Brave Browser Unveils Ads Trial Program

Brave Software has rolled out its ads trial program. The firm has published Brave browser, an open-source web browser characterized by extra privacy features an integrated ad blocker and Cryptocurrency (Basic Attention Token (BAT)). The company will share 70 percent of advertisement earnings with the participants in the BAT.

Brave Browser Commences Testing Advertising Program

Brave Software has begun the assessment of its browser’s ads initiative. When the browser is fully launched, its users will have to select whether they want to block the ads or view them and earn Basic Attention Token (BAT), the browser’s inbuilt virtual currency. The Cryptocurrency is an Ethereum-based utility token that can also facilitate transactions between advertisers and publishers according to the

How Brave Browser Works

Brave browser is a product of Brave Software; a company started in 2015 by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. The two founders have extensive knowledge and experience in the development of browsers. Previously, Eich worked with Mozilla as the architect and CTO. Bondy, on the other hand, was a software developer lead at Khan Academy.

The company claims that Brave browser comes with enhanced privacy features and high browsing speed. Brave Software says the browser’s inbuilt adblocker reduces bandwidth expenditure enabling it to browse at double the speed of other browsers on personal computers and up to eight times the speed of the other browsers on mobile phones. Browser works based on the novel idea of blocking advertisements and trackers that monitor your activities on the Internet. The browser has been hailed as it eliminates the need to download and install ad blockers. The app uses a new method of delivering ads that rely on tools-based tracking and intermediates that connect the advertisers and the users.

Brave Ads Trial Program will demonstrate how online ads can be

conveyed efficiently. Brave browser validates and delivers the ads thereby eliminating the need to have such tools to perform these tasks. Many users have praised the browser, especially because of its speed. Most of the users have said that the browser is faster than Chrome and Firefox.

Brave Browser To Share 70 Percent Of The Revenue With Participants

The firm’s ad program will allow the users to view several “relevant ads” in a day. The browser users will be rewarded with BAT tokens for viewing the ads. The company will then share 70 percent of the profits made with the users who agree to view the ads.

However, this program is not ideal for those striving to obtain full privacy benefits associated with the browser. This is because the browser will collect the users’ browsing history for analysis. There are fears that this move will discourage many people from taking part in this important trial.

In April this year, the Brave Software announced a partnership agreement with Dow Jones Media Group. Under the agreement, a few of those who download the browser access Dow Jones’ premium content. Dow Jones Media Group’s senior vice president, Daniel Bernard termed the partnership as an exciting and innovative move. He added that the partnership will allow the media company to try new and emerging technologies in an attempt to enhance customer experience.