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Stash vs. Webull – Which Broker App Wins

stash vs webull

Investors who trade equities often during the trading day might utilize Webull, as can long-term investors who are saving for retirement.

Webull and Stash couldn’t be more unlike in the world of stock brokerages. The first is optimized for active trading, while the second is passive.

Stash combines a mobile banking app with a web-based investment platform explicitly designed for consumers with less financial literacy. It facilitates the expansion of one’s financial resources by straightforward saving.

It provides resources for learning about personal finance and making investment suggestions so that you may save and invest more.

Stash Overview

Stash is a new investment software that allows users to invest how they see fit after downloading the app. Founded by stockbrokers Brandon Krieg and Ed Robinson, Stash USA’s primary goal is to make investing easier for everyday people. This is crucial information for those just starting out in the investment world. The following provided services have been simplified and integrated into a single, user-friendly app.

Micro-investing platform Stash Invest helps newbies build and monitor portfolios of individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The software was intended to let new investors get their feet wet in the market by purchasing fractional shares of theme-based ETFs for as little as $5.

To maximize compounding, users can plan and automate contributions and investment purchases. Stash also offers consumers tailored advice and suggestions to help them grow their knowledge base as they build their wealth. Read the full Stash vs Betterment review.


Webull Overview

Webull is a sophisticated platform that provides a pleasant experience for its users. Investors needing a superior tool are the target audience for their platform, which will have vastly expanded capability. Webull provided a deeper dive into your data than competitors and built their platform with the latest innovations in mind.

With Webull, you may trade stocks online without paying any fees. Market trading is simplified with Webull’s high-tech charting and trading tools.


Webull is a recent entrant in the trading platform market, launching in 2017. Their platform is already superior to many other trading platforms on the market and has even more features.

There are almost 115,000 reviews of Webull, with an average rating of 4.5 stars for their apps. Users love the app because of its user-friendly design and built-in conveniences. Read also the the full webull vs public review.


Stash vs. Webull Service & Feature Comparison


Webull is an entirely free service to use. Webull is a trading platform that offers a lifetime, cost-free access. All transactions are executed at no cost to you, and option costs are also waived. Apart from commissions, Webull’s business model is profitable.

With no required minimum deposits, no commissions on option, stock, cryptocurrency, and ETF transactions, and no yearly or inactivity fees, Webull offers some of the lowest fees in the market. You can earn between 3.99 and 6.99 percent on your margin account balance each year.

There are three price tiers available at Stash Invest. Unlike many competing services, Stash does not impose a management fee that scales with the size of a portfolio. Instead, they have three flat-rate plans, each with its own perks.

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Stash’s $1/month beginner plan gets you up and running. This account grants you the use of Stash’s investing features, including portfolios and fractional stock shares. A debit card can be used with this account type as well.

The retirement savings benefit of Stash Growth is worth the $3 monthly fee. The critical distinction is on the kind of account being used. Stash Growth provides IRAs in addition to regular brokerage accounts, while Stash Beginner exclusively provides taxable accounts.

You may upgrade to Stash+, which includes everything in the primary, plus programs and more, for just $9 per month. Customers of Stash+ can open up to two minor children’s investing accounts. Customers in this category can use the Stash debit card to earn 2x Stock-Back rewards.

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Account Types

You may select between a margin account and a cash account when you sign up with Webull.

Before making any investments, understanding the distinction between these two Webull accounts is crucial.

There is a $2,000 requirement to open a margin account with Webull. If you just have $100, you won’t be able to create a margin account. Instead, you’ll need a bank account for cold hard cash.

Also, the pattern day trading rule applies if your margin account is less than $25,000. That you can only make deals with a duration of 3 days instead of 5 days is all this signifies. Additional trades will result in fees and maybe account closure.

A cash account is a trading and investment account that does not allow you to borrow money from a lender to make trades or investments.

For example, if you put up $500, that’s all you can trade with. The time it takes for a position sale to settle is another consideration.

There are three Individual Retirement Account options available via Webull:

  1. Roth IRA
  2. Traditional IRA
  3. Rollover IRA

To save money for retirement, you can open a particular sort of investing account called an individual retirement account (IRA).

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It functions similarly to a savings or investment account. Compared to a standard investing account, an IRA offers considerable tax advantages.

Financial, investment, retirement, and custodial services are all available via Stash. Because of this, they are a solid choice for anyone looking for a safe and effective method of contraception. Individuals can open investment and retirement accounts, and parents can open custodial accounts for their minor children.


Stash offers its customers the convenience of online banking as a way to create an account. You may sign up for a personal online bank account and get a debit card simultaneously. Payments may be made daily, and automated payments can be set up, all from the convenience of your online account. You can use your debit card in the conventional sense and this online banking service.

