BTC Price Hits $7,500 For Another Time, As ETH Value Adds Up

The price of Bitcoin is officially back at $7,500. At the moment, this leading crypto coin is trading around the price of $7,600. Ethereum has also risen by an incredible 3.5%. However, this price increment has not helped the coin to recover from its decline last week. The rest of the leading 20 virtual coins are recording certain price improvements. The only crypto coin that has not been recording price upsurge seems to be Tezos.

Bitcoin At The Moment

Bitcoin has hit the charts with some new price gains. This largest crypto asset by market cap seems to be setting itself up for the coming week. On December 18th, the coin even dipped itself near the price of $6,400. It is now fully back at the price of $7,500. As a matter of fact, the coin is almost trading close to $7,600. It now appears that some of the predictions that had been made about this coin are coming to pass.

Ethereum Also Posting Gains

Bitcoin is not the only coin that has been posting gains. Ethereum has also been doing well on the local crypto charts. This second-largest crypto coin has recorded a 3.5% improvement.

The improvement happened in the last 24 hours. On Sunday, ETH’s prices dipped to a low of $126.59. But before long, the price jumped to a high of $131.68 on the same Sunday. At the moment, the coin is trading at $130.45.

Other Crypto Assets Recording Medium Gains

All of the leading 20 virtual coins have been doing well in the charts. The only coin that seems to be still buried with a low price is Tezos – XTZ. The market for this crypto coin stayed in the red for a whole week. This was as a result of the Chinese Ponzi scam report. The scam dumped crypto valued at billion dollars in various exchanges. The reason behind this was to make the scammers cash it out.

Is It All Green For BTC And ETH?

Ethereum is now poised to finish up the day’s trading on a positive side. But it is still $10 away from the initial price before the drop. It can be remembered that Ethereum dropped by 10% within a short time. But things are running well for Bitcoin. It has more than recovered what it lost in the last market drop.


Analysts Sentiments On Bitcoin

Still, a number of crypto analysts expect Bitcoin to fall before next year. They say the coin would drop before the planned 2020 halving. The halving is expected to take place in the month of May next year. Those who have aired their views on this topic include Tim Draper, the venture capitalist. He based his comments on the coin’s technical analysis data.

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