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FX Capital Online: Comprehensive Review 2022


If you’ve been into the forex market, chances are you’ve already heard of FX Capital Online, one of the leading forex brokers in the industry. The broker marks its existence for over a decade and brings you some of the industry’s best features and competitive fee structure. 

But is FX Capital Online the right platform for you to start your forex journey? 

Let’s find out as we explore the different aspects of the platform and how it adds to your overall journey. Continue reading as we delve into the various aspects of the platform in this comprehensive review. Let’s get started!

Pros & Cons of FX Capital Online 

  • Offers reliable flexibility to the users.
  • Options for users to trade in hundreds of currency pairings.
  • In contrast to other markets, Forex Market’s currency trading environment features low transaction costs.
  • Offers better leverage to investors, allowing them to advance their assets better.
  • The sovereignty of several nations’ currencies is relevant to regulating currency markets.
  • The management of forex trading operations is challenging.

FX Capital Online At A Glance

Official website
Headquarters  Orlando, Florida, US
Specialties  Invest and asset management 
Revenue  More than $5 Million 
Customer support  24*7 online
Industry  Trading platform, Financial Services, Training, Venture capital, and private equity.
Supported countries  Global

FX Capital Online Company Overview 

FX Capital Online, a company that offers financial and investment education, aims to reverse that by making investing accessible to anyone. Jackenson “Jackpot” Verdul, a trading expert and market winner, laid the firm’s roots. Jack has assisted many clients and students in learning and using the “Jackpot Strategy” to multiply their wealth and establish financial security. 

Transparency, automation, and ease of use are the core factors influencing operations over FX Capital Online. This customer’s foreign exchange is simple, efficient, and reliable. The platform aims to provide its customers with international payments with affordable, straightforward, and user-friendly foreign exchange. 

FX Capital Online

Making overseas payments and transacting in foreign currency ought to be simple; clients shouldn’t have to become specialists in foreign exchange trading or transactions to avoid having their interests exploited by their brokers. Each time clients trade, they are provided the current (time-stamped) interbank market rate and the matching rate at which they will transact, making FX Capital Online unique in its ability to provide clients with complete pricing transparency.

Equities, trust/fund administrators, and corporate brokers now have access to fully automated and integrated facilities for currency buying and selling and online payments, thanks to the FX Capital Online platform. Customers can initially access spot rates for 20 major currencies; towards the end of 2009, forward prices out to 12 months will also be available.

By implementing the FX Capital Online platform under their brand, other currencies or brokers can also benefit from its robust and scalable liquidity, back office capabilities, and settlements while concentrating on customer management and acquisition. In addition, white label trades may also be forwarded to a broker’s current or preferred liquidity provider if so desired.


Key Features Of FX Capital Online

Operating as a platform for online foreign exchange trading makes FX Capital Online a unique platform! However, that’s not all; the platform has several core features that make it unique. Let’s go through some of the core features of the FX Capital Online platform:

3-Part Course

Users of FX Capital Online are provided with a 3-Part Course. In essence, it contains all the information a trader might require. With each course, you can learn more about the trading strategy to advance your ideal trading profession. Additionally, it teaches you how to examine naked charts and use indicators to discover the best entries.

Additionally, The FX Capital Online market is lively since it offers a wide range of chances to make money. Unlike equities markets, which can only be profitable if you own an equity and its value rises, FX Capital Online provides opportunities to profit based on changes in the market value of a particular currency. The fact that the FX Capital Online market has this characteristic makes it accessible to many more market participants, which is one of the main reasons why the market is so vast.

Webinar Vault

Accessing every webinar held by this company since its founding is one of the best benefits of using this platform. Several live webinars are recorded and uploaded to the member’s area every month. Users can access their webinars whenever they want. These webinars cover a wide range of subjects, including everything from a fundamental knowledge of trading to the tactics needed for trading. FX Capital Online’s webinar session covers all the essential trading information.

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FX Capital Online is an excellent option for novices because it offers a wide range of educational resources, including articles, videos, and a thorough lesson program. It has 28 lessons distributed across five courses, and it concludes with a test meant to evaluate your learning and financial literacy.

Private Group Chats

The other essential features of FX Capital Online include Private Group Chats. To help succeed in the forex markets, members will have access to connect with all the traders across the globe. Moreover, they can chat with the other members for feedback or advice. 

For this reason, FX Capital Online is a perfect option for novice traders. Besides, the members can also connect with the other members via telegram. This group is very active, and the members communicate with other traders worldwide.

Forex Brokers Hands-On Training

FX Capital Online has created a list of the top and most reputable forex brokers available today after extensive testing and trial and error. The Forex Brokers list from FX Capital Online gives you confidence when selecting a broker, so you may get your trading career off to a good start, depending on the trading style, trader’s address, and other variables.

