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Category: Bitcoin News

What Good Bitcoin Investing Software Should Have

If you’ve got some extra cash lurking around your bank account, you may be like everyone else who’s on the lookout for various avenues to invest their hard-earned money in. There are still many ways for you to invest your money on the stock exchange or in the fiat currency market. But, if you’re adventurous […]

Chinese Media: ‘Bitcoin Is A Safe Haven’

Chinese media have reported repeatedly very positive about Bitcoin. This includes private and state-owned media alike. Although it is a very volatile asset, many news agencies mention that Bitcoin has a ‚store of value‘ or ‚safe haven‘ quality. China’s Stance On Cryptocurrencies In the past, China had a skeptical attiture towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in […]

Bitcoin Explodes Over $10k – Where Is It Heading Now?

Bitcoin has regained the 10.000 USD level. It is something that Bitcoin had already achieved in late November 2017. Less than 3 weeks the later the price collapsed again and we entered the bear market called the crypto winter. Now with midsummer passed this year, none of that seems to be relevant anymore. Bitcoin has […]

How New Features Help the Lightning Network to Scale

Lightning Labs besides Blockstream is one of the bigger companies that directly contributes to building the Lightning Network. Currently, the company develops HyperLoop. A new feature that could resolve the liquidity problems that the Lightning Network is currently having. The Liquidity Problem Until now whenever Alice and Bob have a payment channel and Alice has […]

Bitcoin Broke 9000 Level & Crashed Down

Bitcoin has broken through the $9000 resistance for a short time. The surge began about 17:30 (UTC +2) about two hours ago now at the $8700 level. In some market the price even reached to $9100. Currently, the price is reaching lower than before to $8600. However, to call a panic sell is yet to […]

Bitcoin Breaks Out & Reaches $8800 – Next Target $10k?

Bitcoin has broken out of the $8000 zone and rose by more than $800 in less than an hour. Currently the price of Bitcoin sits at around $8600 with strong fluctuations. The bullish phase began in early April when the price rose from $4000 to $5000 in almost a day only. Consequentially, Bitcoin has surged […]

Tether Invested Funds in Bitcoin – Could Bitcoin Crash?

The Block reported yesterday about Tether admitting to allegations that users made for several years now. The Block cites David Miller, the attorney for Bitfinex, from a transcript that the news outlet received. In it David Miller says: “Prior to the April 24th order … Tether actually did invest in instruments beyond cash and cash […]

Industries That Have Young People Using Cryptos

With the use of cryptocurrencies on the rise (slowly but surely), many industries have at least dabbled in accepting them as forms of payment. And over time it’s become clear that one vital target audience for this transition tends to be that of technology-literate younger generations. These are often the people most enthusiastic about cryptos, […]

Why Bitcoin Price Suddenly Surged to $7K+

The global cryptocurrency market sprang back to life with the price of bitcoin surging to above $7K high. Wise crypto investors who invested in the cryptocurrency when the price dropped to below 3K are not celebrating huge profits. To people who have been observing the trends and charts, this should not come as a surprise. […]

Bitfury Founds Investment Fund for Bitcoin Mining

The blockchain technology company Bitfury has partnered with a Swiss investment company to co-found an investment fund. The Bitfury group has announced this on their Twitter account today. License for the EU already acquired Final Frontier, the Swiss partner of Bitfuy, already received an official license to conduct its business in Liechtenstein. Therefore, the financial […]
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