BMW Group Asia, Nielsen, And Intel Partner With Tribe Blockchain Accelerator

Tribe Blockchain accelerator, an initiative of the government of Singapore, has announced that three leading tech firms have signed a partnership deal to join the platform. The three firms include; BMW Group Asia, Nielsen, and Intel that are looking to adopt Blockchain technology in improving service delivery on their various product lines.

Joint Efforts Are Key To Success

Information about new technologies such as Blockchain is usually scarce and highly subjective. Therefore, cooperation leads to the development of unified models that not only create more sophisticated and efficient technology but also helps to increase adoption.

In the same way, Tribe accelerator allows the three firms and other startups to share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise in their various capacities to build an “inclusive” ecosystem that is set to launch industry 4.0. – Experts believe that the next revolution will be driven by Blockchain technology hence the increased efforts by various players to create a favorable environment to set the foundation for the takeoff.

BMW To Offer The Partners Mentoring Sessions

Since the initiative is meant to address the lack of information that startups and other enterprises that want to adopt Blockchain technology skills grapple with, the partners will be offering their skills to develop the Blockchain acceleration efforts.

For instance, BMW Group Asia will proffer “masterclasses” that will be tailored to mentor the other partners on how to implement mass Blockchain solutions in mass market situations.

Intel And Nielsen To Enhance The Sandbox Features

In the same regards, the Intel Corporation is also offering technical and business mentorship to startups. Michael Reed, Intel’s blockchain program director is assuring all stakeholders that the Intel SGX and Intel Xeon Scalable processors will provide scalability, privacy, and security features for the sandbox.

Nielsen will also enable the Tribe project to create a next-level sandbox that can be used by all startups to create customized Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Acceleration

Blockchain acceleration efforts are fundamental to offering a launchpad to startups that have a road map of implementing DLT solutions. Additionally, the initiative is key to allowing the participants to have a common point of reference to any issue or concern pertaining to Blockchain technology that many startups struggle with.


According to Carsten Sapia, IT vice president of the BMW Group Asia and also the head of the Asia Pacific Region, the startups on the Tribe network will develop various proofs-of-concept in order to support the next level of platform infrastructure formation.

The Government Is Ramping Up Efforts To Drive Adoption

The government of Singapore has elaborate plans to make the city-state a leading hub for Blockchain technology. This is the reason why the Tribe Accelerator platform was formed last December which is being managed by the state agency- Enterprise Singapore.

Other partners in the initiative include PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub, South Korea’s ICON Foundation, and Ethereum’s ConsenSys.

The managing partner of Tribe Accelerator, Ryan Chew is confident that the way forward for the society in regards to emerging technology adoption is to encourage experimentation. If this is done, mainstream adoption is set to follow as the benefits will become more evident.