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tastyworks vs. Webull: Which Broker Should You Choose

tastyworks vs webull

Online brokers who are well-known in other areas suddenly come to the forefront when we focus on options trading, which is a subset of traditional trading but is increasing quickly. These players include Webull and tastyworks. The most refined overall options trading platform has to supply the tools together with the price, even if we emphasize pricing contracts in our hypothetical transaction of 50. To be able to compete with the big-name brokers, tastyworks’ options-specific solutions must be more affordable. Options brokers vary in price depending on the number of contracts you trade at once, but tastyworks has a superior platform overall. That tastyworks’ superb instructional material keeps consumers informed and up-to-date while not watching their charts is the final thing that makes it stand out.

tastyworks Overview

Options traders are the primary focus of tastyworks’ design. This has preserved it as our selection for this category despite heavy competition. While no longer the lowest in terms of trading fees, tastyworks’ extensive options-focused toolset shines brighter than the competition. Option orders may be dragged and dropped, position analysis is shown right under the options chain, and every tool and screener is tailored to options traders’ needs. If you are an experienced options trader, tastyworks has a lot to offer with its competitive price structure.

There are many options trading platforms available, but one of the best is offered by tastyworks. Futures trading is also possible.

Based on implied volatility, the likelihood of profit, controlling Greeks, etc., the platform is designed to help options traders understand risk and make decisions. The tastyworks platform was built with user ease for rapid decisions and actions.

You can have your work done fast and cheaply with tastyworks. There is a $10 per leg commission cap on opening orders for options on stocks and futures. It doesn’t include closing commissions. This was the industry’s first step, along with Tastytrade, which is helping to disrupt the banking industry.

Advanced options traders will benefit the most from tastyworks. The platform’s creator, tastyworks, has provided several educational resources. Experienced traders are the principal users of this product.

There are three ways to use the tastyworks platform: online, on a mobile device, or a computer. This comparative report will discuss features, services, and platforms in-depth.

Webull Overview

Webull has a slew of outstanding securities for investors, although it might be argued that it is narrow rather than comprehensive. It may be less than desirable for some investors, notably many conventional long-term buy-and-hold types. Due to the broker’s lack of services in critical sectors like bonds and mutual funds, this is the case.

Webull’s most outstanding feature could be the ability to trade stocks and ETFs without a commission. Since the whole industry has switched to commission-free trading, this is nothing new, but it is still critical to have on hand. After signing up, you will receive three months of free Nasdaq Level 2 quotations and extended trading hours.

No-cost options trading, added to Webull’s capabilities in early 2020, has proven to be an industry leader. It is also completely free — there is no basic commission or contract fee to worry about. Everything else is inferior, and the top players all provide an identical pitch to their customers.


tastyworks vs. Webull Service & Feature Comparison


Webull and tastyworks are online brokerage platforms, and most online brokerages charge lesser costs than traditional brokerages prefer to charge. This is because internet brokerages are better suited to large-scale operations. To put it another way, the quantity of clients a broker has does not always matter.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of commissions being charged by internet brokers. To make a profit, they impose a wide range of pricing on a wide range of services. There are 3 sorts of penalties for this purpose.

Fees associated with trading should be kept in mind. You will be charged trading costs when you buy a stock or an ETF or make an open transaction. Sometimes, you are paying a spread, financing speed, or commission. The forms of trading costs and the prices change from broker to broker.

tastyworks and Webull do not charge commissions on stock options or basic services. tastyworks charges a minimal cost of $1 per option trade and $2.50 per futures trade for options and futures trading — There is no commission for such transactions on Webull; however, it is far more challenging to gain access to Webull than it is tastyworks.

Trade with tastyworks

While Webull may be superior in this regard, it should be noted that the method tastyworks uses to calculate margin utilization differs from that used by Webull. If you sell options on tastyworks while you pay a $1 commission on open and $0 on closure, you will make it up due to avoided margin costs due to the difference in calculating buying power.

Account Types

A margin account may be opened with either Webull or tastyworks. It will assist if you have an account balance of at least $2,000 with both brokers to sign up for a margin account, as that is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority rule. Webull does charge a $5 monthly fee to borrow on margin.

Webull provides solely individual cash and margin accounts. Residents of the United States can also open an IRA account with a broker (traditional, Roth, and Rollover IRA accounts). You must have an individual account before starting an IRA. There are no options for joint, custodial, or corporate accounts. Leverage, day trading, and short selling are all options available on certain accounts but not others.

The brokerage accounts offered by tastyworks can be used by either a person or a couple. It also provides standard, Roth, and SEP IRAs for retirement and business accounts. A trust can be set up to invest on behalf of a minor even if the platform does not currently offer UGMA/UTMA custody accounts.

Trade with Webull

Education and Research

Because tastyworks is linked with tastytrade, an investment learning portal, the broker’s customers gain unrestricted access to the site. Browser and desktop platforms provide only a bare minimum of information for in-depth research on specific securities. We discovered a few data points throughout our investigation: volume, days to earnings, implied volatility, and 52-week range.

Webull gives a bit more. Multiple video channels can be streamed as well as economic calendars and screeners for stock prices.

Investment Availablity
STOCKS yes yes
ETFS yes yes
OPTIONS yes yes
FUTURES yes no

Range of Investments

If you are a novice investor, you probably desire a more streamlined platform that swiftly guides you through investing. Webull and tastyworks cater to different sorts of investors.

tastyworks, as we noted, specializes in options. Whether you want to trade a single leg or multiple options trades, you will discover a wealth of information and tactics to help you succeed. Tastyworks has competitive commission rates and a fast platform, which are essential for active traders.

