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SoFi vs Webull – The Perfect Place for Newbies

sofi vs webull

Newer investors who want a high-tech yet simple investment experience use platforms like SoFi Active Investing and Webull. Two new brokerage businesses aiming to revolutionize the investment industry are SoFi Invest and Webull. They have certain commonalities, yet they also differ in meaningful ways.

Webull provides a fun and welcoming environment for its community members. Its user-friendly trading tools will appeal to most younger investors. While Webull’s $0 stock and ETF transactions are attractive, the platform’s lack of trading tools and features makes it less attractive for regular investment. For first-time investors, SoFi Invest is a better option than Webull. The educational resources provided by SoFi Invest are extensive.

SoFi Overview

Cryptocurrency and Financial brokerage SoFi Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI) provides a social approach to personal finance by allowing users to view each other’s investment portfolios, reflecting a more contemporary take on traditional investing advice. Traders at all levels will appreciate the SoFi platform’s ease of use. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) oversee SoFi Invest, a discount broker in the United States.

In-house brokerage service SoFi Invest. It is comparable to commission-free trading services like Robinhood and Ameritrade, where users may buy and sell stocks and ETFs on significant exchanges. And they have an option to trade cryptocurrencies.

However, SoFi is distinguished from the competition by a number of its unique qualities. These advantages include investing in newly issued shares before the general public, receiving free, expert financial advice, and having the option to invest manually or automatically.


Suppose you are a beginner investor who wants to take charge of your finances but could use some free, expert advice to help you avoid some of the more frequent pitfalls. In that case, SoFi Invest is the way to go.

This platform is fantastic for active and passive investors in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. However, suppose you cannot live without access to mutual funds or OTC stocks. In that case, choosing a platform for these investments is essential. You will not find a more reasonably priced or user-friendly platform than SoFi Invest.

Commissions are not added to stock trades. No minimum balance or ongoing service charges are required. They provide free services across the board, including automated investment and financial consulting.

Users may acquire fractional shares of stock and exchange cryptocurrency via the app. SoFi Invest allows you to take an active or automated approach to your portfolio.

Those with a firm grasp on the stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) they wish to purchase should opt for active investing. This method sometimes referred to as the “do-it-yourself” or “DIY” strategy, entails conducting one’s own analysis and selecting one’s own investments.

By providing SoFi with information about your investment preferences (objectives, risk tolerance, etc.), its algorithm will construct and rebalance a diverse portfolio designed to help you meet those requirements.

Webull Overview

Webull is a discount broker in the United States supervised by the highest-ranking financial authorities in the United States and Hong Kong. While Webull’s primary focus is on stock trading, it does provide some cryptocurrency investment choices. More seasoned and self-reliant investors will like the platform’s user-friendly design. The good news is that they are still easily accessible and mastered fast. Smaller than Robinhood, this broker joined the market intending to make trading easier for newbie traders.

Webull does not impose a commission on the purchase or sale of stocks or exchange-traded funds. Money transfers from your bank to Webull are quick and easy. Opening an account with Webull is not contingent upon your maintaining a minimum balance. After an account is activated, newbies can receive three free stocks to help them get started.


Investors cannot access the OTCBB pink sheets but have access to whole stocks, fractional shares, and options trading. Webull also provides a marketplace for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Compared to similar micro-brokers, Webull supports various order types, including market and limit orders, after-hours, trailing stop, and limit orders. Webull provides its users with training materials and paper trading choices, allowing them to practice trading without risking money. Webull also allows users to create watch lists and receive stock alerts.

SoFi vs. Webull Service & Feature Comparison


SoFi’s 1.25 percent flat cost on all transactions is lower than that of most of its rivals. Compared to fees on other exchanges that might reach 4 percent, SoFi’s pricing is competitive.

On Webull, there are no hidden costs associated with buying or selling cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there is a catch. A one percent premium is added to the quoted price by Webull, which is expressed as a spread of 100 basis points.

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Account Types

Managed and self-directed investment accounts are available through SoFi Invest. When it comes to the former, SoFi handles its clients’ assets with the help of an algorithm that determines when and what to buy and sell. This robo service from SoFi is free to use and requires only $5 to start trading ETFs.

A self-directed account is available to SoFi clients who wish to invest in more than just exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and includes access to equities and cryptocurrencies. Unlike stock and ETF deals, cryptocurrency trades are subject to fees (1.25 percent per trade). To my knowledge, no alternative investment options exist.

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Webull also allows for independent stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency trading. Closed-end funds and options contracts are included in this expansion. Webull’s cryptocurrency trades are subject to a 100-basis-point bid-ask spread.

