ConsenSys Report Reveals That Blockchain And Crypto Job Opportunities Are Increasing

One of the indicators of a booming economy is an increase in vacant positions. The US Economy is one of the best examples where increased job opportunities reports are always accompanied by a correlated surge in the GDP growth month-over-month.

In the nascent Blockchain technology and Crypto market that define the Digital Economy the prospects are headed upwards as the Crypto market is in the green as Blockchain adoption rises. This event is consequently creating increased job opportunities in tech firms that operate in the digital economy as a ConsenSys report reveals.

Open Job Vacancies In Blockchain Tech Firms

The Blockchain industry, one of the two faces of the Digital Economy, is experiencing robust as interest in DLT skyrockets to new highs.

The demand for the technology is emanating from traditional as well as startup firms that are in need of Blockchain-inherent benefits such as security, scalability, decentralization, Token-based payment, privacy, anonymity, and so on that different Blockchain technologies such as Stellar Lumens, Ethereum, RippleNet, Komodo, and Fetch.AI proffer.

Hence, human resources are being recruited to serve as software architects, legal consultants, project managers, marketing specialists, protocol designers and developers, and Blockchain engineers. Examples of these companies are infrastructural projects, Blockchain-based enterprises, and tech startups.

The Ethereum enterprise unit report also shows that non-tech savvy job applicants can be absorbed in capacities like company administrators, content creators, community managers, and publicists.

Meteoric Demand For Blockchain Developers

It is important to note that one of the skills that are in highest demand on the Blockchain job market is Blockchain developers. Consensys, citing LinkedIn’s emerging job report, indicates that the demand for Blockchain developers in year-over-year growth was up by 3300%.

Blockchain developer

For this regard, Consensys has deployed a public job kit for Blockchain and DApp Developers to help them acquire skills for developing the popular Ethereum Blockchain protocols.

The New York-based company is also listing vacancies in the Blockchain space to make it easy for skilled people to get job placements.

The Crypto Job Market Is Also Bullish

The other part of the Digital economy, Crypto markets, is also seeing a surge in job opportunities. Recruiters include Crypto exchanges, VC-funded startups, Crypto-accepting businesses, financial companies, and more.

Ernst & Young, IBM, Oracle, and Amazon are the leading blue chip companies that are hiring for Blockchain roles. Additionally, Ripple and Axiom Zen are also expanding rapidly and recruiting aggressively.

The US Leads In Vacancies

Hard Fork report shows that the US is the global place to be for Blockchain skilled technicians. The UK, despite the Brexit uncertainty, follows as India closes the top three rankings.

For US Citizens, the hotspots for jobs are San Francisco and Silicon Valley, New York City, Jersey City, New Jersey, and Newark in no specific order.

Hefty Salaries

The salaries for both Blockchain and Crypto roles are hefty as they range between $125,000 and $175,000 for Blockchain developers, whereas Software engineers’ range between $90,000 and $145,000. Further legal counsels can easily negotiate $100,000 per annum.