Daily Roundup: 7th August 2018 – Most crypto crimes in the USA, Mining in Texas & more than 3500 Bitcoin ATMs

Most crypto crimes originate in the US

According to Group-IB, a Russian cybersecurity company. The USA are the country from which the most cyber crimes in the crypto space originate. The data gathered by Group-IB indicates that more than half of all cyber crimes originate in the US. The second highest rate has the Netherlands with 21,5%. Though it seems suspicious how comparably low the Russian state scores in this data sheet with only 2,6%. However, the data collects only the server location data, not, of course, the nationality of the perpetrators.

Bitmain Crypto Miners Now In Texas

Bitmain Technologies Ltd. has opened a Crypto mining facility in Texas, USA. The company will occupy a facility that previously hosted an aluminum smelting company and has a recently-retired coal power station. The local government has already offered the firm a tax abatement that will be scrapped after 10 years. The new facility is expected to create about 400 job opportunities.

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More than 3500 Bitcoin ATMs worldwide

The number of Bitcoin ATMs is steadily growing. Currently, there are precisely 3,503 bitcoin ATMs in the world. The US makes up for 74.05% of that which translates concretly to 2,594 bitcoin ATMs. Europe follows but doesn’t even get close to the American numberrs. Out of the 3503 ATMs a bit more than half support Altcoins, i.e. 1,846.