choose to withdraw. Refer to the table below to get a better understanding. 

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Fees
Ethereum (ETH) 0.003 ETH
Bitcoin (BTC) 0.001 BTC
Ripple (XRP) 1 XRP
Litecoin (LTC) 0.01 LTC
Tether (USDT) 3 USDT)
Tron (TRX)  0.1 TRX
Monero (XMR) 0.05 XMR

While the platform does not charge deposit fees; traders still need to pay 0.2% of the makers and takers fee. Surprisingly, you can further discount this fee based on the number of Gate Tokens (GT) you hold. Refer to the table below to get a better understanding. 

Tier Meet trading volume + GT holding requirements30-day Volume/GT holding GT Holding Only Total Goldings  Taker Standard fee/GT debit  Maker Standard fee/GT debit
VIP 0 60000 USD / 0 GT 0 GT 0 USD  0.2% / 0.15 % 0.2% / 0.15%
VIP 1 60000 USD / 20 GT 100 GT 2000 USD 0.195% / 0.146 % 0.185% / 0.139%
VIP 2 120000 USD / 50 GT 300 GT 4000 USD 0.185% / 0.139% 0.175% / 0.131%
VIP 3  240000 USD / 200 GT 1000 GT 10000 USD 0.175% / 0.131% 0.165% / 0.124%
VIP 4  500000 USD / 500 GT 2500 GT 20000 USD 0.165% / 0.124% 0.155% / 0.116%
VIP 5  1000000 USD /   1000 GT 5000 GT 40000 USD 0.155% / 0.116% 0.145% / 0.109%
VIP 6  3000000 USD /  2000 GT 12000 GT 100000 USD 0.145% / 0.109% 0.135% / 0.101%
VIP 7  8000000 USD /  5000 GT 25000 GT 200000 USD 0.135% / 0.101% 0.125% / 0.07%
VIP 8  20000000USD /  10000 GT 50000 GT 400000 USD 0.125% / 0.094% 0.115% / 0.06%
VIP 9  50000000 USD /  20000 GT 120000 GT 1000000 USD 0.115% / 0.086% 0.105% / 0.05%
VIP 10 100000000USD /  40000 GT 250000 GT 2000000 USD 0.105% / 0.058% 0.095% / 0.04%
VIP 11  120000000 USD /  50000 GT 500000 GT 4000000 USD 0.095% / 0.045% 0.85%/ 0.01%
VIP 12  240000000 USD /  50000 GT 1000000 GT 8000000 USD 0.85%/ 0.037% 0.075%/ 0.005%
VIP 13 440000000 USD /  50000 GT 2000000 GT 16000000 USD 0.075%/ 0.03% 0.065% / 0%
VIP 14 800000000 USD /  50000 GT 4000000 GT 30000000 USD 0.065% / 0.025% 0.055% / -0.005%
VIP 15 1600000000 USD /  50000GT 60000000 USD 0.065% / 0.022% 0.55% / -0.0075%
VIP 16 3000000000 USD /  50000 GT 100000000 USD 0.065% / 0.02% 0.055% / -0.01%

Overall, the platform has a competitive fee structure, thanks to the maker-taker model in action. Therefore, if you’re a user who’s considerate about the additional money that goes as fees, you might be interested in signing up for the platform. 

Trade with    

How Secure is Gate.IO?

When it comes to the security of traders and their assets, certainly leaves no stone unturned. This is important given the increased risk of crypto investments in this dynamic and volatile environment. 

The platform adopts several security measures to protect its trader’s interests and assets. Some of the best-known security measures on include:

  1. External Security Audit: No matter how cautious one might be, there is always an intelligent hacker who can find a weak point in your security mechanism. Hence it is always better not to take any chances here as it can cost you dearly. Keep that in mind, and ensure its security mechanism is regularly audited by third-party security companies to ensure better security. 
  2. Cold Storage: One of the primary reasons why it becomes so easy for hackers to sweep clean your crypto assets is hot storage. Hot storage means storing your cryptos on any device connected to the internet. Thus, stores its crypto assets in cold storage, keeping them away from the reach of hackers and fraudsters. 
  3. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): The other important security measure you can find in is the two-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism. This almost eliminates the chances of unauthorized access to your funds and accounts. Every time you log into your account or withdraw funds, you must provide a one-time code with the password. The platform will send the code to your phone or registered email. 
  4. Anti-Phishing Code: Phishing scams have long been a big headache for businesses in the crypto industry. But this should not be a concern with as the platform also has anti-phishing code. This mitigates the chances of traders falling victim to phishing scams where hackers can clean their accounts even before they know it.        

These features make a reliable and secure crypto exchange to help you get started. Once signed up, you can rest assured that your tokens are highly secured. 

How To Get Started With Gate.IO?

