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Category: Blockchain News

Libra Crypto Stumbles After The Launch Of Facebook Pay

This year, it is just a single firm that has instigated most of the fear against the crypto market. Leading world economies have collectively pointed fingers to Facebook and its cryptocurrency domination plans. They believe that this will be possible through the creation of Libra. Where It All Began The crypto ambitions of this social […]

Alibaba And Lolli In A Partnership To Give US Shoppers Free BTC

Lolli is one of the leading Bitcoin rewards shopping applications in the world. It has recently signed in Alibaba as a new brand partner. This business partnership was announced on the 11th of November, a non-official Singles Day in China. About The Partnership The partnership of Alibaba and Lolli would mean much to the US-based […]

Libra’s Boss Is Bullish On BTC

Bitcoin and the crypto market, as a whole, have had some troubles with Libra. Libra is a crypto project belonging to social media guru, Facebook, and is supposed to launch next year. There are some people who have even suggested that tech firms would be well off using BTC as opposed to coming up with […]

What If Facebook Didn’t Launch Libra, Would It Have More Success?

A tough question was thrown to the audience at the World Blockchain Forum, which was held in September. One speaker asked the attendees if they ever imagined Libra could succeed in the crypto market. To his surprise, half of the room raised their hands in agreement. But all hands were lowered when he asked if […]

Libra Can Work Best If It Is In IMF’s Custody

A former head of the Central Bank of China is the latest to give his opinions concerning Facebook’s Libra. He argues that the proposed cryptocurrency platform, Libra can perform better when it is in the custody of IMF – International Monetary Fund. It is not the first time the digital payment platform is getting criticism […]

Venezuelan President Endorses BTC Wallet On National TV

About two days ago, Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president appeared on national television. However, that is not the big news. He appeared at the state-run TV channel while holding a cryptocurrency hardware storage device. The device is said to be a product of Trezor, a leading wallet supplier worldwide. Word From Trezor The video of […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis

The price of the leading crypto coin, Bitcoin is still fighting to rebound to a higher price. It has continued to drop below the main support level of $9,300 against the US dollar. More declines might be recorded if the price breaks the support level of $9,120. BTC Now Showing Bearish Signs At the moment, […]

Calibra Is Thinking Of Audits For Protection Of Data

David Marcus is the Chief Executive Officer for Calibra crypto wallet. He recently spoke at the Dealbook Conference organized by the New York Times held in New York City. While there, he discussed the international regulatory scrutiny the virtual currency is facing at the moment. Calibra Now Thinks Of An Auditor For Personal Data Practices […]

Leading Crypto Price Analysis

As of today, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is recording certain bearish signs below the resistance area of $248.0 Billion. Some of the leading crypto coins are still struggling to climb up. Price Analysis For Bitcoin Cash There was recently a decent surge in the price of Bitcoin Cash. It managed to surpass the main […]

Ripple Price Analysis

Today, some of the major crypto coins have experienced a mixed start in their prices. Their failure to move through to the major levels by late morning might cause certain consequences. Ripple is one of the coins that has had changes in its prices lately. How Ripple Has Been Fairing On Tuesday, this coin managed […]
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