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Category: Cryptocurrency Market

Wells Fargo Is Issuing Its Own Digital Currency-Wells Fargo Digital Cash

Most traditional companies are delving on the Blockchain space as they seek to overhaul their systems to proffer better services. By embracing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as it is popularly called, companies can become more competitive. One of the most prominent companies to adopt Blockchain technology is Wells Fargo & Co. In the latest news, […]

Ex Coinbase VP Appointed As The New Crypto Market Watch Chief

As the Crypto economy becomes more diverse and fast-paced, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has hired a top lawyer to head its marketing division. With effect immediately, Dorothy DeWitt will become the new market supervisor. This announcement has been made by CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert in a press release on Tuesday 17th September. Dorothy […]

Changpeng Zhao Optimistic As Coinfera Dubai And Istanbul Offices Add BNB Support

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao is expressing elation after Coinfera’s Dubai and Istanbul announced the support of BNB. The President of the largest Crypto trading platform by volume retweeted Coinsfera’s announcement of the new service. Notably, the new over-the-counter Crypto service for BNB could lead to a surge in the adoption of BNB. Coinfera […]

France’s Domino’s Pizza Is Rewarding Customers With BTC

All over the world, merchants are increasingly turning to BTC as they seek to reward their clients through customer-centric loyalty schemes. Most Bitcoin evangelists, therefore, visualize BTC loyalty programs as one of the factors spearheading the adoption of Cryptocurrencies in the world. The latest Bitcoin loyalty programs have been announced by Domino’s Pizza in France. […]

Dash Goes Live On Coinbase On Monday, September 16th

One of the world’s most popular, Dash, has been listed on Coinbase Pro on Monday, September 16th. This is the latest addition of a new Crypto market pair on the second-largest Crypto trading platform with over 30 million users. Historically, the listing of new Virtual Assets on Crypto markets creates bullish conditions leading to price […]

Defining The Crypto Movement

A comprehensive report by the New York Times in 2018 detailed the flourishing crypto movement and the opulent lifestyle of the crypto rich. The reporting by the New York Times exposes the stereotypical manner in which crypto enthusiasts are ignorantly perceived. When ripple surged a record 1240% in a month, guess what was rocking the […]

What Not To Do When Bitcoin Is Plummeting

Crypto investing is a psychological warfare and the enemy is yourself. Stock market traders often say that investing in the traditional markets require extreme mental discipline More of the same is needed in the crypto market. How do you discipline yourself in such an extremely volatile market? How do you stop yourself from making a […]

R3 And MasterCard Are Building A Blockchain-Based Payment System

In the latest news, R3 and MasterCard are collaborating to build a Decentralized Payment system for Cross Border payment services. The new platform is set to be powered by R3’s Corda Blockchain technology. This strategic partnership was announced on Wednesday (September 11) marking another milestone in the digitization of the financial industry. It is imperative […]

Bitcoin Is Bullish Amidst Coinbase And Ripple Tumble On LinkedIn’s Chart

Top 10 U.S. startups list for 2019 is a ranking model that measures the preference of emerging US companies. In 2018, leading players in the Cryptocurrency economy put up a strong show signifying the importance of Crypto in the futuristic digital economy model. However, in 2019, Coinbase and Ripple, which are the top performers on […]

Economy After Brexit: UK Shipping Market Could Still Expand With Blockchain Implementation

A new report is advising startups and established firms in the local maritime industry to adopt revolutionary technologies. Some of the key suggestions include Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence that are known to offer perfect solutions for inefficiencies. This recommendation is coming in the wake of a provocative political standoff between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and […]
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