While it appears to be a much superior arrangement, newcomers may be disappointed to learn that Webull does not provide portfolio management. And the company also oversees a handful of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) under the SoFi name. Money is not managed by Webull.

Education and Research

The learning hub at SoFi is called Investing101. It is just a compilation of articles covering the fundamentals of the stock market and investment jargon.

That is to say, you should not use it to learn about investment. Anyway, SoFi’s investing education portion appears more advanced than Webull’s because of the more in-depth concepts taught.

However, SoFi is not the place to look if you need sophisticated market analysis or technical trading tools. The app provides users with the latest business news, selected content, and the option to create personalized watchlists.

Assets & Securities
Stocks and ETFs Yes Yes
Fractional Shares Yes Yes
Options No Yes
Mutual Funds No No
CDs No No
Bonds No No
Futures No No
Crypto Yes Yes
Currencies No No

Range of Investments

No commissions are charged while using Webull to buy and sell stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The availability of initial public offerings (IPOs) and fractional shares allow investors to get in on a firm before it goes public or to purchase a smaller stake in a well-known (and possibly pricey) stock. As of this writing, Webull facilitates trading over 30 different cryptocurrencies and over 5,000 equities and ETFs. Webull allows users to trade eleven different cryptocurrencies. It is important to remember that users cannot move coins into or out of their Webull account. You must sell your tokens for US dollars to get your money out.

Active investors may take advantage of Webull’s commission-free trading and the convenience of opening a standard Roth or Rollover IRA to manage their retirement assets alongside their stock holdings.

Note that Webull does not facilitate the purchase of shares in any mutual funds. However, consumers interested in mutual funds can open a separate brokerage account. ETFs can still provide the quick investing diversification they seek.

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Although SoFi does not charge its customers any trading fees or commissions, this lack of expense comes with a catch: fewer investment options. Its product offering consists solely of fractional share investments, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrency. No investments are available, not even options, bonds, mutual funds, or funds.

The concept of peer-to-peer lending was pioneered by SoFi, which also made the first public offering of its product. (Robin Hood arrived shortly afterward.) Investors can acquire pre-IPO shares before a company’s public stock offering. This is an incredible deal since institutional investors like banks and hedge funds seldom deal with individual investors like this. SoFi is lowering the barrier to entry for regular people to participate in the stock market by providing them with the opportunity to invest in initial public offerings.

When it comes to IPOs, bitcoin, and fractional shares, SoFi Active Investing might be a frontrunner. To this day, the brokerage is lagging behind the times regarding investing diversity.

To choose the best cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, you should check out the cryptocurrencies it supports. Each market has its own selection of alternative cryptocurrencies. It is also essential to check if your chosen cryptocurrency may be bought.

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Managed Accounts 

There are two options for investment accounts with SoFi Invest: managed and self-directed. When it comes to the former, SoFi handles its clients’ wealth with the help of an algorithm that determines when and what to invest in. This robo service only trades ETFs, but it is free to use and requires $5 to get started with SoFi.

SoFi configures the Robo-advisor to disperse the money automatically per the diversification goal, considering the type of risk involved. In this case, investors can put in as little as one dollar and set up automatic or periodic payments. Fully managed accounts are not available from any broker.

SoFi’s dual trading offerings, including commission-free, self-directed transactions and free robo-advising, make it attractive to passive and active investors. Active investors may now trade in various securities, including stocks, ETFs, fractional shares, and cryptocurrencies. However, passive investors have more retirement plan options, including 401(k), Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs.

Account minimum
Stock trading costs
Options trades
Account fee
Tradable securities
Crypto availability
Trading platform
Mobile app
Research and data
Customer support

Trading Technology & Mobile Apps

The SoFi Invest website is straightforward. Due to the lack of complex features, we feel it necessary to underline the term “simple” here. Because of its user-friendly layout, it is pretty popular. Even yet, this unfortunate result leaves sophisticated traders without access to the online resources they have come to rely on.

The charting options on the SoFi Invest website are limited, consisting of just line charts and no additional tools or indicators. Only five years are covered by this plan. And this is the case with self-directed investment accounts. In all honesty, self-directed trading is not a significant focus.

When placing orders with the broker, the order ticket is just as straightforward, only supporting market and limit orders. Options for time-in-force mechanics are not available, among other such extras.

The order form on Webull’s web-based trading platform is even more complex. There is a wider variety of orders than only market and limit orders. Traders may also choose from various tickets to find one that suits their needs.

Webull surpasses its competitors by providing a superior desktop platform. This sophisticated trading platform includes option spreads that cannot be found in a browser. Motifs like butterflies and formal collars come to mind.

