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CoinTiger Comprehensive Review 2022 – Features & Fees


One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, CoinTiger, has users worldwide. The marketplace allows users to buy, sell, trade, and invest in freshly listed currencies, generate passive cryptocurrency income, and trade futures.  

It is a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in tokenized DeFi-coins, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The exchange trades JPY, USD, PHP, INR, CNY, KRW, TRY, HKD, GBP, EUR, VND, and IDR, among other fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency exchange offers TradingView web terminals and converter exchangers for basic and advanced traders.

The cryptocurrency exchange CoinTiger may not be widely used worldwide, but it is common in SouthEast Asia. However, despite commanding a 24-hour trade volume of $6.8 billion, which is significant enough to imply that it is the trading hub of a substantial number of individuals, it nevertheless commands a rank considerably behind the top 100 in terms of transaction volume. 

Continue reading if you want to find out whether you should be setting your foot forward into the world of crypto via CoinTiger. 

Pros And Cons of CoinTiger

  • There are no minimum deposit requirements, and the segment’s set trading fees are modest.
  • A converter for a multicurrency wallet to quickly swap fiat money for cryptocurrency.
  • Trading terminals that are practical and easy to use in novice and expert versions.
  • You might make a direct investment with daily interest payments in Blockchain initiatives.
  • Comprehensive training course for novice investors, ongoing promotions with bitcoin incentives.
  • Solution for Blockchain initiatives, worldwide cryptocurrency trading system, and money,
  • There are no call centers for the support service(you can only proceed with the process through chats, emails, or social networks).
  • No affiliate or referral programs exist.
  • Limited short-term trading charting analysis tools.
  • Limited instructional and assistance section.

CoinTiger At A Glance

Official Website
Headquarters  Singapore central 
Founded In  2017
Native Token Yes
Number of supported cryptocurrencies 70+
Trading Pairs N/A
Minimum Deposit $1
Trading Fee Free
Withdrawal Fees 0.15% for the taker and 0.08% for the maker.
Customer Support Phone or email 
Industry CryptocurrencyDeveloper PlatformTrading PlatformVirtual Currency

CoinTiger Exchange: Company Overview 

CoinTiger is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, ranked second in the Economic Freedom of the World Index, with scores of 89.4 (2017) and 88.8 (2018), respectively. The CoinTiger exchange review also found fewer than 83 active markets and 70+ cryptocurrency pairs on the platform.

A group of developers from China, Korea, and Singapore manage the exchange owned by Frank Ling. Launched in December 2017, CoinTiger expanded quickly. By the middle of 2019, it had over 2 million users scattered over 100 nations.

Since customers can buy crypto using fiat money on CoinTiger, it is referred to as an “entry-level” exchange. However, there are just a few cryptos that you can purchase in this way. Users may first buy tokens or BitCNY coins to access any other crypto on CoinTiger.

The exchange also offers TigerCash (TCH), a native cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum platform and is a decentralized Blockchain asset. Its price has largely varied between 0.03$ to 0.005$ since its launch, with a brief, abrupt peak of 0.072$ in May 2021. Online cryptocurrency markets like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have their current price and market cap.

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Cryptocurrencies Supported in CoinTiger

The Cointiger platform supports 300+ crypto tokens across 477 markets! Usually, these cryptocurrencies are paired with USDT as their main base. In addition, the platform is home to some of the most prominent crypto projects, including ETH, BTC, USD, and BitCNY. Besides, users also have the option to invest in new and budding crypto projects.

Here’s a short overview of the different crypto projects supported in CoinTiger:

Cryptocurrencies Supported in CoinTiger

Tiger Cash (TCH) Bitcoin (BTC) Ripple (XRP)
Litecoin (LTC) Chainlink (LINK) Gold Coin Rese (GCR)
Polkadot (DOT) Cardano (ADA) Bitcoin Cash (BCHSV)
Filecoin (FLC) Aave (AAVE) Ethereum (ETH)
Mogu (MOGX) Ultiledger (ULT) Kusama (KSM)

In addition, the platform has divided its operations into individual models to simplify the navigation of trading assets on its platform. As a result, many available models exist, including NFT zones, Layer-2 zones, DeFi zones, Content Rights zones, and De-storage zones.

