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webull vs public: Which Broker Is Better?

webull vs public and Webull are new online brokerages, each designed for a different kind of investor. Webull has a distinct advantage over in terms of data and research., which provides a more streamlined user experience and enhanced community functionality. Webull will appeal to investors looking for a trading app that allows them to investigate potential assets.’s motto is “Invest In Everything,” They offer every financial asset to trade on their platform.

Deciding between these two firms can be challenging, though, since they offer many notable features for investors. To help you out, we have created this vs. Webull review so you can determine which broker is right for your needs.

Services and financial products offered by Webull and differ significantly. Although Webull does not provide a comprehensive range of tokens, it does offer stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, and cryptocurrencies. Fractional shares can be traded on Webull as well. A lot of younger investors are drawn to these kinds of investments. If an IRA is moved in, it is accessible. Webull appears to have a strong preference for frequent and frequently speculative trading. Investment products such as bonds and fixed income securities are not available.

Webull Overview

In addition to commission-free trading, Webull offers a mobile app-based brokerage. A zero-commission brokerage competitor to Robinhood in the mobile fintech trend, Webull distinguishes its suite of unique platform enhancements that appeal to a broader range of experienced traders and self-directed investors. The inclusion of new features is clearly designed to meet the needs of users searching for more tools and data. Webull’s free stock app is gaining traction, and the business releases new features regularly.

To create or maintain an account, Webull does not charge fees for trading more than 5,000 US equities and ETFs. One of the primary reasons investors and traders choose Webull is the ease and low cost of buying and selling stocks.

Options trading is not available at this time. Neither account upkeep nor software platform fees are charged. Trades will be subject to SEC and FINRA fees and margin rate costs.

Many well-known mutual funds are also available for trade by Webull customers.

Webull Overview is an online brokerage dedicated to helping everyone become a self-directed investor. It was founded in 2017 as a start-up by a group of venture capital firms, but it did not officially hit the market until 2019.

Branding itself as the “investing social network,” puts an innovative spin on online investing by combining a trading platform with a space where you can share financial insight with other investors. As a result, the firm allows you to directly communicate with other like-minded traders to help you learn more about investing. is a self-directed social investing platform through which users can purchase stocks and ETFs with zero commissions and trade crypto.’s social elements, which allow users to follow each other like a social media platform, with the added opportunity of viewing what others are investing in and what they think about those holdings, make it distinct from other brokerage businesses. The firm believes that fractional shares are one of the best ways to help investors with small account balances who often feel left out due to the stock prices of multiple popular companies having soared above $1,000, making it impossible for them to own a portion of those great businesses.

Webull vs. Service & Feature Comparison


Webull does not impose commissions on options, stocks, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (ETFs). There are also the Webull fees for deposits and withdrawals to consider. Withdrawals and deposits through bank wire are not free; however, they are free via ACH. Depositing money through wire transfer from a US bank costs $8 while withdrawing money costs $25. Wire deposits from a foreign bank will charge you back $12.5, while withdrawals will price you back $45. US bank wire transfers cost $8 to deposit and $25 to withdraw money. From a foreign bank, you will have to pay $12.5 for wire deposits and $45 for wire withdrawals.

Stocks and indices are likewise free of fees on does not charge fees for trading US-listed stocks or ETFs through the firm’s mobile app. They also have no account minimums, so you can start investing with any amount. On the other hand, broker-assisted phone trades have a flat fee of $30 per trade.

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Other fees include a $30 charge for outgoing domestic wires; $35 for domestic overnight check deliveries; and $30 for returned checks, ACH, wires, and stopped payments. Outgoing ACAT account transfers generate a $75 fee.

Regarding crypto trading fees, they charge a 1% to 2% markup to pay for their service. This is reflected in the price at which they execute your order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. 

Trade with Webull

Account Types

As of this writing, only allows its users to open individual taxable brokerage accounts. 

Webull only provides individual brokerage accounts, so if you want to open an account with someone else, like your spouse or child, you will have to go elsewhere. Webull’s retirement account options include traditional and Roth IRAs; no other account types, such as custodial or college-saving trusts, are available. For the same reason, several of its rivals have a cash management account.

There are no additional account fees for margin trading with Webull if you have a balance of more than $2,000. Compared to Webull, the margin rates offered by the former are lower. Between $25,000 and $30,000, the broker charges a fee of 6.99%; on, the rate is 9.25-9.50%.

Education and Research’s Learn aims to answer amateur investors’ most frequently asked questions about investing — on topics like how exchange-traded funds work when someone should sell a stock or how companies’ dividends are calculated and distributed.

Three primary areas are covered by’s library:  investing, stock market, and retirement planning. Talks are virtual events hosted by the firm in which professional advisors and other financial experts share their views about the stock market and other interesting financial topics. This feature is part of the firm’s effort to educate investors by introducing them to complex financial topics, with information shared in a way that is easy to understand for those with no experience in investing.

