Changelly for Android and iOS

Your favorite crypto exchange site is now available on android and iOS. Changelly, the platform facilitating the fastest and securest way of exchanging cryptocurrencies is now available in the most convenient of ways to accessing and tracking cryptocurrencies-via smartphones.

The mobile app, just like the web version, is equally capable of exchanging crypto for another and at a fixed rate. You can also buy any of the cryptos listed with a bank card directly via the app. The rates available on Changelly mobile app are real-time, just like the web version of the same.

How it works

  • Transfer funds from your wallet to the app.
  • Search for the best rates in the market for transfer
  • Make the exchange
  • Changelly extracts their 0.25% fee (very reasonable)
  • Receive funds in your wallet

The Fixed Rate Mechanism

And what’s more? Changelly is now empowered with a fixed rate mechanism. That means you won’t have to undertake the risk of crypto market fluctuations anymore. You can exchange crypto at a floating rate. Disregard the fluctuations you may experience during the exchange and transact at the exact amount of crypto displayed at the beginning of the exchange. You only need to click on the lock icon to lock the current exchange. You then have a 15-minute window to make the transaction, which is more than ample time.

The Changelly platform has also established a small reserve to guarantee the protection of the user’s fund from fluctuating. But you don’t have to worry about the fee. The reserve already includes the rate displayed at the beginning of the exchange.


Access to 150 Cryptocurrencies

Changelly offers you exchange terms for over 150 cryptocurrencies with some of the best rates in the crypto markets today. If you are tired of paying hidden fees when transacting in cryptocurrencies, then Changelly is the site for you. Changelly only applies a transparent 0.25% fee on all crypto to crypto exchanges.

The platform also offers 5-30 minutes transactions with high exchange limits for those seeking to make significant transactions. Users are commending an impeccable customer service provided on Changelly. 2 million happy users couldn’t be wrong.