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Category: Bitcoin News

What Established Firms Are Targeting For Long Term BTC Predictions

Price predictions for Bitcoin are usually hot topics. This is particularly the case when they are made by market heavyweights and established firms. Over the past week, there have been a few such predictions. The figures, at the moment, have gone quite high. Tom Lee’s Predictions Tom Lee works for the Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC, […]

New Support For BTC After Muting

The price of BTC is currently below some important resistances. It is currently around the level of $8,700 against its major rival, the US Dollar. There is also a major bearish trend line that is slowly forming with a resistance around $8,525. The Price Analysis For BTC For some time, Bitcoin has been struggling to […]

Weekly Forecast For Ethereum Price

At the moment, the price of Ethereum is showing certain bearish signs below $185 against the USD. This has also been happening with Bitcoin. The price of ETH now remains at a risk of decline below the support area of $176. ETH Price Weekly Analysis This past week wasn’t a bad one for Ethereum. It […]

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Comes To An End

The earlier planned hard fork for BCH has been successfully completed. In the process, BitMEX Research noted the first block considered to be invalid. This was contained on a tweet on the 15th November 2019. About The Invalid Block The block was detected by Fork Monitor at the height of 609,136. It was then considered […]

What Is The Next For Ripple?

The price of Ripple (XRP) is currently following a downtrend below the support area of $0.2700. At the moment, the price is trading around the support area of $0.2620. The crucial bearish trend line for the week is still very active. The Price Analysis For Ripple Ripple has been struggling to stabilize its price in […]

After Losing Consolidation, Ethereum Is Expected To Break Higher

For some time now, the price of Ethereum appears to be consolidating over $180 against the USD. As long as it is over $180, a strong upward move is expected at any moment. The Current Price Analysis For Ethereum The price of this virtual coin is currently trading at a wide range against Bitcoin and […]

BTC Miner Maker Sets $100 Million Target For An IPO

Canaan Creative is one of the leading Chinese crypto mining giant. It has now announced the terms for its upcoming US IPO set to happen before the end of the month. On The Announcement The announcement was made by Renaissance Capital on the 13th of November 2019. Renaissance Capital stated that Canaan Creative, a major […]

Libra Crypto Stumbles After The Launch Of Facebook Pay

This year, it is just a single firm that has instigated most of the fear against the crypto market. Leading world economies have collectively pointed fingers to Facebook and its cryptocurrency domination plans. They believe that this will be possible through the creation of Libra. Where It All Began The crypto ambitions of this social […]

Alibaba And Lolli In A Partnership To Give US Shoppers Free BTC

Lolli is one of the leading Bitcoin rewards shopping applications in the world. It has recently signed in Alibaba as a new brand partner. This business partnership was announced on the 11th of November, a non-official Singles Day in China. About The Partnership The partnership of Alibaba and Lolli would mean much to the US-based […]

Libra’s Boss Is Bullish On BTC

Bitcoin and the crypto market, as a whole, have had some troubles with Libra. Libra is a crypto project belonging to social media guru, Facebook, and is supposed to launch next year. There are some people who have even suggested that tech firms would be well off using BTC as opposed to coming up with […]
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