Webull makes it possible for anybody to invest in any company, not just those they can afford to buy a complete share of, thanks to its commission-free investment and fractional shares, which is excellent for expensive stocks.

tastyworks was developed with options and futures traders in mind. Therefore, it is the only one of the two that supports futures trading. And on the issue of cryptocurrencies, both platforms provide them tastyworks wins out here with 22 digital assets to trade. So, even with the higher fees, tastyworks can be worth a look if you wish to trade digital currencies other than the biggest and most popular.

tastyworks and Webull feature comparable investing options, providing investors on each platform with several choices.

tastyworks has something akin to fractional shares called the Smalls Exchange. Partial futures are traded on the tastyworks market. This makes it easier for any investor to financial futures trading despite its inflated cost.

Both brokers provide options trading, but for Webull, it is more of an afterthought. Yes, they offer materials, but tastyworks concentrates on options trading, and its resources show it.

You may trade options with Webull without paying a fee, and they have a wealth of instructional options to help you get started. Webull’s options pricing tends to lag significantly compared to tastyworks, which is not a suitable alternative for aggressive traders that need to make rapid trading decisions. If you know what you are doing, you can trade basic and multi-leg strategies on Webull.

The prices you pay are an essential consideration whether trading stocks, ETFs, or options.

Desktop Platform (Windows) yes yes
Desktop Platform (MacOS) yes yes
Web Platform yes yes
Research & Analysis yes yes
Social trading yes no
Education yes yes
Demo account no yes
Android App yes yes
iOS App yes yes

Trading Technology

When it is time to place a transaction, Webull users can utilize a desktop program, which also acts as a browser system. With any arrangement, the appearance and tools are the same.

A browser-based platform and a desktop application are provided to all traders at tastyworks. Although they are not identical, the two platforms share a great deal in common. Full-screen charting is impossible, but delicious offers more technical research than Webull offers. Unfortunately, neither tasty platform supports simulated trading.

Mobile Apps

Both brokerage firms provide smartphone applications. Webull customers get paper trading (with competition among other traders) (with competition among other traders). The Webull app does not give choice spreads, but delicious does. Another prominent element is a community forum on Webull’s app. This fantastic feature is not available on tasty’s app. However, it is possible to track what trades tastyworks execs are making.

While the desktop and browser versions of tastyworks have a different user experience, the mobile app has a more traditional look and feel. There is no mobile check deposit or market news. The platform’s order ticket allows three order types: limit, market, and stop. 

It is imperative that you are familiar with the features of the platform you are using. Speed and efficiency are essential for active traders, for instance. That 3-second gap in pricing might spell the difference between a brilliant deal and a significant loss.

Trade with Webull

Customer Support

tastyworks ranks highly in customer service, research tools, and instructional materials. The trading platform, especially the desktop version, is superior at Webull.

Webull’s customer service is a bit shabby. To begin, they ask you a series of internet questions to see if they can find an answer in their knowledge base. If you cannot get your query addressed, you may draft an email, but they do not provide phone assistance.

tastyworks does provide a phone option during regular business hours of Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can use email at any time of day or night.

Trading & Investing

tastyworks vs. Webull Margin Trading

Both enable margin trading (investing with borrowed money), but differently. Webull provides a 2.5 percent margin interest rate, the lowest among major brokerages. Margin with tastyworks, on the other hand, does not require a membership fee, but the rates run from 5% to 8%, depending on your balance, so utilizing it might be more expensive than other options.

My Preference: tastyworks Edges Out Webull

We liked using tastyworks since it supports cryptocurrencies, options, equities, and futures contracts. Major selling factors and option-specific charting tools are its substantial referral benefits. Tastyworks promotes itself as a platform for retirement, business, and joint accounts, among other things. The platform on tastyworks may be the best choice if you seek fractional shares and bonds.

We are a fan of Webull for its app, making trading on the fly more accessible than ever for the active severe trader. Their referral program makes it one of the finest for trading stocks online, with a beginner-friendly user interface.

While Webull is an excellent platform for crypto, options, and stock trading in general, we prefer tastyworks for options. Because each of these tools was created to fulfill the demands of a unique type of investor, you may personalize your trading and investing experience to fit your specific preferences. Both platforms have modest trading fees, making them accessible to even the most casual investors.

Trade with tastyworks

tastyworks vs. Webull: The Bottom Line

Each investor has specific expectations regarding the platform they would like to use. If you had to describe yourself as an options trader, there is little doubt that tastyworks would be your first pick. Due to their specialization in options, they have an advantage over most brokers.

Examining the features while trading numerous assets is essential to choose which one best meets your needs. In what ways do you think education and research are the most important? How about a margin account? Webull provides a $0 commission if you wish to reduce your costs even further. Choosing between Webull and tastyworks is an easy decision. Starting investors perform well with Webull’s basic features and user-friendly interface; however, active options traders or stock traders may do better with tastyworks.


Is tastyworks or Webull better?

Whether Webull or tastyworks is the ideal platform for your options trading will depend on your whole portfolio. If you want to invest purely in options trading, tastyworks is an obvious winner. Every feature of the trading platform was created specifically to handle options trading.

Is tastyworks a decent place to invest?

tastyworks has a wide range of securities for investors to choose from. However, it might be argued that it is narrow rather than broad. It may be less than desirable for some investors, notably many conventional long-term buy-and-hold types. Due to the broker's lack of services in critical sectors like bonds and mutual funds, this is the case. It's not simply that tastyworks does not provide any no-transaction-fee mutual funds — there are no mutual funds at all! Bonds are the same. Preferred stocks, another popular choice of income investors, are also no longer available.

Is Webull suitable for individual retirement accounts (IRA)?

Webull provides both individual cash and margin accounts. Residents of the United States can also open an IRA account with the broker (traditional, Roth, and Rollover IRA accounts). You must have an individual account before starting an IRA. There are no options for joint, custodial, or corporate accounts.

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