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Category: UBI

Why Basic Income Projects fail in Crypto & Why Electroneum is secretly the best Faircoin

The idea of a Universal Basic Income has gained a lot of adherers over the past decade alone. The idea that machines and artificial intelligence become so elaborate that they will replace human workforce is as frightening as it is convincing. It is only logical that UBI projects and crypto come together. Currencies from these […]

Manna Project establishes Political Affiliation with Andrew Yang and breaks Crypto Statutes

The Manna project is a universal basic income (UBI) project based on its own cryptocurrency. With its newest board advisor, Andrew Yang, Manna is seeking to boost its awareness beyond the crypto space. Yang runs for the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party in the USA for 2020. But Manna’s new political affiliation proves how […]

The world‘s first anti-capitalist crypto project

A pro free-market attitude is widely common in the crypto space. The leading figures here are all free-market advocates, entrepreneurs or just simply outright capitalists. Vitalik Buterin is fascinated by the idea of radical markets, Brad Garlinghouse‘s company Ripple seeks to collaborate with the international banking system and Roger Ver is known to identify as an anarcho-capitalist […]