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Are Cryptocurrencies Commodities?

What are commodities? Before we can get into whether or not cryptocurrencies are commodities, we need to understand what commodities are. A regular commodity is a good or service that is sold on exchanges. They tend to have complete or partial substantial fungibility (unlike unique items like collectibles, which are non-fungible). That means commodities like […]

What Is Crypto Trading?

What is crypto trading? The practice involves exchanging one cryptocurrency for another and exchanging fiat money like USD and GBP into crypto coins or tokens. It’s a bit similar to forex, where fiat currencies from across the globe are traded 24 hours a day, all year round. How many cryptocurrencies are there? The number of […]

What Determines Cryptocurrency ​Prices?

What is the main difference between fiat and cryptocurrencies? The most significant distinction in between cryptocurrency prices and fiat money is that central government back fiat currencies and stated as legal tender. Its quality is mainly originated from the reality that the central federal government has mentioned that it has value and two celebrations in […]

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: What Should You Invest In?

This article will aim to outline the main differences between the two tokens. With the facts at hand, you can make an informed decision when trading with either token. Bitcoin benefits As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the base currency of the entire crypto industry. It is what all other cryptocurrencies trade verses (along with […]

What Are P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What Are P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges? ‘Peer-to-peer’ (P2P) or ‘decentralized’ exchanges are run and maintained exclusively by the software application. P2P transfers enable the participants of the market to trade directly with each other with no relied on the third celebration to process all trades. How are they vary from regular crypto exchanges? Regular cryptocurrency exchanges […]

What Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

What are cryptocurrency exchanges? Crypto exchanges allow exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, the buying and selling of coins, and the exchange of fiat money into crypto. Crypto exchanges set the rate of the currencies– both coins and tokens. The cryptocurrency rate usually depends upon the actions of sellers and buyers, although other factors can impact […]

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading? Crypto trading is quite simply the practice of trading one cryptocurrency for another. It can also be the exchange of fiat money for cryptocurrency tokens. It bears some similarities to foreign exchange, where fiat currencies from throughout the globe are traded 24 hours a day. The number of cryptocurrencies has blown […]

How Peter Brandt Predicted the Current Bitcoin Price in January & What You Can Learn From It

Back on the 22nd January, the ICO craze was still going on, Bitconnect crashed by 92% just a few days ago and the Bitcoin price stood at about $10,000. Back then many people still had hopes for a quick recovery of Bitcoin and some, in fact, still hoped for it until a few months ago. […]

5 Top Cryptocurrency Investing Tips You Should Know

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm as evident from the huge popularity that some of the digital currencies enjoy. As an investor in this industry, it is important to make tactical decisions and moves to get the best results. Here are five top cryptocurrency investing tips that you should know and keep in mind […]

Retail Brokerage Giant TD Ameritrade and Trading Firm Virtu Financial Invest in US Cryptocurrency Exchange

TD Ameritrade, a major retail brokerage firm in the country, and Virtu Financial invest in US cryptocurrency exchange platform. One of the main objectives of the exchange platform is to bridge the gap between burgeoning cryptocurrency ecosystem and Wall Street. This bridge has been hindering most people from investing their preferred digital asserts in the […]
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