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FXView Review 2022: All Need To Know


When discussing the different forex brokers, you can’t miss out on FXView! The platform has all the resources necessary to dominate the Forex brokerage market and get to the top. Any trader looking for a reliable and secure online trading platform will find it an enticing alternative because many European financial agencies rigorously regulate it. Its low commissions and spreads are just two of its many advantages.

This platform is available on mobile devices, online, and on desktop, allowing its users to access the market, and this platform is user-friendly. Although this makes it simpler to access the market from any location and device., the broker gives you access to several sophisticated trading tools that can support you in finding any prospective trading chances that align with your trading preferences and financial goals.

But is FXView the right broker for you? Let’s figure out in this comprehensive overview of the platform.

Pros & Cons Of FXView

  • Broker service with client protection on a real account and automatic transaction monitoring.
  • Beginner traders will have access to tried-and-true advisors; broker insurance of client funds is funded by broker participation in an investor compensation fund.
  • Regardless of the balance on the client’s account, a full suite of services is offered.
  • Offers swap-free accounts to clients whose religious convictions forbid trading in derivatives, such as Islamic merchant.
  • A trustworthy trading environment is offered by a capable education and research department.

    FXView: At A Glance

    Official website
    Headquarters  Limassol, Cyprus 
    Founded In July 30, 2009
    Parent company Finvasia
    FXView employee’s size 50 - 100
    Platform  MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, ActTrader(GMT +3:00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Kaliningrad
    Customer support  24*5 Phone, chat, email.
    Industry  Financial Services 
    Supported Countries  25 countries

    FX View is a part of a leading Fintech association that Finvasia Group owns. Established to simplify forex trading, the platform initiated its operations in 2009. The company has been well-performing in terms of hedging funds and is also regarded as one of the first’s to launch a commission-free ecosystem. Currently, the platform operates with over a few million clients across 180 countries.

    Aspiring traders can get a complete trading solution from FX View. They can trade popular Forex Pairs, indices, and commodities over the platform. In addition, the platform has a great ecosystem that can be availed via mobile and desktop applications, making it a portable option for all. 

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    Despite the broker’s limited trading options, FX View’s overall features and operation are outstanding. Users signing up for this broker can get access to a sample account and other promotional offers, creating an excellent trading environment. In addition, the low broker commissions make it one of the leading options for both beginner and expert traders. 


    Primary Features Of FXView

    FX View is one of the most renowned broking platforms in the industry, and it defends its position by offering some unique features to its users. To give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different features of the platform. 

    Access To Personalized Trading Platforms

    FX View provides a variety of platforms so that each trader can use the one that best suits their trading style. The desktop platform, a web browser, and trading apps on a mobile device are all options for exploring the markets. In addition, the platforms are incredibly adaptable, allowing for quick and straightforward access to your account whenever you need it.

    The advanced trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) gives you access to several features, such as risk management, algorithmic trading, and trend analysis. This way, users can make the most of their trading experience with a platform they’re used to trade with. 

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    Multiple Trade Settings To Match Trading Experience 

    The numerous trading platforms available over FX View make the platform unique. Instead of offering only one, the platform introduces its traders to access any of these platforms:

    Availability Of VPS 

    A virtual private server (VPS) enables you to run your trading platforms remotely, around the clock, and with the least amount of downtime. This can be incredibly helpful if you want to operate automatic processes without turning on your computer.

    Using the brokers’ REST or FIX API, you can create trading strategies, giving you the multi-asset liquidity and competitive edge you require. In addition, they provide connectivity using the FIX API and REST API. The minimum monthly commission for the FIX API is $1,000, and the minimum monthly balance maintenance is $10,000.

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    Reliable Beginner Education

    Starting, you’ll be happy to know that FX View offers a wide range of instructional resources, including market analysis, tutorial videos, webinars, trading glossaries, and a FAQ area that provides prompt responses to the most frequent queries traders ask. 

    In my opinion, the teaching materials were somewhat superior to those of a good number of other brokers I have previously reviewed. The market analysis portion can teach you how to develop an investment thesis aligned with your objectives.

    Access To Multiple Tools

    The FX View platform leverages the user experience it tends to provide its users. By signing up, you can access multiple tools to simplify your trading and add more depth to the overall trading experience. Some of the tools on the platform include trading calculators and indicator packages.

