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Category: Cryptocurrency News

Brace Yourselves for the Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks

The last batch of Bitcoin forks have been a bit controversial, but the ones yet to come might be the most contentious of all. The Anonymous Bitcoin and Bitcoin Prime have been referred to by investors as shameless cash grabs that are more like dumps and pumps designed to exploit consumers. The New Bitcoin Forks […]

British MPs Called Upon to Implement Crypto Regulation

A self-regulated agency in the UK, CryptoUK, has asked for a regulatory oversight for the market of Cryptocurrency in the entire region. Responding to an Inquiry While making a response to an inquiry that was undertaken by a Treasury Committee into the digital coin, this trade organization has given proposals and has a request to […]

“Alibaba Has No Powers Of Stopping Crypto Using Its Name”, US Court Rules

A landmark ruling in the corridors of Cryptocurrency has been made at a U.S District Court. The court has made a ruling against Alibaba Group, a Chinese retail superpower in favor of Alibabacoin, a digital coin foundation based in Dubai. According to the presiding judge, Alibaba Group didn’t demonstrate any kind of jurisdiction in both […]

France Reduces Cryptocurrency Tax

In major news across crypto corridors; France’s State Council of taxation has announced that it would reduce the financial fines imposed on profits on virtual coins like Bitcoin and others. With this new move, the organization is looking forward to a huge tax plummet from its current figure of 45% to about 19%, which would […]

Repayment for Stolen Bitcoins Delayed in India

Coinsecure, the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in India has said that it would not be able to repair consumers their stolen bitcoins at this moment. As the investigation continues, the exchange has however claimed that they require permissions from the authorities so that they can launch the claims procedures. Up to now, the claims process has […]

The Adoption of Bitcoin Cash Progresses

Several global financial stores have continued to accept Bitcoin Cash and virtual currencies as the main modes of payment. The roundup to the adoption of Bitcoin Cash features five sellers that began to use the digital coin just recently. This also includes a fresh Café Bar that is specially designed to cater for the fifteen […]

16 Crypto Exchanges Certified by Venezuela

The end of the pre-sell period for one of Venezuela’s biggest exchanges, Petro, has finally come to an end. The announcement was made by the country’s head of state, Nicolas Maduro, who was very impressed by the amount that the campaign raised so far (an equivalence of more than 3 billion). Green Card to 16 […]

“We are Not Acquiring Bitstamp”, Says Nexon Korea CEO

Rumors have been flying around that Nexon Korea, an established video game company is planning to acquire Bitstamp. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lee Jung-hun, has come out strongly to deny the rumors. Plans to Merge Gaming Business and Cryptocurrency According to these speculations that were released to various media sources two days […]

Crypto Lessons from George Soros

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • April 27, 2018
  • 1 Comment
The family office of billionaire George Soros has recently hit the news when they announced that they would be joining the market of Cryptocurrency. The news that this particular office that is estimated at a value of $26 billion would soon join virtual currency market has got capitalists talking about its possible effects. Here Are […]

More Opportunities With the Blockchain Technology

According to a senior financial auditor in the Chinese government, Blockchain can be used to create more opportunities for storage of live data. Using Blockchain to Solve the Stalemate in the Industry On Tuesday 24th April 2018, the People’s Republic of China, through its National Audit Office published an article that gave a detailed explanation […]
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