The desktop platform now has a dedicated Learning Center, one of the newest additions. You may find a wealth of information, such as video tutorials and written guides, on how to make the most of the program’s various capabilities by clicking the “Help” icon in the far-left column of the interface. We discovered guides like changing a widget’s size and ordering customizations.

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Given its focus on easy trading, SoFi Invest is unlikely to ever provide a desktop platform. At least a mobile app is available for SoFi Invest, so they get partial credit here. The smartphone app, like the company’s website, is too easy to use. While this makes the platform user-friendly, it also means that many essential functions are absent.

The social networking aspect is only available in the SoFi Invest app and not on the website. Users of SoFi Invest can remark on and “follow” the transactions of other service users.

The Webull app also includes a built-in social network feature. The option to upload screenshots makes it a little more comprehensive than SoFi’s. As an added bonus, Webull’s mobile app has many high-end trading features, such as built-in option strategies, graphing utilities, a test drive mode, a realistic transaction ticket, and more.

In addition, it is essential to note that despite both platforms being accessible via the internet, they prioritize the mobile experience. On the other hand, Webull provides its own trading program, Webull Desktop, tailored to provide advanced traders with a unique and personalized experience. Therefore, Webull’s platform may be more to your liking if you are an aggressive trader.

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Other Features

SoFi’s social investing feature is fantastic since it allows users to view the portfolios of prominent investors to make more informed trades. New traders can use the site’s instructional page and market comparison feature. If you want to buy some cryptocurrency but are unsure where to begin learning the ins and outs, SoFi is the right solution. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it offers inexperienced users $10 worth of Bitcoin just for signing up.

Webull’s trading platform is flexible, allowing users to adjust several settings and see multiple charts simultaneously. Webull’s UI may not be as user-friendly as SoFi’s. Still, it offers far more customization options and in-depth metrics for your trades. Webull may be a more suitable platform if you are an intermediate or advanced trader.

Online Banking

Investors may benefit from online banking, and some brokerages provide banking services. SoFi Invest provides its clients access to various financial products, including prepaid debit cards, credit cards, and mortgage loans. Webull, on the other hand, provides none of these to its clients.

Most of the features in traditional checking and savings accounts are available in the SoFi Money account. Their own credit card was just introduced recently. SoFi has been granted a banking charter; thus, the company’s financial services may grow shortly.

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Customer Support

In contrast to SoFi, all other brokers that provide comparable services lack this crucial component. The goal is to discourage rather than stimulate communication with customers. But in the trading world, speed is of the essence.

Nobody likes having to go through piles of frequently asked questions only to find a sliver of information that could answer a question. There is no need to call either; a live chat feature is far more convenient. It is not something you will find if you want to contact SoFi with a question.

My Preference: SoFi Wins Over Webull

SoFi is excellent if you are new to buying cryptocurrency and want to add a social element to your investing strategy. When seeking a more robust trading platform with a wide range of technical indicators, seasoned traders need to go no further than Webull.

Many modern brokers are similar in terms of onboarding time, account creation wizards, and available features, so it is essential to make sure you find one that works with your trading strategy. When deciding between Webull and SoFi Invest, the deciding factor for new investors comes down to minor details. 

Webull is preferable to other paper trading and charting platforms but is not the most crucial choice for mutual funds.

Your trading preferences and the kind of orders and services you need will determine which broker is right for you. An inexperienced or young trader’s best bet for learning the ropes and starting a solid portfolio is to take advantage of all three options. Experience is the only teacher when it comes to trading.


Is Webull a good broker for me?

Let us say you are just starting out and have not yet established a diversified, long-term investment plan. If that is the case, you might want to look at different brokers. Webull may be a suitable option, especially given its inexpensive cost compared to other brokers offering comparable services, if you have some trading experience, want to actively trade, or hope to enhance your trading abilities through advanced orders and technical analysis.

Is SoFi offer a retirement account?

IRAs are retirement savings accounts. The investor completes a questionnaire that helps the broker determine the investor's risk profile. Then the broker makes a strategy recommendation based on that profile.

Do any of these operations qualify for FDIC insurance?

Webull and SoFi are just two of the many providers that offer FDIC protection while being based in other nations. Webull and SoFi are just two of the many providers that offer FDIC protection while being based in other nations. Please check to make sure how your specific account is covered.

Is SoFi Active Investing right for you?

Those just starting in the investing world will appreciate SoFi Active Investing's zero-commission stock and ETF trades, no-fee financial planning services, and cutting-edge offers like fractional shares and cryptocurrencies. Investors with a longer time horizon will be turned off by the unavailability of passive investment vehicles like index funds and mutual funds. Options, foreign exchange, and futures trading are not offered, so sophisticated investors will need to go elsewhere.

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