By sending an email to listing, platform users of Cointiger can recommend cryptocurrencies that you should include. The currencies are then voted on or against by platform users and Cointiger board members.

Key Features Of CoinTiger

High Liquidity

Liquidity happens to be one of the most appealing factors for crypto traders before they sign up for any exchange. This is where you might find CoinTiger outstanding, as the platform provides users with a real-time option to liquidate their tokens without much hassle. 

The platform enjoys high trading volumes (possibly in millions), allowing traders to make the most of their everyday trades without attracting high conversion fees. Besides, the platform has been outperforming leading crypto platforms over the years, making it reliable and user-friendly.

CoinTiger Trading View

Every crypto exchange comes with its TradingView application, customized as per the features and functionalities they want to provide! Interestingly, CoinTiger makes no difference either! The platform generally provides its users endless options to customize their crypto trading platform and determine what suits their tastes and needs.

Besides, with multiple customization options, the platform also has something in common, mainly the real-time access to the order book or a part of it (depending on the chosen customization). Besides, users also get to access handy features like order history, real-time price charts, and the current market movement. 

Ecosystem Fund

The ecosystem fund by CoinTiger is yet another appealing feature that differentiates the platform from the others! As of April 2018, the platform established its ecosystem fund, specializing in token and Blockchain equity investment.

At the time of its foundation, the platform had welcomed relevant first-tier projects like Lianyixia, Perlin, Carry, RSK, Carblock, Cocos BCX, BKBT, and Mytoken. Currently, the Ecosystem Fund is focused on introducing users to the new age of investment banking, incubation, Blockchain projects, and project consulting to allow its users to make the most of their trading experience with CoinTiger.

CoinTiger Labs

Next up, we have CoinTiger Labs. As the name suggests, it is a body committed to serving the users of CoinTiger with Blockchain projects throughout their lifecycle. This specific section of the platform also helps them focus on in-depth incubation of the projects by covering a full range of services ranging from token model design and consulting strategic planning to financial advisory and other marketing & operation guidance. 

The platform also helps Blockchain entrepreneurs in their growth by helping them with insights on upcoming projects over the Blockchain network. So far, CoinTiger Labs has incubated major projects like MockingBot, TCT, and BCG.  


Additional Features Of The Platform

Listed above were some of the stand-out features of the CoinTiger platform. However, that’s not all! The platform also has several additional features, divided into institutional services, making it a reliable option to sign up with. Let’s have a look at some of the additional features of the platform in the section below: 

Additionally, you have the option of using a cross or isolated margin. Likewise, COIN-margined futures are eligible. Only six currencies, BTC, ETH, LINK, DOT, LTC, and DOGE, are listed under it, though.

This way, the users get to make the most of their idle crypto tokens without compromising the market value of their tokens. However, the platform is currently limited to accepting Dogecoin, SCY, ATR, FAFI, and SHIELD as staking options. 

But in December 2019, after the release of Leeemall(LEEE), a token that intends to bring Blockchain financing to online shopping, the IEO platform changed its name to “Rocket.” However, it is still the newest token released on the platform.

Initially called ’Variety Cointiger,’ it was the name of the first mystery box series released and quickly went out of print. However, various token teams, like Metamusk, Megatoken, Babydoug, and PolyP, have collaborated to establish new series.

Trading Experience

Trading over CoinTiger is simple; the platform is keen on offering functionalities per the users’ tastes and likes. In terms of the trading experience that it offers, users signing up for the platform get access to two different types of platforms based on the level of their expertise.

Basic Trading With CoinTiger

As the name suggests, the basic trading platform is designed to keep the beginner investors that sign up with CoinTiger. The platform is simple, easy to operate, and provides a seamless user experience for its users. 

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The basic trading platform simplifies trading for beginners with its chart view. The dashboard is plain and simple, presenting all the necessary elements like a real-time chart, prices of the tokens, and a downsized version of the calculation tool for bidding in the market. However, once done, users always have the option to leverage professional tools and shift to the advanced trading version. 

Advanced Trading With CoinTiger

As the name suggests, ‘Advanced’ trading with CoinTiger allows users access to additional tools and resources to simplify their everyday trading. 

