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MultiCharts Comprehensive Review 2022: All You Need To Know

MultiCharts is a comprehensive tool for technical analysis and charting. It offers traders a wide variety of technical indicators and high-definition charts. The platform offers several features that simplify trade for users of every type! In addition, it enables live simulation trading and is integrated with several external brokerage trading systems.

Not to forget, MultiCharts is based on a user-friendly programming language called PowerLanguage, which is patented and great for beginning programmers. PowerLanguage also has a wide variety of third-party add-ons. For example, it offers HD charts, a wide variety of analysis indicators, market replay, EasyProgramme Language, and several add-ons. But is it the right platform for you? Let’s find out in this comprehensive review of the broker.

  • Users may choose a Trading strategy, evaluate and then start with any broker and It offers a 30-day Free Trial on a sample server with all of the features.
  • Offers tool for technical analysis that is quite sophisticated and features high-resolution charts with indications and signals included
  • MultiCharts helps in Utilizing the PowerLanguage programming language, and create unique indicators
  • The market scanner was updated. a market replay feature that allows for numerous chart panes
  • No searchable indicators, signals, or functions are available.
  • Installation takes a long time because the software is large.

MultiCharts: At A Glance

Pay Structure 3-Month Plan 6-Month Plan     1-Year Plan     Lifetime Plan
Monthly Payment $99     $82     $66     $0
Complete Payment $297     $497     $797     $1,497

Company Overview: MultiCharts

A platform for technical analysis and strategy is called MultiCharts. Active day traders looking to develop and enhance effective trading techniques will find it most appealing. It supports experienced traders who have concepts for practical techniques already. Finance experts also use MultiCharts to give their clients accurate stock and asset information.

The MultiCharts platform provides essential stock market information to thousands of users across 175 countries. It enables users to integrate real-time data with historical data from external sources. MultiCharts adapts easy language from TradeStation to assist its customers in carrying out a wide range of algorithmic operations. A programming language called EasyLanguage aids traders in creating effective trading methods, indicators, and unique trading apps.

The users get access to chart analysis, global hotkeys, simulated trading, and a forex The users can access chart analysis, global hotkeys, simulated trading, and a forex board with the MultiCharts Ultra HD trading platform. In addition, the program includes exit strategies, marketing data playback, and drawing tools.

A Web Application Programming Interface (API) gateway enables you to access essential trading data from outside trading apps. For example, you can incorporate any third-party historical, or real-time data feeds into MultiCharts using the MultiCharts Data API. You can use data in this way from anywhere.


Key Features Of Multichart

While the platform has several user-centered features, some key features make trading over Multichart seamless. To give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different features and benefits of this platform:

Access To Seamless Charting

Access to seamless charting is one of the core features that make MultiCharts’ a unique broker. The charts are extraordinarily high definition, to begin with. You can keep numerous charts open on a workstation without sacrificing clarity since thin indicator lines and tick markers are simple to read. In addition, the platform offers several customization options to its users. For instance, they can access a drop-down menu in a matter of clicks and easy navigating features for editing. 

Besides, individual charts can have their format, style, and color changed, and the platform’s default aesthetics can also be modified. Hundreds of built-in indicators are available in MultiCharts, but sadly the list cannot be searched. There are parameters for how frequently indicators and chart studies should be recalculated, and editing indicators is very simple. Naturally, drawing tools are also included for on-chart inspection and annotation.

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Use Of PowerLanguage Editor

The programming language used by MultiCharts, PowerLanguage, is directly adapted from TradeStation’s EasyLanguage programming and provides many of the same features. In addition, you can develop additional indicators, functions, and trading strategies that simplify automation with the PowerLanguage editor. 

The editor tool is relatively simple and allows the users to view several scripts running on the side of the window. However, the inability to search existing functions can expand an already running function or indicator and make the process more challenging.

Ease Of Market Scanning

The stock scanner feature over MultiCharts helps active traders make the most of their investments. It allows scans to configure and automatically update at predetermined intervals as short as one minute. Besides, performing these scans is easy to set up. You can create filters from the complete MultiCharts indicator and signal library, unique indicators, and custom functions made via PowerLanguage.

The MultiCharts scanning window’s results presentation is likewise extremely stunning. You can sort the stock results by categorizing them based on their data fields. The information can also be used to fill in tabular information on every indicator your filter is based on. Even better, you can use a single click to expand any individual stock and convert it into a full chart.

Option Of Market Rewind

The capability to replay market activity after each day is another useful feature of MultiCharts. The ‘Replay’ feature can be used to divide trades into hours, minutes, or days or even be customized into individual ticks. In addition, the fast-reverse and fast-forward options also allow you to skip around slower trading periods. 

The ability to do a market replay over many charts simultaneously is helpful since it allows you to view multiple charts for one particular stock or different, potentially connected stocks over a single window. This way, the users can make the most of their trades without worrying about the overall trading experience. 

