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Category: Blockchain News

IRS Sends Crypto Tax Compliance Notices To Crypto Traders

Gone are the days where U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) steered clear of demanding tax remittance from Cryptocurrency hodlers and traders. In its latest set of actions, the IRS has sent out compliance notices to Digital Token traders. The letters target investors with questionable tax remittance history. The basis that the agency has used in […]

The Trade War Between China And US Makes BTC More Attractive

For some time now, there has been a trade war between China and the United States of America. These are the world’s largest economies. Over the weekend, the war intensified, and that even weakened the stocks in Asia as well as the stock futures. In the latest salvo in this trade war, Steven Mnuchin, who […]

Blockchain Technology Developers Should Be Long Term Oriented After The Hype

The Blockchain Hype is waning. In recent years social media has been awash with news, discussions, and projections of how Blockchain adoption could disrupt the world. The discussions further project that the most affected areas would be digital payments and government operating systems. These two industries have been operating on conventional platforms that are expensive, […]

Refining The Travel Industry Through Blockchain

If you have travelled before, then you are aware of the myriads of companies that would be involved in a single travel setting. This is one of the many reasons you should be excited to the news of blockchain in the travel industry. The original, true intention of bitcoin was bypassing the financial intermediaries by […]

MouseBelt‘s Blockchain Accelerator Rolls Out Initiatives In UC’s Campus

Blockchain courses are inadequate in institutions of higher learning despite the vast career opportunities in Blockchain and Crypto spaces. In this perspective, MouseBelt‘s Blockchain Accelerator has launched Distributed Ledger Technology initiatives at the University of California’s Davis, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara campuses. The mission of the Value Capital-backed Blockchain firm is to fill the […]

20% Price Jump For Plus500

Gamblers are still trading in on bitcoin, although ardent critics still think its madness investing in bitcoin. Well, many have found a way to engage in the ‘madness’, without having to sell a single coin. The contract for difference makes the difference for them. The platform helps them place a bet on the next destination […]

Altcoin Season Is Over After BTC/USD Dominance Surges To 70%

At $11,760.28 for BTC/USD, the pair has a market dominance of close to 70% which is at 69.7%. This peak was only seen in March 2017 ahead of the historical meteoric bullish run that took Bitcoin to a peak price of $20,089 on December 17th, 2017. Nevertheless, this is not an unusual phenomenon as the […]

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 & More

Bitcoin Pushing Towards $12,000 Bitcoin price is hitting back even harder after the dip experienced in the last few weeks. Its price had plummeted to below $10,000 and raised fears of a bear run. However, the leading digital coin has managed to recover back to over $11,000. It is now pushing its way towards the […]

The Cryptocurrency Market Cap Is Now Trending Higher

Both the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market capitalization are now trading with a bullish angle. It is also anticipated that the other leading virtual coins could also climb further soon. At the moment, the total cryptocurrency market is gaining a momentum that is above the major resistances of $260.0 billion and $265.0 billion. Bitcoin is also […]

Microsoft Email Accounts Used by Hackers to Steal Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency industry has grown tremendously over the last year. Governments and corporations have embraced blockchain technology and use it to offer better products and services to customers. However, just like any new industry, the cryptocurrency industry is not devoid of challenges. Microsoft Email Accounts Used for Hacking One of the main challenges in this […]
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