For instance, this version of the trading platform has a more down-sized limit and market converter. The other area of the dashboard is covered by open orders and the orders placed in the last 24 hours on the platform. 

Besides, other advanced elements of the CoinTiger platform include upcoming events, real-time market movement charts, and access to different charting tools. In a nutshell, the advanced trading version of CoinTiger has access to all the essential trading tools, plus some extra features to enhance your overall trading experience. 

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Fee Structure 

The costs for taking and making trades at this particular bitcoin exchange are varied. Unlike manufacturers, who need to pay 0.08 percent as per the makers model, while takers must pay 0.15 percent. Therefore, makers are given a nearly 50% discount on their trading expenses.

The rates for takers and manufacturers are both competitive, at 0.15 percent and 0.08 percent, respectively. Trading commissions typically cost 0.25% or less worldwide.

CoinTiger Fees On Withdrawal

Does CoinTiger fall under the category of exchanges that provide extremely cheap trading costs but make up the difference with hefty withdrawal fees? No, the platform stands out to be quite the contrary. 

When you withdraw Bitcoin from CoinTiger, the price is simply 0.0005 BTC. From a worldwide standpoint, but also in terms of Singapore, this rate is competitive. However, the majority of Singapore-based bitcoin exchanges levy higher withdrawal fees.

Is CoinTiger Safe?

Yes, CoinTiger is a safe platform to start your crypto journey with! The platform leverages all the latest features and functionalities, backed by a stringent security policy to ensure the safety and security of its user’s funds. Besides, the platform has also paired with several partners for its network security and smart contract auditing. 

In addition, CoinTiger has a “know your customer” (KYC) policy that requires users to provide personal information, such as main and secondary picture IDs with proof of address from clients, to be validated. Users can only access their accounts after being authenticated using two-factor authentication (2FA).

Since a recognized financial regulatory body does not govern CoinTiger, traders may not be adequately safeguarded or insured. Although there have been earlier instances of breaches, the exchange relies on the renowned security firm John Wick Protection Lab to offer wallet and smart contract security.

Opening a CoinTiger Account

As technical as it may sound when we say “crypto trading,” it’s that easy to open an account, which takes only a few minutes of your time. 

Step 1: Visit the Cointiger website. Click [Register] on the register page.

Step 2: You can complete the registration via mobile or email and fill in the information they ask for. 

Step 3: Complete the registration process, where you need to add your personal information. After that, you must fill in the verification code and complete the whole process of registration. 

However, if you have not received the verification code, please try again and ensure that you have started the interception function for your SMS or email.

cointiger - register

Customer Satisfaction

CoinTiger Labs, a Singapore-registered company, created the CoinTiger cryptocurrency exchange in 2017. The deal has an operating license and does business openly. It offers a vast selection of trading and investing services. A helpful trading terminal that is provided in three versions—basic, professional, and exchanger—is one of the platform’s benefits. 

There are perpetual contracts, exchange-traded funds, and spot trading. All the well-known and in-demand cryptocurrencies on the forum are accessible for trading, along with 13 fiat currencies. Defi coins are continuously being added, and the platform has an integrated tool for adding your coin.

Investing in staking and purchasing firm stock are two of the many passive-income schemes available via CoinTiger. However, there is no referral program at the exchange. The mobile application and the online terminal are pleasant regardless of the trading tactics employed. Novices, expert traders, and speculators all find the exchange quite handy. No bugs were found, as per the findings of expert testing.

Therefore, as per our research on the CoinTiger platform, we concluded that most applicants are satisfied with the platform’s offerings while others aren’t.

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CoinTiger Vs. Competition

CoinTiger was launched in November 2017, only a few years after this digital currency became worldwide, especially in the Southeast. With this cryptocurrency, anyone can easily invest with a zero-down payment. With its TigerCash (TCH) token, CoinTiger asserts that it is the first cryptocurrency exchange to implement an equity system. In March 2019, at a ratio of 100 TCHs to 0.554BitCNY, it distributed 50% of its FY2018 annual net profit to TCH holders. CoinTiger has made platform improvements since its introduction in November 2017. 