Strategy Backtesting

Backtesting is one of MultiCharts’ most crucial features and one of the main benefits of utilizing it over TradeStation. Due to the platform’s capacity to utilize several CPUs and all of your computer’s RAM, MultiCharts backtesting is considerably quicker than TradeStation (on x64 Windows). MultiCharts also provides its backtesting charts the same flexibility as its live charts, making it much easier to monitor the outcomes of your backtests visually. 

For instance, you could draw a dotted line connecting indicated exits and enters, and depending on whether there was profit from the trade, you could alter the color of that line. Furthermore, MultiCharts’ Bar Magnifier feature enables you to segregate hour and minute charts while continuing the backtesting on a tick-by-tick basis.

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Additional Features Of The Platform

Those mentioned above were some of the core features of the platform. However, that’s not all when signing up for the MultiCharts platform. So to give you a better idea, here are some additional features that make trading over Multichart a unique experience. 

  1. Equivalent Brokerages: Gain Capital, Interactive Brokers, and numerous other high-speed brokerages are compatible with MultiCharts. Depending on your brokerage, data may be instantaneous or up to one second delayed. Remember that to load exchange data onto the platform, you will need access to one of the brokerages MultiCharts supports.
  2. Personalization and Format: MultiCharts offers extensive customizability across all workspaces and individual windows. This implies that you can alter the MultiCharts layout to suit your needs before setting your customized layout as the new standard. Although the MultiCharts menu is relatively simple, it might be challenging to locate all the backtesting, scanning, and charting options because the program employs symbols rather than words. Other than that, MultiCharts is relatively simple to use because right-clicking on most windows displays a list of all possible options.
  3. Differentiators for the MultiCharts Platform: Alternative technical analysis and strategy development systems like TradeStation and NinjaTrader are directly in competition with MultiCharts. In reality, TradeStation and MultiCharts have plenty of similarities, including the use of TradeStation’s interface.
  4. Reliable, User-friendly platform: A quicker and more user-friendly interface that enables charting and analysis while live trading is what MultiCharts offers over TradeStation. Additional benefits for backtesting provided by MultiCharts include multi-threading and highly interactive charting tools. The market replay option, which is not offered by TradeStation and is more sophisticated than a comparable replay feature found in NinjaTrader, is another benefit of choosing MultiCharts.

Security Over The Platform

MultiCharts has put in place the necessary technical and organizational safeguards to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of users’ personally identifiable information. For example, we encrypt the transmission of credit card numbers to keep your information safe and secure. Additionally, when users request a free trial, an email with the download link and setup instructions is sent to the supplied email address.

Several types of investors can find a home at MultiCharts. The possibility of algorithmic trading and cutting-edge technologies continue to be the key drivers of usage. The majority of MultiCharts’ users are consequently seasoned traders. However, this does not change the fact that using the trading system is enjoyable after some practice. MultiCharts may provide an excellent solution to both seasoned programmers and seasoned traders because of its high level of customization.

MultiCharts offers customer service with a typical response time of one hour. There is also a wiki online that contains a tonne of trading system instructions. The 30-day free trial period is strongly advised if you have any doubts about whether MultiCharts is not too complex for you. Although LYNX can not assist in selecting the best plan, you can always get in touch with us with any concerns about its execution.

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Fees Structure

MultiChart revolves around a subscription-based business model. Therefore, users signing up for the platform need to select among the four options provided to them. 

Besides, you can also opt for a 30-day free trial as there are no limitations or commitments with the free trial. You spend fake money while you’re on trial. You now have a risk-free chance to develop and test your trading ideas. Making trades with its software costs you nothing. The broker of your choice will eventually receive payment to put in the trades. As a result, you will have to pay MultiCharts software subscription and broker fees.

But first, let’s have a look at the different subscription plans by the broker:

Pay Structure 3-Month Plan 6-Month Plan     1-Year Plan     Lifetime Plan
Monthly Payment $99     $82     $66     $0
Complete Payment $297     $497     $797     $1,497

Overall, the fee structure looks reliable and an affordable option to start your forex journey with a broker. 

Account Opening With MultiCharts

You should follow the following procedure in order to open an Account with MultiCharts.

Step 1: Visit the MultiCharts website and click on the ‘try free for 30-days’ bar present in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Once done, you must provide some personal information to open an account with MultiCharts. Some of the most common documents include identity and resident proof.

Step 3: After you’ve submitted the supporting documents, MultiCharts will verify your account and send you a confirmation email. 

Step 4: Once all the steps are followed appropriately, it’s only a matter of time until your selected package is active to get started. 


Remember, with MultiCharts; you can also opt for the demo account for the practice. Two options for opening a MultiCharts demo account directly through

Customer Satisfaction

MultiCharts has a reliable and intuitive interface with a straightforward, practical platform. Upon reading the multiple reviews on the top-rated platforms, it’s evident that the platform brings you reliable customer service and various features to get started. 

