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Category: Bitcoin News

North Korea Using Cryptocurrency to Evade US Sanctions

Two prominent financial experts based in Washington have stated that North Korea using cryptocurrency assets such as bitcoin to deal with the current US sanctions. Because cryptocurrency based transactions are decentralized and done through a blockchain network that is not regulated, the country is still able do business with US discreetly. In a recent interview […]

Bitcoin Gets Closer to Becoming a Multi Network Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the digital sphere and since then it has grown and changed the lives of millions of people as well as businesses. New crypto companies still rely on the technology used to create Bitcoin to come up with their own digital assets. Therefore, we cannot afford to […]

eCash Developer is Back with New Technology That Will Revamp Cryptocurrency Industry

David Chaum, one of the cypherpunk movement founders is back with new technology that he believes will revamp the cryptocurrency industry. The grey –haired digital money pioneer is very passionate about the industry and hopes that his new technology will make it more profitable and ideal for millions of people from all across the globe. […]

Debate sparked by Charlie Lee revealed Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value from Mining

There is currently a blockchain cruise going on that is organized by Coinsbank. It already sparked a lot of discussions and one of the most interesting ones from yesterday was sparked by Charlie Lee. He claimed that Bitcoin has an intrinsic value because the production costs are $4758 USD. However, Lee’s claim was refuted fastly […]

The rivalry between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is beneficial for Crypto

The dispute over which fork is the original Bitcoin fork is now going on since a year. Bitcoin Cash forked on the 1st of August 2017. Since that time, the two camps are fighting over the claim of which fork is the legitimate and original Bitcoin fork. Both sides are constantly straw manning the arguments […]

No, James Bullard, Bitcoin cannot be compared to private money

James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, told the Wall Street Journal that cryptocurrencies should remind us of the past. Precisely of the monetary situation in pre-civil war America. He points out that private money has failed in these turbulent times. However, if Bullard simply thinks that Bitcoin & Co. are […]

Tightening Trading Range Makes Next Bitcoin Breakout Critical to Predicting Crypto Market Trends

Even avid supporters of cryptocurrencies call them risky, making it no surprise that everyone is waiting for the next information tidbit for predicting crypto market trends. Currently, there is an approximately $400 range that Bitcoin is expected to hit. Depending on which direction the market goes will likely determine the next course of action for […]

Bitcoin Rises above $6,500 as the Crypto Market Holds its Recent Gains

The cryptocurrency market recently saw a large jump in profits—with most companies reporting gains from 5-10% or more. This has left investors wondering if/when it will go down again—but that will not happen today. Presently, there are minor fluctuations happening across the board and Bitcoin has rose above its most recent prices, holding steadily around […]

Cryptocurrency Values Shoot Upward as the Crypto Market Surges by $40 Billion in the Last 48 Hours

Here it is—that moment that all cryptocurrency investors have been waiting for. In the last 2 days alone, various cryptocurrencies have experienced extreme gains in profit. This has left the crypto market surges totaling an impressive $40 billion. Where Are the Profits Coming from? Among some of the most prominent companies in cryptocurrency, there was […]

Sales in Digital Currency Spike in 2018, Earning 13.7 Billion in First Five Months

The Crypto Valley Association, based in Switzerland, released a report from their strategy and consulting division displaying the sales on cryptocurrencies in 2017, compared to 2018. The large sum made this year of $13.7 billion almost doubled the amount of money raised for digital currency in the entire 2017 year. How Cryptocurrency Profits Were made […]
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