With Webull, fundamental analysts have access to everything they need to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the market, from press releases and analyst recommendations to historical earnings per share (EPS) and sales figures. As a result, investors can better comprehend the firm’s fundamentals and the drivers of its growth and profitability. Users may also store articles and leave comments on specific stocks.

Trade with

Range of Investments

The range of stocks and ETFs you may trade is pretty broad  Webull provides more than 5,000 stocks and ETFs. Webull enables you to acquire fractional shares for as little as $5 per trade.

With, investors can buy and sell US-listed stocks and ETFs. While the firm does not currently support mutual funds, bonds, crypto, options, or other investment vehicles, Public allows you to buy fractional shares of any stock on their platform for as little as $5.

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As with Public, Webull supports trades of US-listed stocks and ETFs, but it does not currently allow fractional shares investing.

Nevertheless, the company offers options trading and round-the-clock access to trades of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Tradeable Assets
STOCKS yes yes
ETFS yes yes
OPTIONS yes yes
FUTURES yes no
NFTs yes no
Collectibles yes no

Trading Platform & Apps

Both and Webull are tech-focused brokerages with intuitive, easy-to-use platforms. But each firm offers different trading platforms for its account holders. Here is what you need to know:’s platform is only available through a mobile app. The app is a trading platform and a social network where you can discuss your trades and ideas with other investors. 

Nevertheless, the lack of a web-based trading platform might be a bummer for some investors, particularly those who like to research stocks and place trades on a computer.

Webull offers several different platforms for account holders to use. Webull has an app that provides full trading and account maintenance functionality for investors who prefer to access their accounts on the go.

Additionally, Webull supports web-based trades through their website. Account holders can also download the brokerage’s desktop platform. This desktop platform provides access to multiple charting tools, stock screeners, and other excellent features for more in-depth market analysis.

Platforms & Tools
Desktop Platform (Windows)
Desktop Platform (MacOS)
Web Platform
Research & Analysis
Android App
iOS App

Other Features

Social Investing is a social investing platform. This means that investors can interact with each other using the firm’s mobile app, allowing them to share ideas and thoughts about individual stocks and the stock market. 

Users can also participate in group conversations with people using the platform who share an interest in a particular company, industry, or trend. They can discuss ideas and share insights that could be valuable to other investors.

Automatic Dividend Reinvestment offers automatic dividend reinvestment for its users (i.e., Dividend Reinvestment Plan — DRIP). When you have dividends on the stocks you own, you can either reinvest your dividends and purchase additional shares in that company’s stock or take them as cash. This feature aims to allow investors to grow their money faster through compounding growth and avoid having unused cash in their portfolios.

Trade with Webull

Customer Support

When investing, often there are times when you will need to contact your brokerage’s customer support. 

With, account holders can get timely support from the brokerage in several ways. 

In addition to the firm’s online FAQs pages, where you can get answers to most common account questions, also has a customer service email address. The firm also offers a live chat feature in the app where you can talk directly with a customer support representative during weekday trading hours.

Webull offers an extensive online help portal where you can find answers to many frequently asked questions. 

The brokerage also has a customer service email address and phone number. However, wait times can be prolonged when calling the Webull customer service phone number, and it can take a few days to receive a response via email.

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That being said, Webull also offers a chat-based support service through the brokerage’s app. Compared to the phone and email-based support services, this chat support is often the easiest to navigate if you want a quick response.

Trade with

My Preference: beats out Webull

In addition to offering no-commission trading, and Weibull also provide trading platforms emphasizing technical analysis. There are a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges available through Webull and Still, only Webull offers a mobile-first experience. In the end, we believe that is the superior option for traders because of its more expansive selection of assets, a wider variety of account kinds, and more complex trading capabilities. The social aspect of is one feature that makes it stand out in the crowd.

Webull vs. The Bottom Line

Whether you invest with Webull,, or another brokerage, there will surely be a trading platform for you. 

 Commission-free transactions and no-account minimums are what you are looking for in the end. New investors should choose Webull or as viable options for their first investment. Each brand takes different approaches, and, as a result, and Webull are ideal for diverse types of retail investors.-cost brokerage lets you join a network of other like-minded investors; might be an excellent choice for you. On the other hand, Webull is a sure bet if you are new to trading and looking to access a slightly more comprehensive range of investment vehicles. 


Is Webull or better?

Reliable trading tools and a more comprehensive selection of investment resources are provided by Webull. Webull’s app is simple to use. Yet, it does not skimp on essential features. Clients of, on the other hand, have access to a slew of advanced capabilities that are not everywhere else. 

Is Webull a decent place to invest?

Webull looks like a more complicated mobile app trading platform than most competitors. It is sometimes likened to Robinhood because of the broker’s free trades. If you are a beginning trader who does not need access to sophisticated platforms, desktop access, or other tools, Webull is a perfect choice. Beginner stock and mutual fund investors will do well with Webull.

Is Good for Beginners?

The social elements, investment themes, and built-in protections make a better choice for beginning investors. This app’s user interface is also relatively easy to navigate.

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