Crypto Payments Now Accepted By A Startups-Focused Law Firm

Atrium has introduced a new service that will help a section of crypto traders. The service will specifically help those who don’t want to change their holdings to fiat. Atrium now enables its users to pay for legal services using Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. So far, Atrium has assisted more than 300 startups raise more than $500 million. These are money raised in venture capital. The corporate has now announced that it accepts direct virtual currency payments via BitPay.

How The Service Works

Atrium is an established legal firm that is mainly focused on high-level startups. Just recently, the company announced the acceptance of BTC and BCH payments. The payments are for its AFB – Fintech and Blockchain service. They are all done via BitPay, the popular crypto payment processor. This is a great move for Atrium clients, especially those outside the US.

The new service will also assist those who have substantial crypto holdings. BitPay’s Chief Commercial Officer has observed the speed at which the service is growing. Sonny Singh notes that the rapid blockchain service growth will help those who want to pay with BTC. Several international crypto clients have been asking to make payments in BTC. This is what has mainly been driving the B2B growth of business.

Moving From HODL To The BUIDL

Moving From HODL To The BUIDL

Atrium also announced that it would be expanding its AFB service provision. Therefore, it would be hiring three new legal professionals to meet the high demand for customers in the area. This happens even despite the current crypto winter. The company has been in the blockchain and fintech business since 2017 summer. For that period, Atrium has helped customers with problems such as money transmitter licenses and regulatory analysis.

Clients with general corporate and IP related issues have also benefited from Atrium services in the market. It has also helped those with broker-dealer registrations, digital and securities asset offerings problems. Clients with platform design issues are also urged to get assistance here.

The shift from HODL to BUIDL has helped a lot in the entire market. It now makes it simpler with the right teams. These are the teams that possess the right growth chops. They also must be highly committed to compliance.

How The Journey Has Been

Even with that much success, the journey hasn’t been easy for Atrium and all its partnering agencies. Bitcoin wallets belonging to its own team has been hardly hit by the crypto winter. This downturn has really accelerated the maturation of the industry. This is according to the head of Atrium Fintech and Blockchain, Ross Barbash. Most ventures are now flowing consistently to talented teams focusing on serious projects. This is in great contrast to the frothiness witnessed about a year ago.

Atrium has been highly praised as the best team for this service. It has diverse legal expertise that can greatly help. It also understands the ecosystem much better. This enables the delivery of multidisciplinary and informed advice to the customers. Since Atrium speaks the language of their customers, now payments are done in their preferred currency.