Crypto Emporium Starts To Allow Clients To Pay For Luxury Goods With Dash

Since February 2018, Crypto Emporium has been at the forefront of enabling buyers of luxury goods to settle invoices with Cryptocurrencies. The platform only accepts Crypto payments and therefore ideal for high net individuals who prefer the efficiency and privacy of using Digital Tokens. The Emporium offers high-end brands such as precious metals, property, vehicles, electronics, and more. It is the first e-commerce platform in the World that exclusively supports Cryptos.

One year down the line, Crypto Emporium has fully integrated Dash to be one of the accepted payment modes. The particular Token is a premier peer-to-peer Currency that has low fees, faster transaction times, as well as a promising vision of future upgrades. According to Stephen Travers, the founder of Crypto Emporium, Dash’s features will enable the e-commerce platform to meet its business obligations.

Crypto Emporium Already Accepts 6 Cryptos

Before accepting Dash, Crypto Emporium has already been accepting 6 Cryptocurrencies including Verge, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Decred. The low number of accepted Token is due to the business policy that subjects the Cryptos to a very high threshold. The online shop has a responsibility of protecting Customers from risky Cryptos as well as protecting their business.

The factor that led the adoption of Dash is concerted outreach from the Dash community that has been lobbying to have Dash among the accepted Cryptos in the Crypto Emporium. Further, the company engaged with the Twitter community about the plan to incorporate Dash and positive feedbacks were overwhelming.

Dash Offers Immense Opportunities For Crypto Emporium Clients

According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, Dash is ideal for Crypto Emporium’s needs as it offers fast confirmation times and low fees. He assures the luxury online shop that the Dash is a payments-focused network that will be central in the future development of Crypto Emporium.

Additionally, Dash community is motivated and hyperactive which offers an untapped market niche that can be an important asset to Crypto Emporium. Actually, the degree of engagement and interaction of this group played an important role in the acceptance of Dash.


From DiscoverDash, a listing site for the Crypto, the Token has about 5,000 listed users and dozens of merchants. It is also among the most popular Cryptocurrencies in the market at a market cap of $684,327,678. Its growth is notable in countries such as Germany, the US state of New Hampshire, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Dash Makes Impressive Gains Following The Announcement

According to Coinmarketcap data, Dash is rated as the 15th largest Cryptocurrency. In the last 24hours, the Token has recorded a value gain of over 7%. The main factor behind the remarkable performance is a broader market correction following weeks of bearish cycles and also reduced sell-off pressures due to increased demand.

In the top 100 list, only Komodo and Mixin recorded larger gains at 10% and 8% respectively. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple only recorder gains of 0.4%, 3.32%, and 0.32% in the same period under review.

It is highly likely that Dash will get new users as the deal with Crypto Emporium offers liquidity and guarantees real-life usability.