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Category: Crypto Guides

Quick Guide to Understanding Cryptos

  • By CoinRevolution
  • March 18, 2020
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After dealing with fiat currencies for most of their life, many people find it challenging to understand how digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, work. With technological advancements, it has been expected that virtual currencies will take the lead in the fiat vs crypto race. Since no central authorities issue cryptocurrencies, they are not subject to government […]

7 Best Ways How You Can Spend Your Bitcoin

Have you ever heard about pizza? The infamous story about an early adopter of bitcoin, who paid someone 10,000 BTC for an order of two pizzas. At the time, bitcoin was worth $25, but it’s currently trading at around $6700. And now, that order is worth around $67 million. Astonishing, right?  Nowadays, there are better […]

Xendpay Braces For Good Times Following Ripple Support

Coinrevolution is confirming that Ripple is committed to supporting Xendpay as the latter strives to broaden its global footprint in the remittance market. This is according to an article from the California-based company that is aiming to increase financial inclusivity in the world through its easy-to- send native Token, XRP. Xendpay Facilitates User-Friendly Cross Border […]

Malta Gaming Authority Cryptocurrency Guidelines

Businesses in the fastest growing iGaming market have another reason to consider moving to Malta. This is because the Malta Gaming Authority opted to introduce a new sandbox that will be used for the virtual financial assets and the cryptocurrencies. This new sandbox will unleash the new crypto regulations in the country’s online gaming market. […]

What Is The Lightning Network?

What is the Lightning Network? Blockchains are greatly limited in efficiency by their encoded block size limit of just 1megabyte. Consequently, regular bitcoin transactions are excruciatingly slow. Also, transaction charges on blockchain can be ridiculously exorbitant. In essence, if you wanted to send a friend some bitcoins, it`ll take some hours to get delivered, and […]

Where To Find Bitcoin News

Where can you get Bitcoin news? There are different means you can get your updates, yet they will probably be of different sources, all in various areas. And you usually wind up spending lots of time appearing for updates on the market, reliable information or merely something fascinating to go through. CoinRevolution is an online […]

Ripple vs Bitcoin: Key Differences

Bitcoin is not only the oldest but also the largest and most popular Cryptocurrency. However, this has not stopped the development of other altcoins. In 2015, Ripple, a San Francisco based tech company created XRP virtual currency. The coin has grown to become one of the leading competitors. “The next Bitcoin” is a term that […]

How To Buy Ripple

The popularity of Cryptocurrencies is growing every day. XRP has not been left behind and has grown to become the second largest altcoin after Bitcoin. With its cross-border transactions taking only less than five seconds, XRP has continued to gain admiration from banks, companies, and financial institutions involved in international money transfer. Japanese banks, credit […]

PAC Coin Review

PAC (People’s Alternative Choice” is a new cryptocurrency that is more efficient than the existing digital currencies in the market. Since its inception, it has managed to get a substantial number of users from across the globe and is quickly becoming the most user-friendly digital currency in the world. Here are some of the features […]

How to Invest in Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • March 16, 2018
Just like everything else in life, you simply don’t put money in a venture without knowing what you are investing in. Don’t get caught up in fear of missing out and jump into the bandwagon without sufficient information. Therefore, before we delve into how to invest in Cryptocurrency, let’s take a look into what it […]