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Category: Cryptocurrency News

Opinion: Benjamin Netanyahu’s Election Is Good News For Cryptos And Blockchain Community

The populist Benjamin Netanyahu may be controversial to many people especially in the perspective of his policies towards the West Bank, Gaza, and the Two-State question. However, his policies have been friendly to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain which has made Israel feature prominently on the most Blockchain-innovative countries and also the most Crypto-friendly. Benny Gantz Has […]

Coinbase Launches A Crypto Visa Debit Card For Its 20M + Customers

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and 7 more Cryptos are set to be available for direct spending following the launch of a Coinbase Crypto Visa debit card. Coinbase and Visa cooperated in the effort to make the use of Cryptocurrencies in the world as easy as spending fiat currencies. At this stage, the Coinbase card is […]

Uquid Offers Users Ability To Pay For Electricity, Online Bills, And More With XRP

PIN-less calls, food vouchers, online bills, mobile top-up, and electricity, are some of the bills that Uquid will allow its users to pay for using XRP. This is according to an announcement on the official Uquid medium page. This is a major milestone towards ensuring that the expected mass adoption of XRP and other Cryptocurrencies […]

The New Opera 60 Browser Will Support dApps And Crypto Wallets

Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla are the leading web browsers that play a key role in ensuring that information is available online. Google Chrome and Mozilla are more popular than Opera. However, this is about to change as Opera is becoming more innovative by deploying a technology that seeks to proffer Web 3-compatible services such […]

Changpeng Zhao Confirms That The Number Of Transactions Is At A Peak Level

The number of transactions in the Cryptocurrency market is at an all-time high according to the CEO and Co-founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao. Popularly known as CZ, the CEO of Binance is confident that the bullish cycle is stronger than the market condition in January 2018 when the number of market orders was at the […]

Facebook Is Raising $1 Billion For Its Stablecoin Project

According to Nathaniel Popper-a reporter from the New York Times, Facebook is looking for Venture Capital companies to invest in its proposed Cryptocurrency project. The firm wants to raise $1 billion and offer investors a stake in a project that could be worth billions of dollars in the long run. Facebook Is Set To Offer […]

Ziliqa – The First Cryptocurrency To Implement Sharding

Sharding is a layer one solution that could possibly solve the scalability problem of many cryptocurrencies. The development of layer two solutions (e.g. Lightning, Raiden Network) is important. However, layer one solutions, i.e. that is scaling solutions that work on the blockchain will always have priority as layer two solutions rely on the blockchain. Thus, […]

Africa’s Varying Standpoints On Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies

Regions such as the EU are set to adopt a unified approach to regulating Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. However, African countries have contrasting standpoints casting doubt of whether the continent will ever achieve consensus to realize economic benefits that are accrued to uniform Digital Tokens and DLT regulations regionally. For instance, reports show that Namibia […]

Bitcoin Surges Beyond $5,200, Is There A Bearish Momentum?

Bitcoin might be set for trading above $5,200 after the April 1st surge that has since created a bullish condition for the entire Cryptocurrency market. In the last 24hours, BTC price has broken out of the $5,200 level of resistance twice and some market analysts are already foreseeing an extended short-term surge beyond last week’s […]

Brock Pierce, A Former Child-Actor, And Bitcoin Enthusiast Gets A Crypto-Backed Mortgage

Widely known for his 1992 blockbuster film- “The Mighty Ducks”, the famous former child actor-Brock Pierce-is now a Bitcoin enthusiast who is setting the pace towards Crypto-powered world. Brock Pierce has recently bought an Amsterdam mansion using a BTC-backed mortgage. This is the first-ever mortgage of its kind and experts believe that this may be […]
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