However, similar to all the great functionalities of the platform, it lacks in a few places. Therefore, if you’re having second thoughts about signing up with the CoinTiger platform, you might want to check out the comparison we’ve made with its leading competitor Zebpay. 

CoinTiger vs. Zebpay

Like CoinTiger, Zebpay stands out as one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It was founded in 2015 and operated with over 3 million active wallets. Besides, it also comes with modern security features, and low transaction costs make the platform adequate. 

But, like its similarities, Zebpay also has some differences from CoinTiger. In the section below, we’ve explained some of its core differences.

  1. Supported Cryptos: At the time of writing, Zebpay supports over 33 crypto tokens, while CoinTiger takes the lead by supporting over 79 different crypto tokens of different categories. 
  2. Withdrawal Fees: Zebpay charges its users 0.0006 BTC in terms of withdrawal. On the contrary, CoinTiger charges its users 0.0005 BTC from its users.
  3. Derivatives: CoinTiger users can access derivatives, while users signing up for Zebpay don’t have access to such functionalities.

Looking at this short but insightful review, it’s evident that CoinTiger takes the lead over Zebpay in more than one instance. In addition, the platform offers more crypto tokens and options to trade in derivatives, making it a reliable option to sign up over Zebpay. 

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Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using CoinTiger?

  1. Stringent security measures: Two-factor authentication (2FA), a security feature used by many other trading platforms and CoinTiger, offers protection. By sending a verification number to the user’s mobile phone, this technique ensures that the user attempting to access the account is indeed the user. 
  2. Effective measures against hacking: It is a typical and efficient hacker defense. A review of the exchange indicates that Chaitin Tech,, and John Wick Security Lab are just a few of the partners the platform has committed to collaborating with to strengthen the security of the exchange.
  3. Affordable trading: The biggest feature of CoinTiger is its inexpensive trading costs. It levies trading fees of 0.15 percent for takers and 0.8 percent for makers, much less than the 0.25 percent worldwide industry average. Due to this, the exchange has a modest competitive advantage over other marketplaces that charge larger trade commissions. 
  4. Low withdrawal fees: Its withdrawal fee, which is 0.0005 BTC, is likewise a little less than the 0.0008 BTC average for the industry globally. The exchange often offers relatively reasonable costs. CoinTiger is another entry-level exchange since it accepts deposits in fiat money. It makes the exchange approachable for novice bitcoin investors.

Shortcomings Of CoinTiger

Despite being one of Singapore’s most accepted cryptocurrency platforms, CoinTiger still has some shortcomings.

According to the investor alert from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), CoinTiger is not a registered or licensed company as a digital asset exchange. As a result, CoinTiger’s crypto activities are currently under scrutiny by the MAS. 

MAS does not just mention CoinTiger in its warning; Investors in Singapore have been warned to stay vigilant and stop using the exchange to avoid becoming scam victims. 

The MAS Investor Alert List also focuses on listing unregistered or fraudulent investors.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive review of CoinTiger! Looking at this insightful review, it’s evident that CoinTiger takes all the necessary steps to ensure its users get access to all the latest functionalities in the market. Besides, the competitive fee structure and the no charges on withdrawal policy make the platform a reliable option to go with.

However, similar to its features and functionalities, the platform also lacks in certain aspects, primarily the limited access to customer services. Therefore, if you think that CoinTiger is not your option, we suggest you use similar features and functionalities to come across your ideal trading platform. All the best! 

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Frank Ling is the CEO and founder of CoinTiger. Members of the developer team are from China, South Korea, and Singapore. It was launched in September 2017, and anyone can invest in it for free.
You must sign up for an account to begin trading on CoinTiger, an entry-level exchange where you can buy your first cryptocurrency. Afterward, you can use a bank transfer, WeChat Pay, or AliPay if you use CNY. Only bank transfers are compatible with all other fiat currencies.
As an "entry-level" exchange, CoinTiger enables customers to buy cryptocurrency using fiat money. To achieve this, you must create an account and complete the 2FA verification and KYC verification before trading. Once validated, you must first buy USDT or BitCNY with your preferred fiat currency before trading them for other cryptocurrencies like NAFTY, OSM, XRP, or ZZZ.
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