The ability to use an ATM and pay with a swipe is available. Monthly maintenance, bank card, deposit, overdraft, and many more fees are all fixed to $0.00. A $2.50 fee for each withdrawal from an ATM outside the bank’s network will be assessed. If this service interests you, please read the terms and conditions.


A personal investment account is the second category of account. When it comes to investing, this sort of account is ideal for newcomers. The business strategy has made it easy for new investors to get in on the action. When you open this account, you can put your money into various stocks and funds. You’ll have your pick of several publicly traded businesses and related shares of stock. If you’re interested in investing in ETFs instead of stocks, you may do it on the Stash website. Putting money into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) might seem intimidating at first. However, Stash gives you a detailed explanation of how to achieve this. Diversification is a crucial benefit of investing in ETFs. For more information about opening a Stash investment account and getting started with investing, visit the official website.

Retirement and Custodial

A retirement account is one kind of open account you may use to save for the future. You can open either a regular or a Roth individual retirement account. Opening an account is simple, even with a bit balance of $0.01, and there are tax advantages to having one. Gains from investments within a Roth IRA are exempt from federal income taxation. Paying into a conventional IRA might reduce your taxed income this year. The maximum yearly payment to either is $6,000.

Opening a Stash account for your child under supervision is a fantastic idea. A Stash USA accounts for a juvenile can be opened by a parent or legal guardian with as little as a single dollar. A savings account like this may be a safety net for youngsters and a springboard for their future.

Education and Research

You can quickly learn the financial industry’s ins and outs with features like Stash Learn and Stash Coach.

Money covering news, investing advice, and real-world financial problems are all topics explored on Stash Learn. Investing might be intimidating, but with the help of Stash Coach, it can be enjoyable.

Investing may be learned by completing sets of tasks made with the express purpose of teaching you more about the industry.

Common inquiries about investing are addressed in Webull’s Frequently Asked Questions section. In addition, it offers a wealth of information on individual stocks, a feature Stash lacks. Another helpful feature that Webull offers but Stash does not is a stock screener.

Range of Investments

Webull caters to professional traders by providing them with a variety of tools. What the broker gives you entry to:

Most of the assets on Stash are stock or exchange-traded funds. They may only invest in around 1,800 firms situated in the United States. This should be sufficient for novice investors, but if you want the freedom to diversify into other asset classes like bonds, options, or cryptocurrencies, you may want to look elsewhere.

Managed & Self-Directed Accounts

You’ll need to know what you’re doing, as Webull doesn’t offer portfolio management.

At least, that’s not the case here. The website offers a tool to construct a portfolio of exchange-traded funds. You may create a custom ETF portfolio that fits your needs with the help of this straightforward online instrument. There is just one need, and that is to fill out a quick online survey.

Self-directed investors can use Stash to trade a limited number of equities and exchange-traded funds. Given the unavailability of some exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and equities, it is important to stress that they are small. At Webull, we don’t operate like that.

Over 40 themed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and individual equities are available for novice and small investors. Stash’s user-friendly interface makes getting started quick and painless. Financial inquiries such as annual income, assets, investment strategy, banking details, and authentication procedures are answered by users. Based on the user’s input, Stash generates an investor profile and recommends portfolios optimized for the user’s risk tolerance -conservative, moderate or aggressive.

Users have the option to build their own portfolios from the available stocks and ETFs or to forego suggestions entirely at any time. When purchasing stocks or exchange-traded funds, even a tiny amount of money may go a long way, thanks to fractional shares. Keeping track of investments and making last-minute adjustments is a breeze with the mobile app.

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Trading Technology

Stash is quite effective. They’ve made an excellent website and a simple app. The platform is user-friendly in these areas because of its straightforward layout. Clear labels and prominent placement make navigating each category and offered item a breeze. Sufficient detail is provided about all services and their accompanying terms and conditions.

Stash USA’s lack of advanced research and analysis tools may be a turnoff for seasoned traders who are used to working with other online brokers. Trading platforms explicitly tailored to various trading products are available from the most famous brokers who target professional traders. The great thing about Stash is that trading can take place in a single, straightforward app. Especially important for newcomers, this simplifies and clarifies the trading procedure.

Trading orders may be sent to the exchanges anytime the trader wishes using Webull’s browser interface. The program has similar capabilities and is quite robust.

The Webull website serves as both the portal to the platform and the hub for all account management activities.

Suppose you are a Webull customer who is interested in trading option spreads. In that case, you may get a free upgrade to the company’s desktop platform. Around 10 different integrated spreads may be found in this application (but not the browser system). vs Robinhood: Which Broker Is Better for You?>>>

Mobile Apps

Even if Stash’s PC version was unsuccessful, it is available as a mobile app. The design of the interface was inspired by the website, making it incredibly easy to use. Investing, Banking, and Money Transfer are all accessible via the drop-down menu. The order form and the accompanying simple charts are back.