Additionally, you get an hour of personalized training from a qualified FXCO Academy Trainer as a Gold level academy member (Not Jack or Alonzo). You have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about getting started and get helpful feedback right away. You will not only have this crucial advantage over other members, but you will also have complete confidence in your capacity to trade independently, allowing you to begin earning money even sooner.

Additional Features Of The Platform

Those mentioned above were some of the critical features of the platform. However, that’s not all! There’s more to the FX Capital Online platform than its core features. Let’s look at some of the additional features of FX Capital Online in the following section: 

Considering both core and additional features of the platform, it’s evident that FX Capital Online is a reliable option for both beginner and advanced investors and traders. 

Security On The Platform

For readers concerned with its safety, FX Capital Online is a trustworthy platform for all traders and investors! The platform adopts some of the most stringent measures to ensure users can make the most of their operations. As a result, many traders and investors have posted positive reviews about the platform’s features. They have established a platform to introduce safety standards to ensure better security for its investors and traders. 

FX Capital Online

Besides, the platform leverages end-to-end systems to ensure that it remains protective against hacking and mitigates any damage caused to the users over the platform. Other safety features over FX Capital Online can be seen around the different safety measures that the platform urges users to leverage once they sign up. Overall, there are several reliable safety features to the platform. 

Fee Structure 

The fee structure for FX Capital Online is relatively competitive, allowing users to make the most of their trades without losing much via fees. Therefore, to give you a better idea here’s an overview of the platform’s fee structure. Let’s check it out! 

Trading Fees On FX Capital Online

Regarding the changes, FX Capital Online offers a competitive trading fee. However, comparing the trading costs for CFD firms is difficult. Therefore, the instruments of each asset class have been discussed below:


Vodafone and Apple: STOCK CFDs


A leveraged position is purchased and held for a week before selling in an average trade. 

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Stock Index Fees

Stock Index is one of the highly-demanded assets over the FX Online platform. Here’s an overview table of Stock Index Fees of FX Capital Online’s trading fees:

Fees FX Capital Online 
Europe 50 Index CFD fees $ 5.5
Vodafone CFD fees  $ 3.4
Apple CFD fees $ 7.6
S&P 500 Index CFD fees $ 3.4

Forex CFD Fees

Given the multitude of assets that the platform has, it’s evident that users might get confused between choosing Index and CFD. But, interestingly, FX Capital Online has different charges for both asset classes.

The table below represents the Stock CFD fees of FX Capital Online trading fees:

Benchmark fee FX Capital Online 
EURCHF benchmark fee  $ 5.0
EURUSD benchmark fee $ 10.0
EURGBP benchmark fee  $ 8.2
GBPUSD benchmark fee  $ 6.8
AUDISD benchmark fee  $ 5.5

Real stock fees

The 0 commission on real stock fees is preferably one of the most important highlights of the FX Capital Online platform. It charges no fees for almost all the different stocks traded over the exchange. Here’s a tabular representation of the additional fees:

Stock  FX Capital Online 
US stock $ 0
German stock $ 0
UK stock $ 0

The Non-trading fees

FX Capital Online does not charge any non-trading fees. So, for example, if you don’t trade for a particular time, the broker won’t charge you an inactivity fee, which is unusual among CFD brokers. Account, deposit, and withdrawal fees are nonexistent as well.

Non-trading fees table 

Sl. No. Type of fee FX Capital Online 
1 Account fee Not Required 
2 Inactivity fee Not Required 
3 Deposit fee $0
4 Withdrawal fee $0

Overall, the platform offers a competitive fee structure that makes it a reliable platform to start your trading journey with. 

Account Opening With FX Capital Online

Although the precise processes may vary from brokerage to brokerage, the process typically entails the following:

Step 1: To explore many account kinds that are offered. These could be modestly sized accounts with low minimum balances suited for novice traders or sophisticated feature-rich accounts for serious traders.

Step 2: You will receive a username and password after submitting the application, allowing access to your account.

Step 3: Set up a bank transfer so that money can be deposited into your account. Checks, credit or debit cards or an electronic transfer from your bank account are all possible methods. However, it should be noted that using a credit card may result in interest fees.

You are now prepared to begin FX Capital Online trading when your account has been filled. However, before making your first transaction, you should now carefully read any tips or other information your broker has provided about using their trading platform. 

Before investing real money in trading, traders can practice on a demo account provided by several brokerages.

FX Capital Online

Customer Satisfaction

Starting in forex trading can be stressful and challenging. People without financial experience will find it easy to find it too complicated and are likely to give up on the thought of ever trying it. For this reason, FX Capital Online works to make the idea of Forex and its components as simple as possible so that regular people without a background in finance may understand the sector.

