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Category: Technical Analysis

Gambling options nowadays – BTC casinos vs Online casinos

  • By CoinRevolution
  • March 9, 2020
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Gambling is an incredibly old concept. There are many stages of human history where we could encounter some form of gambling games, bets or other activities. Back in the middle ages, games like baccarat or mahjong enticed participants to wager money. First Casinos were established in Venice, Italy, back in the 17th century. We can […]

Can you get rich by trading forex?

Getting rich is everyone’s dream but what matters is actually how much you are doing towards getting rich. We all adopt different forms of investments for self and family so as to secure our future and have ample to sustain our lifestyle and needs. It all depends what method we adopt in accumulating wealth through […]

Why Bitcoin Prices May Go Up This Week

Bitcoin’s price continued to rise at the beginning of the week. A number of factors can be accredited to the uptrend. The same reasons are leading top analysts and crypto experts to believe that bitcoin could reach new highs this month. Bitcoin’s price has been rising since the beginning of the week. The drive to […]

Beware Of This Unhealthy Development In This Recent Rally

I have warned of a correction in our last analysis. Ultimately, our analysis was wrong as the price broke above $10,000 and there is a huge euphoria going around that this trend will continue. However, while I too have a bullish sentiment now for the short-term, I would still like to point out that we […]

Bitcoin Price Breaks Parabolic Advance – Correction Incoming?

The price of Bitcoin broke down recently after testing the $9000 resistance level. The price did recover from the local low of $7400 but did not manage to reestablish the $8000 level. In addition to that, the price broke all support levels, the 200, 100 (blue line), 55 (yellow) and 21 MA (light blue) in […]

Ethereum – Stuck Underneath $300? Chances & Possibilities

Along with Bitcoin the chart of Ethereum dipped about 48 hours ago from now. While Bitcoin broke shortly through the $9000 level, Ethereum was on its way to $300. Many analysts and traders declared already two weeks ago that the Altcoin season was open. Right now people sound a bit less optimistic with Ethereum’s price […]

Is $10k Really the Next Significant Level For Bitcoin?

A common claim in the market is now that the $10,000 level is the next significant zone for Bitcoin. A symbolical and psychological level for obvious reasons. Still, it is important – especially in the crypto space – to question common knowledge. So is $10k really the zone to watch for now? Many news outlets […]

Bear & Bull Struggle at the $8000 Resistance – Watching Lows

What we are seeing currently in the Bitcoin market is typical before decisive moves are happening. Everyone is expecting the market to move. However, less and less investors are interested in participating in the market. The result of that is that Bitcoin’s price is forming a lot of Doji candles on the 1 hour chart […]

Reasons For the Recent Surge of Bitcoin – Return of the Bull?

1. Technical Perspective I stated in one of my recent Daily Roundups that generally the market outlook is positive. There are many factors for this. The most important one is that the 200 daily moving average was broken at the end of March. The very positive momentum of this surge has dragged Bitcoin now all […]

Technical Analysis #CW 4 2019 – Buy Bitcoin or Second Selloff?

This is the chart (fig. 1) that we used at the beginning of December. We did not predict the “Christmas rally”.  As this had been the point where the significant resistance at around 6000 broke. The market is currently still testing if the support at the 200 Weekly MA is still solid enough to prevent […]
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