Coinbase Review

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase currently holds the top spot in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. This review will take a look at how to use it, and how it sets itself apart from the other exchanges.

How to trade on the exchange

You can open an account on the exchange by going to their site and entering your name, e-mail, and a password. You’ll get a verification email, and then the website will ask you whether you desire to create a business or private account.

How to buy a Coinbase Bundle

The exchange offers five different tokens: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. You will receive a little bit of all of these tokens when you buy a Coinbase Bundle. You can pay any amount you want for the bundle, as the money will be split your investment into

  • 75.2% Bitcoin
  • 6.11% Bitcoin Cash
  • 15.58% Ethereum
  • 78% Ethereum Classic
  • 2.33% Litecoin

What is Coinbase Pro?

Where the regular exchange is for the typical cryptocurrency consumer, the Pro section (previously GDAX) is designed for the expert trader. Coinbase Pro comes instantly with your exchange account and will enable you to trade on a more sophisticated level.

What are the trading fees on Coinbase?

The exchange charges in between 1.49-3.99% in fees, depending on which payment technique you utilize. Card users have to pay higher charges than bank transfers. However, they are also much faster. You can always check your transaction limits on your account screen. Different transaction limits will apply to your trading account depending on your location. If you’re a verified US citizen, you can make transactions totalling 50,000 USD every week. European users can only hold a total of 30,000 USD, however.

What is Coinbase custody?

Institutions trading on the exchange will also be able to make use of the exchange’s pioneering custody program. It’ll cost you 100,000 USD to set up and also requires you to hold at least 10,000,000 USD in your account. The service is mainly targeted at banks and other institutions that have large quantities of finance at their disposal. The service will help them insure it.


What is the Coinbase Shift Card?

The Shift Card is a Bitcoin debit card you can use to invest your cryptocurrency in any US store that accepts Visa.

UK bank purchases

UK residents can connect their local bank account to the exchange and purchase cryptocurrency coins instantly. This helps you avoid the usual charges incurred by global bank transfers.

Paradex acquisition

The exchange recently obtained another cryptocurrency exchange called Paradex, which focuses on ERC20 tokens. You will maybe acknowledge the ERC20 tokens as the energy tokens found in lots of ICOs. Coinbase plans to incorporate the option of buying ERC20 tokens once they are thoroughly combined with Paradex.

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