Centra Review

What Is Centra?

Centra is a Bitcoin debit card that started as an ICO. The creators helped shape the assistance of their ICO investors. The company raised over $5 million in cryptocurrency during the ICO. The card can be used all over payment card are accepted, thanks to a collaboration with Visa and Mastercard. Centra also works with some global banks, which enables them to ship their card all over the world.

The Centra wallet

The wallet you get with your Centra account is not your standard Bitcoin wallet. Instead, you’ll be given an Ethereum smart contract wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. The wallet enables you to hold several different altcoins in addition to Bitcoin. Amongst these are Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, and Monero. The company has also revealed that the wallet will support more altcoins in the future. Centra is among the most secure Bitcoin cards due to their insurance policy that protects them in case of hacking attempts.

The Centra app

The app that comes with the Bitcoin debit card enables you to inspect your balance. You can likewise utilize it to send out money all over the world at no costs. Should your cast get lost or taken? You’re even able to freeze the card through the app.


The Centra cards

Centra intends on offering not just one but three various cards: Gold, Blue, and Black. Heaven card is the standard one, whereas the Gold and Black cards require you to purchase the company. 30 ETH will get you the Gold card, whereas the Black card needs you to put down 100 ETH.

The Blue Centra card

Heaven card has an ATM withdrawal limitation of $500 per day, $10,000 monthly, and $80,000 each year.

The Gold Centra card

The Gold card has a limitation of $20,000 per day and $80,000 each year.

The Black Centra card

The Black card has a limitation of $100,000 per day ($3,000 ATM withdrawals), and $200,000 each month.

Centra charges

The fees connected with the Centra card are minimal. The business charges you a total of 0% for transfers, exchanges, costs, and receiving money. They’re able to get rid of charges with the help of a Currency Conversion Engine (CCE) as part of their setup.

What is Coin Bay?

The business has plans to start up another platform called Coin Bay. The platform is meant as an Amazon-style marketplace where users can spend their cryptocurrency tokens on products. Independent merchants will also be able to upload their items to the site, just like on Amazon.


The Centra cards are not presently readily available, as their sites seem to be down. Stay tuned for further updates.