It can be fully customized and operates to provide reliable services. Besides, some negative reviews are also circling the cost of this subscription software. The platform has earned several negative rankings for having its fees higher than many other platforms. It does not, however, impose commission fees on deals as some other platforms do.

Overall, MultiCharts offers reliable, round-the-clock client service. Customer assistance comprises knowledgeable representatives and technical know-how and includes tools like video tutorials, discussion forums, and remote desktop connections. After the initial 30-day free trial, there is a $66 to $1497 subscription cost.

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MultiCharts Vs. Competition

MultiCharts has been a great platform, especially for the features and functionalities that it provides as a broker. The platform is easy for beginners and offers numerous features that help you get started. However, if fees concern you, chances are that MultiCharts is not the ideal platform for you.

In such an instance, you might want to look for new and better alternatives to the broker, one of which is TradeStation. Therefore, to help you better, let’s have an in-depth walkthrough of the differences between TradeStation and MultiCharts.

MultiCharts Vs. TradeStation

Do you want to continue using a particular forex broker? MultiCharts might be a good option for you. TradeStation is the best option in all other cases. In terms of trading platforms, functionality, tools, and costs, it is superior to MultiCharts. You can design your trading tactics and use the same platform TradeStation. This enables it surpasses MultiCharts in luring more experienced traders and novice users interested in algorithmic trading.

On the contrary, TradeStation attracts active traders looking for a fantastic trading environment by fusing excellent technology and online brokerage services. The supercharged desktop platform from TradeStation receives higher ratings from reviewers than the MultiCharts platform.

Besides, TradeStation is a discount broker. Its nature prevents it from providing much in the way of research. There are no analyst reports available. You may find multiple tools on Market Insights, a blog published by TradeStation. Tthe platform also provides charts and information on market trends.

For using TradeStation’s TS Select platform, a deposit of $2,000 is required; however, there is no deposit required for its mobile app, TS GO. Trades in stocks and options are free. However, there is a commission of $0.005 per share for up to 500 shares. Five hundred shares would cost $2.50 in this case. Trades in ETFs are entirely free.

Following this comparison, it’s evident that MultCharts takes the lead over TradeStation in multiple instances. In addition, the platform offers a better fee and commission, followed by a better research offering. However, TradeStation takes the lead in terms of its research offerings. 

Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using MultiCharts?

The advantages of MultiCharts include its features, adaptability, and dedication to adhering to industry programming standards. MultiCharts offers everything. Given below are some of the advantages of why you should trust MultiCharts.

  1. Appropriate for EasyLanguage studies: Nearly all of MultiCharts’ features are compatible with EasyLanguage. This means thousands of studies in this language will continue to function similarly. Utilize the community of EasyLanguage’s 20+ years of trading expertise to your full advantage. It would be foolish to disregard the thousands of previous technical analysis studies that have already been produced, given that TradeStation pioneered the trading method.
  2. Never reimagine the wheel: With MultiCharts, you can easily discover most information online without creating the wheel from scratch or learning an entirely new language. Let’s imagine, for instance, that you wish to transfer data between MultiCharts and Excel and between Excel and MultiCharts. The reply is that it has already been completed for you. In conclusion, MultiCharts gives you instant access to many materials so you can concentrate on developing new things rather than wasting time translating your work into yet another language.
  3. DOM and chart trading with a single click. Put yourself in charge of your trade and move swiftly when an opportunity presents itself by using our new Chart Trading and DOM to place orders in a few seconds. You can click or drag and drop orders onto your chart since it’s easy to use.

Drawbacks Of MultiCharts

Similar to the perks, there are multiple drawbacks to the MultiCharts platform. Here’s an overview of the different drawbacks to the platform. 

  1. Comparatively high fee structure: The membership fee of MultiCharts high compared to other platforms.
  2. Need to sign up with subscriptions: A compatible brokerage subscription is required for the data stream. These subscriptions make it difficult for beginners to start their journey. 

With this, we have come to the end of our review on Multichart. For different kinds of traders, MultiCharts provides a trading method. The beginning programmer is given a chance to set himself apart from the competition. However, seasoned programer also has the freedom to design a trading strategy that is ideal for them.

However, if you’re a beginner in the forex industry and want to sign up for a broker with affordable pricing, you might look for a different option. All the best! 


Is MultiCharts good?

Yes, MultiCharts is suitable for the users because the useful tool MultiCharts makes it simpler to analyze the market for quicker decision-making. By using hotkeys or the mouse, it may carry out trades. In addition, MultiCharts’ visual chart trading makes intuitive manual trading easier.

How to cancel the subscription for MultiCharts?

Use your Order Number (which can be found in the email you received when you enrolled in MultiCharts) and password to enter your account. Then, find your subscription in your account and cancel it there.

What is MultiCharts?

MultiCharts, LLC is the company that created, marketed, and distributed the Windows-based application. The business is based in the American city of Columbus, Ohio. For performing trade execution and doing technical analysis of the financial markets, MultiCharts is an electronic trading platform.

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