    Along with those already included in the given platforms, you can access a wide range of standalone trading tools like API Trading and Virtual Private Server. In addition, leading chart pattern identification software Autochartist monitors trading instruments and detects trade setups automatically.

    Multiple Trading Assets To Diversify Your Portfolio

    With FX View, you have a respectable selection of markets to trade in, including CFDs on currency, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. Then, using a contract for differences, you can speculatively predict the price of the underlying item without holding it (CFDs). This means that depending on how you believe a financial instrument is headed; you can go long (purchase) or short (sell). 

    The profit or loss, less any brokerage fees, equals the price difference between when you opened and closed the trade. I believe the broker has the right tools for anyone wishing to create a varied portfolio. They might, however, be made better by incorporating individual options, bonds, and ETFs.

    Additional Features Of The Platform 

    Those mentioned above were some of the core features of the FX View platform. However, that’s not all! Check out some of these additional features that add to the overall trading experience over the FX View platform: 

    Considering the core and additional features of the FX View platform, it’s evident that FX Vire is a reliable platform for users of every type. 

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    Is FXView Safe?

    In terms of security, FX View competes favorably with significant market participants. This broker is licensed by the member of the Investor Compensation (ICF) and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, so this platform is entirely safe and secured. In addition, FX View maintains segregated bank accounts to keep client money separate from company money, typical of most trustworthy brokers. To lower risk, customer money is also distributed among other financial organizations.

    FX View employs two-factor authentication and 3D secure technology to increase security while processing payments. In addition, FX View seeks to concentrate on fundamentals of being a successful broker by providing you with the most fantastic spreads and trading conditions, along with a staff of live support agents available around-the-clock to assist you.

    You can start trading on this protected and secure platform with confidence because the broker has a CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) license and is an Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) member. Each $100,000 in trade commission at FX View costs $1. Spreads begin at 0.0 pips, which is fantastic because it allows you to deposit the most money into your account possible.

    The best option is unquestionably a trading platform supported by a group of experts with a reputable track record in the financial industry. Based on several factors, which will be explained in our FX View review, the forex broker is regarded as trustworthy.

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    Fees Structure

    Fees structure is one of the primary aspects for users signing up for broker services. But with FX View, the charges are minimal! The broker charges a relatively low commission of $1 per $100k each way. 

    Simply expressed, your chosen assets and trade volume will be the main determinants of the commission you will pay to FX View. Nevertheless, the trade commission is relatively modest compared to other trading platforms. In addition, spreads at FX View begin at 0.0 pips.

    But to give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the fee structure at FX View. 

    Payment methods over FXView 

    Since the platform doesn’t revolve around any commission-based model, you have no fees for any transfer or deposit. However, there are different ways in which you could be making them. They are: 


    Deposit Credit Card, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Przelewy, Giropay,

    Rapid Transfer, Skrill, and Klarna

    Withdraw  Credit Card, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Przelewy, Giropay,

    Rapid Transfer, Skrill,, and Klarna.

    Credit/ Debit cards: MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, electronic payment systems, , VISA, Przelewy24 and Klarna.

    FX View does not accept bank transfers and other well-known e-payment methods like PayPal. The broker’s accepted payment methods have already been mentioned.

    Therefore, you need to make sure the appropriate payment option is available when you want to fund or withdraw money from your FX View trading account.

    However, consider examining the associated fees before starting a transaction because most banks or financial institutions impose a hefty cost for each.

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    Account Opening With FX View

    The steps to open an account with FX View is simple. To get started, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

    Step 1: Click on FX View global and accept their regulations, click on “register now” from the top box of your desktop.

    Step 2: Add your details, such as email and your password; once done, it will take you into their dashboard, and you will need to set up your account with basic personal information.

    Step 3: Once you follow the second step, you’ll receive an OTP in the email you provided, and click on the submit button. The page is in multiple languages.

    Step 4: Click “Complete the registration” and fill out all the required fields. Enter your personal information correctly. Finally, click on “Save and Continue.”

    Step 5: The last step is to complete all the deeds, press “save and continue” again. A short test will be taken based on your trading experience, which shall not take more than 5 minutes.

    Step 6: The last step in the process is to accept all the declarations and then continue. You will have to approve three proofs for verification: your proof of Identity, residence proof, and photo. Once done, you must click the photo using your phone or webcam.

    fxview - register

    Once you’ve followed all the steps, you’re ready to start trading with FX View. 

