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Category: Cryptocurrency News

European Central Bank: Cryptos Do Not Cause Financial Instability

Cryptocurrencies have for long been viewed as a threat to financial stability in the world. This is due to the fact that they are both assets and currencies (according to different investors) that are disrupting the centralized financial economy. Since they are prone to volatilities in bearish cycles, massive devaluation can trigger widespread economic hazards […]

Blockchain Adoption: Calastone Adopts A Fully Distributed Funds Management Platform

Calastone, on Monday (May 20, 2019) unveiled its iconic Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) that is powered by Blockchain. The firm which is a major player in the UK and global mutual funds industry is set to onboard its 1,800 clients into its new Blockchain platform as it radically overhauls managed transactions. At the industry level, […]

IRS Tells Congress It Will Issue New Cryptocurrency Taxation Guidelines

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has told the national Congress that it will issue new regulations that will streamline cryptocurrency taxation here in the United States. Over the last one, the cryptocurrency industry in the country has grown tremendously. Proper guidelines about crypto taxes will help investors trade in various accredited digital assets legally. The government […]

Bitcoin Is Headed For $10k After Consolidating Above $8k

The correction of Bitcoin is over as Bitcoin has completed its price consolidation above $8,000 by becoming bullish again. After weeks of bullish growth that systemically broke out of all the levels of resistance such as $6,900, $7,000, $7,200, $7,400, and $7,600, Bitcoin finally conquered the milestone level of resistance at $8,000. However, BTC price […]

Binance Coin (BNB) Market Cap Rises Above $4 Billion

Coinmarketcap charts show that Binance Coin (BNB) is valued at over $4 billion from Sunday (May 19, 2019). BNB is a native Token of the Binance Crypto exchange platform and is being accepted as a payment by an increasing number of merchants. After the 2017 Crypto market rally, a price plunge ensued and most Digital […]

Facebook Reportedly Set Up a Fintech Company in Switzerland

For months now, Facebook has been rumoured to be creating a cryptocurrency that will enhance data security. The secret project dubbed Project Libra has been ongoing for the past couple of months and it seems that the company is in the final stages of launching the cryptocurrency. Facebook Fintech Company in Switzerland News has emerged […]

Facebook: Libra Network Settles in Geneva to Develop Stablecoin

The Social Network has created Libra Network to unroll its payment service and its headquarter will be the Swiss city of Geneva. We reported earlier this year that Facebook seeks venture capital investors to launch its stablecoin project.The Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung wrote yesterday that the Libra Network received an entry at the commercial register of […]

Opera Web 3-Enabled Browser Now Supports TRON’s TRX

Opera is the first browser that has web 3 and Crypto wallet support. According to an official announcement, Opera is set to add the support of TRX on its hot wallet in the near future as its web 3 seeks to incorporate the support of TRON Blockchain. The significance of the added support is that […]

Binance Is Live Again And Offering BNB Worth $1.2 Mln To Depositors

As a way of apologizing to Binance depositors after the security breach of last week, the platform is now offering Tokens of BNP that are equivalent to $1.2 million. The Binance chief, Changpeng Zhao, has revealed the reward plan roll out on his Twitter account CZ Binance (@cz_binance). “…giving $1,200,000 equivalent in $bnb back…” read […]

Bitcoin Prices Plunge after Trading Above $8,000 for Less Than a Day

Bitcoin is no doubt the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Its price has a major impact on the prices of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum even though they have different features. Over the last two weeks, we have noticed a sharp increase in price of Bitcoin across all exchange platforms. Bitcoin Prices Suddenly Drop Over […]
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