CoTrader: Disrupt the $85 trillion global investment funds industry

What is CoTrader?  

CoTrader is a blockchain trading platform that allows investors and traders to easily copy the trades of successful hedge fund managers traders around the world. The goal of CoTrader is to make it possible for investors and traders to gain better returns then they would trading themselves without having to give their money to a hedge fund. Instead, the investors and traders simply can sign up for CoTrader Smart Funds and allow their trades to replicate the trades of seasoned successful money managers, hedge fund managers, and investors.

The Token

Token Name: COT

Total Supply: 100 billion

Hard Cap: $10 million

Crowdsale Price: 1 Eth = 500,000 COT

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How does it work?

The way that CoTrader works is very simple. To use CoTrader, you just create an account on the CoTrader platform. Then, you deposit a certain amount of capital that you would like to use. After that, you use the Smart Funds feature to allow however much money you would like to use for trading to be traded by top traders and investors. The top traders and investors never actually touch your money. This is the key offering of CoTrader. Instead, their trades are simply mimicked by you. CoTrader verifies the ROI of the top traders using blockchain technology. Only the person who deposits the money is able to withdraw it. So, you will be the only one who has control over your actual funds.

Why CoTrader?

Unlike many other ICO’s, the value proposition for CoTrader is quite easy to understand; you can make more money copying the trades of seasoned trading pros than you can trading by yourself in most circumstances. This is because seasoned pros have spent years developing trading skill and without this kind of experience, it is tough for most amateurs to get the returns that they could get with copy trading. So, if you are someone who is not an expert trader, then by signing up for CoTrader, creating an account, and using the Smart Funds feature, you could be doing yourself a very large favor. Not only will you save yourself a lot of time, but you will could potentially make a lot more money. So, for many people, using CoTrader will be a very easy choice.