    Customer Satisfaction

    Traders have given FX View a lot of favorable comments. However, since the brokerage charge at FX View is frequently thought to be greater than the industry average commission rate, it has been a source of anxiety for most newcomers. That’s not the case, though. The broker charges a relatively low commission of $1 per $100k each way. Simply put, your chosen assets and trading volume will primarily determine the commission you will pay to FX View.

    FX View provides major and minor forex pairings on its trading platform. Additionally, this broker gives its traders access to precious metals, indexes, commodities, and energies. From the variety of alternatives the broker offers, you can choose any asset with the best performance. Our FX View Review’s most excellent feature is that you could trade your preferred asset at the lowest spreads. The broker does not, however, offer a cryptocurrency trading option in contrast to other trading platforms.

    You can get in touch with the FX View customer service team using the live chat feature on the interface. Live chat help is the most effective option for getting a rapid resolution. However, you may also choose email support and contact FX View at the email address, which is simple to discover on desktop and mobile platforms.

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    FXView Vs. Competition

    Leading financial services and CFD broker FX View serves customers in over 25 countries and is accredited by over six regulatory authorities in Europe. Over the last six months, FX View has hosted over 2 million unique users on its website and is rapidly gaining popularity across 180 countries. However, despite all the great features, there are certain aspects where the FX View falls short. 

    Therefore, if you’re a trader who won’t settle with limited offerings and want to explore more, you might want to try out an alternative to the FX View. One such competitor of FX View is DX Trade. Let’s check out their detailed comparison in the following section: 

    FXView Vs. DX Trade

    Both FX View and DX Trade are reputed brokers in the industry! They offer similar features in terms of trading experience, possible marketplaces, and other versatile trade offerings. To give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different features present on the platform:

    1. Supported Markets: Users signing up for FX View can access over 300+ different markets. On the contrary, DX Trade offers a more limited market for users to invest in their currencies.
    2. Commission: When trading over FX View, users won’t be entitled to pay any commission. Users signing up for DX Trade are entitled to pay a specific commission to initiate transactions.
    3. Availability of trading assets: FX View allows its users to trade assets like forex and crypto. In comparison, DX Trade won’t allow users to trade in cryptos. 

    Looking at this short but insightful review, it’s evident that FX View allows its users to make the most of their trade. Whereas DX Trade, in comparison, is limited in terms of its trading tools and commodities. 

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    Final Verdict

    Should You Consider Using FX View?

    FX View is considered one of the best choices for trading! It provides good leverage to its users and is the safest platform you will ever trade. You should choose this platform for the following reasons:

    1. Good selection of forex pairs: FX View still has a decent selection of forex pairs, despite having a lower selection of assets than brokers like Pepperstone. Many traders will be drawn to it because of its low spreads, especially day traders who want to keep their costs down. Another appealing quality that may appeal to newbies is the duplicate trading solution.
    2. Research and development: This broker places a lot of emphasis on ongoing research and development. Significant benefits emerge from this, including rapid execution. No matter their level of expertise or experience, traders are supported in their endeavors by the company’s experts offering multilingual help and educational materials.
    3. Customer needs: Since more than fifteen years ago, they have been among the top brokerage firms because they stay on top of customer needs and adopt the most recent innovations. FX View continues to uphold its reputation as one of the world’s most dependable and stable financial institutions.

    Shortcomings Of FXView

    Similar to the pros, there are several drawbacks to the platform. To give you an idea, here’s an overview of the different instances where FX View could do better: 

    With this, we come to the end of our FX View review. It provides a reliable platform for all users. Moreover, since FX View is a more affordable option than other trading platforms, the advantages of beginning your trading career there should be recognized. 

    However, it might not be the ideal platform for you if you’re a trader who wants to access several commodities. Here, we suggest you opt for a different broker.  


    FXView Safe For Trading?

    You can start trading on this protected and secure platform with confidence; as stated earlier, this broker is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and a contributor to the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). Which makes it the safest trading platform.

    How To Open a Trading Account With FXView?

    It is not as difficult to open an account with FX View. All you have to do is register at FX View using a working email address if you want to start trading with the FX View online trading platform. Then, KYC documents, and you can begin to trade as soon as your account gets approved.

    What Leverage Does FXView Provide?

    The FX View trading platform's leverage ratio varies depending on the asset. However, your occupation will also affect how much leverage you are qualified for. For example, leverage available to professional traders is up to 1:500, compared to merely 1:30 for retail traders.

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