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Category: Crypto Analysis

Why are more online gambling sites becoming crypto-friendly?

There has been a clear trend in online gambling sites becoming more accepting of cryptocurrency. In fact, it must be noted that these sites were amongst the first to openly accept Blockchain technology. In many ways, this is a natural partnership since the technology is highly suited to online gambling sites. Many online casinos such […]

The Effects of Having Cryptocurrencies Available for Online Casino Players

  It was in 2017 when cryptocurrencies caught the attention of many. It was that same year when Bitcoin, the father of all cryptos out there, reached the value of 20,000 US dollars. This was when people started to see its potential. Businesses in different industries also found ways to get cryptos involved in what […]

Xendpay Braces For Good Times Following Ripple Support

Coinrevolution is confirming that Ripple is committed to supporting Xendpay as the latter strives to broaden its global footprint in the remittance market. This is according to an article from the California-based company that is aiming to increase financial inclusivity in the world through its easy-to- send native Token, XRP. Xendpay Facilitates User-Friendly Cross Border […]

Why Venture Funding in Blockchain and Crypto Startups Declined by 69% YOY

  There’s an on-going debate as to whether retail or institutional investors hold more power in the blockchain and crypto space, with great importance being given to the latter group. And rightly so, as the entry of these key market participants with incredible influence and eye-watering bank balances could be a big break for the […]

Robinhood Enters The UK Market Following FCA Approval

According to an official Press Release from Robinhood Investments Platform, the trading app is set to go live in the UK following approval by the country’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is a critical milestone for the industry that Cryptocurrency market as the platform is poised to allow more UK-based prospective Crypto fans to conveniently […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Cap Is Now Trending Higher

Both the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market capitalization are now trading with a bullish angle. It is also anticipated that the other leading virtual coins could also climb further soon. At the moment, the total cryptocurrency market is gaining a momentum that is above the major resistances of $260.0 billion and $265.0 billion. Bitcoin is also […]

Collateral Stablecoins – An Alternative to Fiat Stablecoins

Stablecoins that are backed with fiat money have many disadvantages. First of all, they are highly centralized. Thus, they require a lot of trust as Tether and Bitfinex have proven for a long time now. Ultimately, they defeat the purpose for which Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. His first message on the Bitcoin blockchain reads: “the […]

Bitcoin Prices Continue To Soar, Increase To Persist

Stocks have been and continue to exhibit considerable volatility when it comes to prices. Cryptocurrency, however, seems to be getting a new lease of life if the current trends are anything to go by. Bitcoin Price Breaking Boundaries In the past five days the Industrial Average of the Dow Jones has been fluctuating and has […]

Payments Via Lightning Network Will Likely Face Regulation – Here is why

It is likely that the Lightning Network will face regulation soon. As companies like Domino’s or Twitter offer or enable payments on the network. This means that the anonymity of LN could become a thing of the past. At least when using it to pay businesses. Transactions on their own might be anonymous but regulators can […]

Lightning Network Is Fine to Buy Pizza But It’s Not an Off-Chain Scaling Solution

This article tells actually nothing new. But is part of a series in which I will review how the Raiden Network actually tackles the issues that the Lightning Network is currently facing. Still, the Lightning Network has many advocates and is undergoing a hype recently. A good reason to review it once again. The Network […]
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