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Category: Daily Roundup

Klays Listed In Upbit Indonesia & More

Klays Listed In Upbit Indonesia South Korea’s Kakao messaging platform is listing its native cryptocurrency on Upbit Indonesia. The move positions the blockchain in a market that is particularly crucial. The larger Asian market represents a growing economy of the unbanked population, such is a prerequisite for the thriving of cryptocurrencies. The Klay token joins […]

Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed & More

Clean Crypto Exchanges Revealed A new report by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) reveals that Kraken and Coinbase are the cleanest Crypto exchanges. The BTI offers market surveillance and focuses on analyzing volumes that Crypto exchanges provide. Past studies show that most of the volumes are exaggerated which misguides investors into investing in underperforming Digital […]

Portugal’s New Crypto Law & More

Portugal’s New Crypto Law The Portuguese Tax & Customs Authority (PTA) has come clear that Crypto trading transactions are exempt from Capital Gains and Value Added Taxes. This is a unique position given that Crypto trading is increasingly considered as commodity trading where the main motive of the sellers is to get positive returns on […]

North Korea To Launch Its Own Crypto & More

North Korean National Cryptocurrency Plans Underway While India, Venezuela and Peoples Bank of China’s crypto ambitions continue a North Korea are also set to join the group. The country has announced plans to launch its own national cryptocurrency. This is according to the regime-controlled Korean Central News Agency. It is not a surprise, the country […]

Coinfera Unveils BNB Trading & More

Coinfera Unveils BNB Trading The adoption of Binance Coin (BNB) is set to grow after Coinfera announced the commencement of BNB trading in its Turkey and UAE shops. Hence, Crypto fans in these countries will be able to walk in with Turkish Liras or UAE Dirhams and leave with Cryptos in their Crypto Virtual wallets. […]

France’s Dominos Pizza Rewarding Customers Using BTC & More

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • September 17, 2019
France’s Dominos Pizza Is Rewarding Customers With Bitcoin As the world turns itself upside down trying to find ways to please its customers, France’s domino’s pizza has found the perfect way; a bitcoin loyalty program for its esteemed customers. The award-winning fast food joint has pledged to dish out bitcoin worth over 100,000 euros. The […]

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System & More

Mastercard and R3 Partner for a Decentralized Payment System MasterCard and R3 are partnering to build a decentralized payment system for cross border payments. The platform which is powered by the R3 corda blockchain will be a milestone in the digitization of the finance industry. The project guarantees MasterCard a place in the fast paced […]

Expanding UK Shipping In Post Brexit & More

Expanding UK Shipping In Post Brexit Established firms in the maritime industries are being urged to adapt blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to solve inefficiencies. This comes in the wake of a political standoff in the UK at the peak of Brexit. A no deal Brexit looms and investors are looking to calm down fears in […]

Blockchain In E-Sports & More

Blockchain In E-Sports There is no stop to Blockchain’s potential in revolutionizing industries. The e-sports world has been particularly attractive for blockchain. Their young customer base has made it possible for the two novel industries to thrive. Gamers now prefer using cryptocurrencies in buying in game extras, credits and upgrades instead of fiat. In addition, […]

XRP Price Is Consolidating Around $0.25 & More

XRP Price Is Consolidating Around $0.25 Last week, XRP price was relatively stable after closing the week at $0.2568 which a marginal gain of 1.76%. This week’s XRP charts show that volatility is still low as XRP/USD is still trading in the $0.25’s zone. Therefore, trends indicators reveal that a strong level of support is […]
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