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Category: Bitcoin News

A New Market Cycle Is On The Way For Binance Coin

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • December 21, 2019
  • 1 Comment
It has been a while since the Binance coin hit a high price. The coin attained a high price of $41 on the 21st of June. From that time, it has been correcting inside a bullish pattern. There is a very significant area at the price of $10. This is expected to propel the price […]

BTC Price Could Hit $250,000 By 2020

Tim Draper has predicted that Bitcoin’s price could hit $250,000 by 2020. Draper has based his prediction on the technical analysis. He has also predicted the group of people who will drive BTC adoption. Draper thinks women will drive future Bitcoin adoption. Draper’s Renewed Forecast Bitcoin halving always comes with some good news. The prices […]

Bitcoin Making Headlines In The Crypto Space, Again

Bitcoin has climbed 11% in a green day. By 23:00 GMT, Bitcoin was trading at $7,387.7. This is after it gained 10.83% just on that day’s trading. This is one of the best improvements that the coin has ever had. It is the largest one-day percentage increase since 2018 December. Pushing The Market Cap Further […]

BTC Breaks Back Above $7000

  • By Samantha Mitchell
  • December 19, 2019
  • 1 Comment
After having a dramatic fall on Tuesday, Bitcoin price moved above $7,000. The pair of Bitcoin and the US Dollar has also broken the psychological level. This has paved way for a new buying volume. The volume still looks heavier on the sell-side. But despite all that, the move is still just good. Strong Reversal […]

End Of Ethereum’s Downtrend Is Imminent

June 26th 2019 is the day that Ethereum attained high price for the entire year. Since then, the price has gone down by over 60%. At the moment, the crypto asset is trading close to a leading support area. The Crushed Hopes Ethereum recently updating its main network, Istanbul. Following that, a number of the […]

Daily Tech Analysis For Leading Crypto Coins

  • By Daniel Shaw
  • December 17, 2019
  • 1 Comment
Ripple’s XRP has started off the day in a bearish move. It has just visited sub -$0.20 price levels in the past couple of hours. This could take any turn, before moving in the right direction. Other major crypto assets have also recorded changes. Starting With EOS On Monday, EOS dropped by 7.48%, but still […]

Reviewing The Crypto Week: Will Twitter Opt To Decentralize?

Jack Dorsey is developing into a poster kid for the cryptos. He opted to move to Africa to assist in building the BTC future. That was not long ago. And just one week later, he has tweeted about an epic announcement. Jack Dorsey’s New Twitter Project Dorsey talked to his followers in a 14-post tweetstorm. […]

TRX, Lumen, and LTC Price Analysis

Apart from Bitcoin, there is a lot going on with other crypto assets. Some of the major players here include Tron, Stellar, and Litecoin. Here is today’s analysis for these three crypto coins. Litecoin At The Moment On Sunday, this coin rose by 0.39%. It had partly reversed a 2.68% slide from the previous day. […]

BTC Price Still Ways From Buy Zone Despite The Crash

Mayer Multiple is a common term in the Crypto Twitter. This term, often applied in the BTC market, was designed by Trace Mayer. He is a top Bitcoin investor. Mayer Multiple basically refers to the price of Bitcoin over the 200-day SMA. It then creates a gauge if the coin is overbought, oversold, or neutral. […]

Tron Technical Analysis & Bitfinex New Integration

In just a single hour, the price of Tron went up by 2%. The pair (TRX/USD) jumped to $0.0146 from $0.0143. At the moment, this coin seems to be moving in the right direction. The hourly chart is now in an upward channel formation. This is good news. The Daily Chart For TRX Tron is […]
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