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Crypto Market Analysis & More

The crypto market is undergoing the corrective phase. Since Libra’s launch, various issues have emerged concerning the crypto space such as government regulation stand and instant value transfers. The issue of scalability has also emerged following Libra’s launch. The price of bitcoin might keep plummeting and it may touch the support before it starts going up again. Ripple is also going through tough times. However, it is seen as a strong opponent for Libra because it has been created to serve similar purposes which are intrabank settlement and fast transactions.

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Dutch Crypto Firms Ordered To Register

The Central Bank of the Netherlands, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), is ordering Crypto firms to register. On its part, DNB is implementing the directives from the government after a series of lobbying by government officials such as ministers and financial advisors. All players have been given up to January 10 to register. The announcement is further warning firms that failure to register would attract strict sanctions including closure. The directive is significant not only for the Dutch Crypto space but the European Union as it may set a precedent for registration of Crypto firms.

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Constructivo Releases A Blockchain Platform For The City Of Sao Paulo

The Municipality of Sao Paulo has partnered with Constructivo, a Blockchain tech firm to develop a Blockchain system for securing infrastructure records in the city. The system is expected to overhaul the registry of works in the city by enhancing the accountability of works. The secretariat for Urban Infrastructure and Works is currently facing challenges in auditing projects which leads to the derailing of delivery of key infrastructure. This issue leads to wastage of time and resources and consequently infringe on the right of residents to quality amenities. Therefore, deployment of the Blockchain platform would increase accountability and shorten the timeframe for the delivery of public works.

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