The Stash app is available for download on Apple and Google Play stores. Easy registration means smooth trade. Everything you need to trade, including trading tools and instructional resources, will be at your fingertips on your mobile device. Depending on your subscription, you’ll have access to real-time stock and ETF tracking data and historical market data dating back many years. The Stash mobile app is without peer in terms of essential analytical and trading features. But this is not where Stash shines. Traders of all experience levels may invest and trade with minimal barriers to entry provided by a straightforward, user-friendly interface. The plan is for the procedure to be straightforward. Stash is spot on with this one.

The Webull app for mobile devices (phones and tablets) features complex graph tools and an order ticket. Webull’s mobile app has a forum in addition to its excellent trading tools. Connecting with other Webull users here is a great idea.

Other Features

Financial Tools

Stash provides more in-depth teaching than other robo-advisors, making it ideal for novice investors and those with smaller balances thanks to its hands-on, pay-as-you-go model. The tools are designed with a long-term perspective and a focus on patience. Stash, for one, displays the account balance monthly instead of daily or intra-day to encourage long-term preparation. With Auto-Stash, you may automatically set the amount, date, and ETF you want to buy. The Stash calculator shows you the compounded returns you may expect from an annualized performance of 5% based on investment quantities.

All sorts of technical indicators may be accessed on Webull. Choose from over 20 indicators, including moving averages, relative strength indexes, and more, to help you take your trading to the next level.

A virtual trading simulator is a valuable tool available in Webull. For practice before committing real money, you can establish a faux portfolio using this function.

Multiple investment alert options are available in Webull. There are ways to set up notifications for when certain thresholds are met, such as when a specific price is reached or when a certain rate of change is reached. The volume level or volume change might trigger an alarm. This can help investors gain insight into the stock’s potential near-term movement.

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The Stash Visa debit card provides several useful features, one of which is the opportunity to earn stock in the firms you purchase with. There are currently no banking options available for Webull.

Dividend Reinvestment 

Stash, unlike Webull, offers a DRIP service that automatically converts dividends and other cash payouts into more shares. 

Extended Hour Trading

Customers of Webull can make trades from the wee hours of the morning until far into the night. Stash users are unable to make trades during market hours.

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Customer Service

The official Stash website features a FAQ and help center that can be accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the main page. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions and their respective solutions. 

However, definitive response to your question may not always be available. If you still have questions after browsing the site, you may submit them by clicking the “Submit a question” button. 

Enter your query and click the button to submit it. In our testing, we found this feature to be helpful.

Webull offers the bare essential customer support along with a simple FAQ section.

My Preference: Stash Wins Over Webull

Based on our research and the consensus of user reviews, we conclude that the founders of Stash successfully identified a niche market and dedicated sufficient resources to the venture to make it successful. Stash’s mission is to provide people the flexibility to pursue their passions without worrying about their finances.

Like many other smaller businesses, Stash still has ways to improve. Specifically, they need to focus on enhancing the quality of their client service and the efficiency of their trading systems. The fact that this broker accepts fractional shares and has minimal minimum deal sizes is terrific, though. If you’re new to cryptocurrency and digital assets, you should use Stash. You can get your own investing account for just one dollar a month. You’ll be up and running with the help of the readings and resources we’ve supplied.

Stash vs. Webull: The Bottom Line

Stash has minimal research capabilities and only a few investment options. Webull caters to investors that appreciate both in-depth analysis and no-cost transactions. However, Webull is perhaps too advanced for a novice. With Webull, you’ll access a broader range of research and investing possibilities.

Ultimately, it’s up to your personal tastes and investment objectives to choose which platform is right for you. We would liken Stash to an old, expensive Toyota SUV and Webull to a brand new, no-strings-attached sports car. Stash is a good choice if you just want to ensure that you have enough money to satisfy your essential needs. However, Webull is the superior option if you want a bit more muscle to reach your target.


Is Stash or Webull better?

Webull's mobile app allows users to trade stocks and ETFs without paying any trading fees. There is zero necessary minimum deposit.
While Stash makes it easier for new investors to get started. This is not an automated investing service, and it will not handle your portfolio for you. Instead, it helps those new to investing choose assets suitable for their needs and comfort with risk. To invest, you need just have a dollar.

Is Stash a decent place to invest?

For inexperienced investors, Stash is an excellent place to start. However, we think the costs may be too high, especially if your account balance is low.

Is Webull A Good Brokerage?

Many of the complaints about Webull center around the poor quality of the service they receive as a customer. Look elsewhere if you want to put your money into things like mutual funds, futures, or over-the-counter stocks.
In conclusion, Webull is an excellent option for many investors and traders. Webull boasts user-friendly features, including a top-rated mobile app and an extensive data library.


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