Brace Yourselves for the Most Controversial Bitcoin Forks

The last batch of Bitcoin forks have been a bit controversial, but the ones yet to come might be the most contentious of all. The Anonymous Bitcoin and Bitcoin Prime have been referred to by investors as shameless cash grabs that are more like dumps and pumps designed to exploit consumers.

The New Bitcoin Forks Causes A Furore

One of the most polarizing individuals in this industry has to be one Mr. Rhett Creighton. The stunt he gave out lately appears to have brought together a swaddle of the digital coin community in great condemnation. Dan Larimer of the EOS is well known for jumping from one project to another, but compared to Creighton’s itchy feet, his flitting appears like a whole faithful service. It can be remembered that just last December, a dual fork of zclassic and bitcoin was announced.

This ended up inflating the price of ZCL and even motivated Rhett Creighton and associates to start the Bitcoin Prime. More Bitcoin Projects as all these continues, there is another project that plans to create another fork of Bitcoin and Zcash to come up with Anonymous Bitcoin.

The Anonymous Bitcoin is set to become a new standard for a modern private banking; one that has never been witnessed. If this goes through zlassic shall have been forked for the second time to come up with a pair of coins that are based on zk-SNARK. It would actually become three times when zencash is included.

Zencash, which was forked from ZCL has proceeded to forge its own community and to separate itself from its main coin. On the other hand, Bitcoin Private has done so little but a bit more than the bagholders of ZCL, some of them who ended up losing funds in the entire process.

The Best Way to Pump Dead Coin

Before Rhett Creighton purchased a bunch from Primecoin, the platform was trading at 80 cents. He later announced that he would fork it and abandoned the whole idea of Bitcoin Private that he had initially.

According to Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin developer and a senior figure in this industry, the Bitcoin forks are just more like airdrops and altcoins. As a result of that, they should not be categorized under the whole Bitcoin banner.

The Emergence of Wild Bitcoin Fork

Just this week, a new Bitcoin fork appeared. Since the emergence of Bitcoin diamond and Bitcoin gold, a number of exchanges had offered the BTC forks lower shrift. However, for reasons that aren’t known to others, Bitfinex has opted to throw its weight behind Bitcoin Interest {BCI}.

Bitcoin Interest, or BCI as it is commonly known as one of the coins that forked from Bitcoin in January 2018, and Bitfinex plans to issue Bitcoin Interest before its trading is officially launched. The utility that is offered by BCI can still be seen, and its life-changing feature is the provision of interest to holders who trade with their tokens.

Despite anything that the new Bitcoin Interest might be going through now, the whole idea did not come from a shameless pump of a coin that already existed. This reason alone shows that Bitcoin Interest is not as controversial as ones as Bitcoin Prime.