Carrefour Launches A Blockchain Platform To Trace Milk Product

The French retail giant Carrefour is unveiling a Blockchain platform that its customers can use to trace information about milk products. This comes following growing concerns of the quality of milk products among some clients.

Launching The Carrefour Quality Line (CQL)

The milk products will contain QR codes packaging that the Carrefour customers will be able to scan on their smartphones to access the new Blockchain platform interface where there is a wide array of supply chain provenance information.

The labeled milk products are dubbed as Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) fresh micro-filtered full-fat milk.

The milk is very popular among consumers and data provenance of the product is a value addition effort aimed at quality assurance as well as a Carrefour responsibility to its customers.

The Milk Is Organically Produced

In many instances, customers are told that the product they are consuming is organically produced but on closer investigation, this appears to be a misleading marketing stunt.

Therefore, Carrefour is going a step further by not only labeling its milk products as organic but offering a system of proving the factualness of the product specification.

organic milk

The CQL labeled milk is supplied by Gillot dairy that sources raw milk within a 30km radius. The cows are fed on organic and natural feeds. Further, the animals are reared in large and quality spaces standards that exceed the set cow welfare standards which further guarantee milk quality.

Organic production of food is increasingly becoming important to many people as it is one way of reducing carbon emissions.

Carrefour Blockchain Guarantees Transparency

Upon scanning the QR codes, farmers will access the GPS coordinates of the producers who provide raw milk. Further, they will be able to see the type of cow feeds used in milk production to assess whether the prevailing season can support the natural growth of cow feeds. In case feed crops on the Blockchain fail to meet the organic standards, the consumer can then decline the product.

Additionally, information on when the milk was collected and how it was packaged will be available on the ledgers. This will help in fighting the supply of preserved milk that is often of low quality.

Further, the new Blockchain technology use-case will be vital in identifying the various stakeholders that take part in the milk supply chain. The DLT will provide their names, photos, what they do, as well as their level of expertise. Additional information will also reveal whether they apply the microfiltration technique to store milk and quality checks that are applied in the production process.

Carrefour Has Other Quality Line Products

Milk is not the first product that the retailer is proffering Blockchain platform for item transparency. There is the Carrefour Quality Line oranges, eggs, tomatoes, and Auvergne farmhouse fattened chicken.

The company is part of the IBM Food Trust that uses Blockchain technology to test the quality of food products.

The CEO of the firm is Alexandre Bompard who has been serving in the current capacity from 18 July 2017. He is committed to transforming the French firm to a leading retailer of quality products.