China’s Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Mining Could Trigger A Bitcoin Price Rally & more

China’s Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Mining Could Trigger A Bitcoin Price Rally

China plays a vital role in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. In May alone, it accounted for about 80% of all the Bitcoins mined globally. From centralized mining operations to cheap electricity, the country has many advantages that favor Bitcoin mining. All these factors have played a major role in sustaining Bitcoin’s price. However, this has also attracted a lot of illegal Bitcoin mining in the country. The lower the breakeven cost, the higher the potential for prices to remain depressed

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The Price Of BTC Clings To $10,000 Support

After a volatile weekend that ended yesterday, the leading virtual coin by market cap has now clung to$10,000 support. The weekend was not a good one for all the virtual coins across the board. The real pain was suffered by nearly all altcoins in the industry, including some of the top ranking ones. A look at the leading coins in terms of market cap shows that nearly all of them suffered the same pain

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Pundix Launches Card Reader Integrated With Crypto Payment

PundiX announces the launch of a payments system which can be used by both traditional card holders as well as Crypto holders. Going by the press release the Crypto payments company successfully used the X990 Android point of sale device, which is used by many retailers in the US as well as across the globe, to run the Crypto payment module XPOS. This successful trial means that retailers will now be able to accept Crypto payments as well as traditional credit and debit cards without having to use multiple devices.

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