Because this is the only business where you can obtain comprehensive forex information, FX Capital Online is the finest platform for all traders who want to learn and advance in the forex market. Many people began as novices and are now making a living and earning a lot of money through forex.  

Contacting Forex Capital Online is easy via phone, email, or live chat. A huge bonus is that you can also get in touch with the broker by email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. The broker can be reached by phone as well.

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Easy Forex Vs. Competition

Considering the wide range of possibilities that Easy Forex adds to everyday trading, it’s one of the most reliable platforms to get started with. However, similar to the great features, certain drawbacks might limit the platform. Therefore, if Easy Forex isn’t the right option for you, you might want to compare it to one of its most reliable competitors, Oanda.

Easy Forex vs Oanda

Easy Forex and Oanda continue to be the most reliable trading platform for users of all types. The platforms share similar features and also bring you an equal amount of versatility. But there are a few things that make them different. In the following section, we’ve listed a detailed comparison of the two platforms: 

  1. Regulations: Easy Forex is a renowned platform backed by CYSEC. On the contrary, Oanda is backed by regulations from platforms like FSA, ASIC, FCA, MAS, NFA, and IIROC, giving it an edge over Easy Forex.  
  2. Fees Structure: While both the trading platforms tend to bring out the best in terms of their fee structure, Easy Forex takes the lead with a more competitive structure that saves money. 
  3. Customer Satisfaction: After going through the different sites and reading reviews of both platforms, it’s evident that Easy Forex has better customer support than its alternative.

Looking at this short and insightful review, it’s evident that both Easy Forex and Oanda sit neck-to-neck in comparison. However, upon detailed analysis, Easy Forex takes the lead with better customer service and fee structure. 

FX Capital Online

Final Verdict

Should you consider using FX Capital Online?

  1. It provides access to several financial instruments: The broker also provides various account types, multiple user interfaces, educational and research resources, spread and commission costs that are competitive with the industry. Although there is acceptable and accessible customer assistance, the poorly maintained website demonstrates a lack of attention to detail.
  2. NFA, CFTC, and FCA Regulate FX Capital Online: Credibility is enhanced by being governed by the NFA, CFTC, and FCA, highlighting FX Capital Online’s position as a global online broker. Nevertheless, it is rather troubling that guaranteed stop losses and negative balance protection are not offered in the United States, as the former provides clients with peace of mind and an effective risk management tool under unpredictable market conditions.
  3. FX Capital Online provides coaching and direction: FX Capital Online is an online Forex trading school that provides coaching and direction. FxCapital Online thinks traders can go from novice to experienced with their training and trading methods. The yearly membership is $275.
  4. It is convenient to communicate with the mentors: The Clients of FX Capital Online instantly join a Forex chat room where they may communicate with their mentors and other users. The chatroom’s other users can give members tips on the day’s or week’s trading patterns. Additionally, it serves as a forum where members can receive the inspiration they need to keep working in the sector.

Shortcomings of FX Capital Online

All sorts of traders can use FX Capital Online’s services, but because of its focus on quick, accurate execution, it is best suited for high-volume traders who can use rebates to decrease trading expenses.

  1. It can be difficult for novice traders: It can be difficult and scary to get started in forex trading. People without a financial background will quickly find it too complicated and probably give up the thought of ever trying it. For this reason, FX Capital Online works to make the idea of forex and its various components as simple as possible, allowing common people without a background in finance to understand the sector. 
  2. It is not an investment advisor: FX Capital Online is not a financial broker-dealer or an investment advisor following all applicable laws and regulations. Only a licensed broker can buy, sell, or give advice regarding a currency. Therefore, you must be aware of and willing to accept the risks of investing in the financial markets.

This brings us to the end of our detailed review on FX Capital Online. Considering all the different aspects we’ve covered over this exhaustive review, it’s evident that the platform is reliable for users of every type. 

However, if you’re a user who wants to diversify their portfolio by investing in several currencies, this might not be the platform for you. We suggest you sign up with a different broker or trading platform in such a situation. All the best! 


What is forex trading?

The market where different national currencies are traded is called Forex (FX). The currency market is the world's biggest and most liquid market, trading trillions of dollars daily. Instead of having a single physical location, the forex market is an electronic network of different financial institutions.

What is the best Forex trading plan?

There isn't any best Forex trading plan or strategy. To make money, you should continually design your techniques for any conceivable market scenario. Only limited currency pairs and restricted periods are suitable for various Forex methods.

Where is the Forex located? Who owns it?

It doesn't have a specific owner. Since the foreign exchange market is interbank, only the seller and the buyer can transact on it. Forex will continue to exist as long as the current financial system does. It has no affiliation with any one nation or governmental body.

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