Getting started with is as easy as it can get. The platform only requires you to follow a few simple steps, and you can start trading your cryptos in no time. So let’s check out some steps you must follow to trade your cryptos with 

Step 1: Open the website or mobile app

Step 2; Click on the ”Sign Up” tab.

Step 3: Provide the necessary details in each field, such as emails and phone numbers. 

Step 4: Verify your email with the link sent to the email.

Step 5: Provide further basic details and credentials. 

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” tab.

Step 7: Deposit funds into your account and start trading at the earliest. - signup

Once you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above, you’ll have access to seamless trading over the platform. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Every trader on the crypto trading platform is known for enjoying unmatched customer satisfaction. The platform has many features and functionalities that ensure you enjoy an unmatched crypto trading experience. also provides an extensive crypto selection that is hard to find in most other crypto exchanges.  

The platform also takes several security measures to ensure safety and security for traders. For example, has everything from cold storage to two-factor authentication (2FA). So security is barely a concern for traders on the crypto trading platform. 

One of the best offerings of that contributes greatly towards enhanced customer satisfaction is the usability of the platform. Both desktop and mobile versions of offer unmatched usability and navigability. These combined factors allow to ensure its traders are always satisfied with its offerings.    

Trade with Vs. Competition

The growing interest in crypto trading has fueled the interest of many investors in crypto trading. As a result, the number of crypto exchanges in the market has also been growing daily. All these exchanges compete with each other trying to stand out with their unique offerings. 

Crypto traders must understand and be aware of the offerings of these platforms to get a better understanding and make an informed decision. So let’s compare with one of its leading competitors KuCoin and see where it stands. Vs. KuCoin

Both and Kucoin are crypto exchanges working over a similar model. Both the platforms are similar in terms of security and other additional features. However, they aren’t completely alike. 

Here’s a detailed overview of the two platforms; let’s check it out: 

Criteria  KuCoin
Headquarters George Town, Cayman Islands Seychelles 
Launch Year  2013 2017
Cryptos Supported  1200+  700+
Fiat Trading Yes  Yes
Mobile App Android and iOS Android and iOS
Deposit Fee None  None
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Yes Yes
Trading Fees 0.2% 0.1%
Regulated  No Yes
Withdrawal Fees in BTC  0.0005 BTC 0.0005 BTC

Upon proper walkthrough, it’s evident that both and KuCoin are strong competitors. However, takes the lead over more supported cryptos and longer time in the industry. But the latter also overpowers in terms of the general trading fees. Read the full KuCoin review

Final Verdict 

Many such reasons make one of the best crypto trading platforms available in the market. But there are also such aspects of the platform that might raise one eyebrow. So before you start trading on the platform, you must weigh both the strong points and shortcomings of the platform. This will help you make a better and more informed decision.

Should You Consider Using Gate.IO?

  1. Numerous Trading Options: is one of those few crypto trading platforms that provide traders with a wide range of trading options. The platform has margin trading, spot trading, and many more popular types of trading. This allows traders to choose the trading option that best suits their requirements. 
  2. Great Security: Every crypto trader on need not worry about their safety and security on the platform. The platform takes many such advanced security measures to ensure your safety at all times. The platform has everything, be it cold storage of digital assets or the usual two-factor authentication (2FA). 
  3. Readily Available Customer Support: Facing issues when trading cryptos is not uncommon as there are many complications one has to manage. Fortunately, this is not a concern with, as the platform offers unmatched customer support for traders. With 24/7 customer support, you can sort all your queries quickly. 
  4. Robust Mobile Application: Besides the traditional desktop platform, also provides traders with a great mobile application. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS devices. So no matter the device you use, you can always leverage the features of the mobile application.            

Shortcomings Of Gate.IO

  1. Unregulated: While is registered in Virginia, US, the platform is not regulated by any authority. This can be a turn down for many traders who prefer to invest their fortunes, knowing regulators protect them. However, the platform still takes many measures to ensure the safety of its traders. 
  2. Not Ideal For Beginners: The other factor that holds back is the platform is not very suited for beginners. Of course, it has an amazing interface, but it is primarily designed for advanced traders. This can further make it challenging for beginners to navigate through the platform.   

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive review on! Looking at the walkthrough, it’s evident that the platform is unique and brings some interesting features for crypto investors. However, similar to the pros, the platform has certain drawbacks. 

Therefore, if you want to register for a platform that’s regulated, isn’t the platform for you. We suggest you keep looking for some other exchange to get started. All the best! 


Traders often look for crypto exchanges that have their own native token. Thus, also has its native token that goes by Gate Token (GT). Using this token for making deposits or trading in can give you many unknown benefits.
Not everyone is interested in dealing with the nuances and complexities of crypto trading. However, this should not be a concern if you are trading in, as the platform allows you to make passive income. All you need to do is deposit your assets, and you can get a steady income from the deposit. takes many such security features that set the platform apart from other crypto exchanges in the market. External audits are also one of those security measures that takes to ensure the safety and security of its traders and their assets.
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