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Category: Cryptocurrency News

Fresh BTC Uptrend May Begin In September

After facing a very strong selling pressure in the past couple of days, Bitcoin and a number of aggregated cryptocurrency markets are undergoing a day of green. Despite all this, Bitcoin Core still seems to be operating in a very precarious zone, with a support in the region of $10,000. Market analysists are now pointing […]

Blockchain In Real Estate

Industries are keen to explore the invaluable benefits of blockchain. So far, a myriad of industries for instance the supply chain and agriculture already have. Land management and real estate will soon join the crypto bandwagon. They won’t be the last, other numerous projects are waiting in line as blockchain technology advances. There are multiple […]

Adoption Of Bitcoin Cash Now Thriving In Japan And North Queensland

The merchant acceptance of Bitcoin Cash has continued to increase with a good pace in various parts of the world. Some of the places where the adoption of this coin has been thriving are Japan and North Queensland. They have continued to lead the pack as some of the densest areas of merchant adoption of […]

Senior Nigerian Politician Advocates For Crypto Legal Framework

A prominent politician from Nigeria has called for a serious legal framework for the virtual coins in the country. He is known as Femi Gbajabiamila, who is the Nigeria’s House of Representative’s speaker. Asking For Clear Regulations For The Whole Market On the 23rd of July 2019, The Daily Post, which is one of the […]

Uganda Exploring Blockchain In Fighting Counterfeit Drugs

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has pledged his support for a blockchain company, MediConnect which will help in the country’s war against counterfeit drugs. Museveni said that his government will tackle the spread of counterfeits drugs in Uganda using blockchain. MediConnect traces drugs from manufacturers via pharmacies and patients. The platform will help the Ugandan authorities […]

BTC Network Now More Powerful Than Ever Before

The main Bitcoin network is now eight times more powerful than it was in the past. The network has grown more than when it was at a price of $20,000. More Computing Power The leading crypto coin by market cap now boasts of more computing power behind its main security. The computing power has surpassed […]

Native Tokens Owned By Crypto Exchanges Could Surpass Bitcoin

The native tokens of cryptocurrency exchanges may soon work as a great alternative to both virtual coins and the world reserve currencies. As one of the leading business tools, the trading platforms have a tendency of staking on their own tokens. This, in turn, will increase their benefit for the investors, especially the large organization […]

Bitcoin Scams In Africa And How To Avoid Them

The recent crypto boom has presented scammers with yet another opportunity to reap where they didn’t sow. 2018 bear market wasn’t a good year, even for the scammers themselves. But with the recent rise in price and an imminent bull run, they are coming out of their hiding holes. Africa has been a target for […]

Ripple Price Could Soar Further, As BTC Breaks The $10,500 Barrier

After trading below the support level of $0.2900 against the USD, the price of Ripple has steadily recovered. It climbed unexpectedly higher and even broke the major resistance levels of $0.3200 and $0.3000. The coin is now showing a number of positive signs above its market price of $0.3200 against its main competitor, the US […]

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Market Could Keep Rising

The market has not been so good in the past few days, but there is the hope of future improvement. The whole crypto market began a good recovery and was even able to break the key resistance of $260.0 billion. The price of Bitcoin rallied around 10% and was even able to break the main […]
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