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Category: Cryptocurrency Exchanges 101

Bitfinex Exchange Review – The World’s Leading Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Millions of people depend on cryptocurrency exchanges to trade digital assets, and Bitfinex has been on the forefront to provide exceptional cryptocurrency services. According to Bitfinex wiki, the exchange handles over $1 billion daily, and the exchange continues to record exceptional growth since 2012. Other than being the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex offers a […]

OKEx Exchange Review- The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange

OKEx is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with more than $1.14 billion in trading volume according to OKEx Coinmarketcap. The platform was launched in 2014 with headquarters in China, but following the 2017 Chinese crackdown on crypto exchanges, OKEx moved its offices to Hong Kong. The exchange is available as a […]

BitMEX Exchange Review – The Next Generation of Bitcoin Trading Products

In recent times, BitMEX has gained massive support among advanced cryptocurrency traders. The exchange offers traders up to 100x leverage on trades. This means that you can increase your potential gains (or losses) on the platform by taking on more risk on your trades. The platform offers leverage contracts bought and sold in Bitcoin; if […]

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

For most people, the best gateway to owning digital assets is through a crypto exchange. However, most exchanges are designed and developed with professional in mind. Binance is an exchange that focuses on giving both beginners and experienced professional traders an excellent trading experience. Binance begun China, but they moved their headquarters to the island […]

Huobi Review – The Leading Global Digital Asset Exchange

Huobi exchange has been operational since September 2013 operating from Beijing China. However, following the 2017 Chinese government crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi expanded its reach and moved out of China to the island state of Singapore. Currently, Huobi offers its cryptocurrency exchange services in over 130 countries worldwide.  They have branch offices in Hong […]

Coinbase Raises $300 Million in the Latest Funding Drive

One of the main cryptocurrency exchange platforms based here in the United States is Coinbase. In a recent report by Coin Telegraph, Coinbase raises $300 million in the latest funding drive whose primary objective is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies not only in the country but also abroad. Coinbase Post-Money Valuation $8 Billion Following […]

Neteller Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Launched

Neteller, a renowned digital fiat current provider, has launched a cryptocurrency exchange service that will give its clients an opportunity to exchange their fiat currency for other cryptos such as ETC, LTC, ETH, BTC, and BCH. The Neteller cryptocurrency exchange service is already available in 10 countries, and there are plans to make it available […]

Retail Brokerage Giant TD Ameritrade and Trading Firm Virtu Financial Invest in US Cryptocurrency Exchange

TD Ameritrade, a major retail brokerage firm in the country, and Virtu Financial invest in US cryptocurrency exchange platform. One of the main objectives of the exchange platform is to bridge the gap between burgeoning cryptocurrency ecosystem and Wall Street. This bridge has been hindering most people from investing their preferred digital asserts in the […]

CoinEx & Fcoin – What’s behind their new Trade-Driven/Trans Mining Model?

Lately, new exchanges gained a lot of attention with their new trading models. Some suspect scams behind these “models”, others take them for a legitimate marketing strategy in a highly competitive market. However, you should be wary of what people are trying to sell you. Here are some facts that should make you think if […]

‘Bitcoin Maven’ Trader on LocalBitcoins Sentenced to Prison for Exchanging Cash for Cryptocurrency

The justice department is making an example of what happens to investors that use unethical trading in the bitcoin market. Theresa Tetley operated under the screenname ‘Bitcoin Maven’. Based in Los Angeles, she worked tirelessly on the LocalBitcoins site to make trades of cash for cryptocurrency. However, she ended up earning more than money with […]
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