Exchange Review

When looking for a place to store your digital funds, you may have come across Blockchain. Simply named after one of the building blocks of the Bitcoin ledger, it is catchy and click-worthy. Here we will have a look at some of the aspects that make up Blockchain and you’ll have a better idea of what it’s all about!


Blockcain is based in Luxemburg- a place known for their support of Cryptocurrency but also adheres to strict financial protocols. The Blockchain platform is probably one of the best-known wallets and exchanges available to date. The reason for this is its widespread availability, with users being able to access Blockchain services in over 140 different countries! They currently have supplied over 24,000,000 wallets and facilitate around 160,000 transactions each day!


Blockchain offers an exceptional wallet service. It is very easy to use – even for people that are very new to the world of crypto. There is a special security center on the site that assists new users with how to use a wallet effectively. Its straightforward navigation, as well as its flexibility and, security are reasons for the wallet’s massive popularity.

The Blockchain wallet can host Bitcoin and Ethereum and the wallet is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices- making it the perfect fit for almost any user.


Blockchain is very secure and has been specifically designed with user safety and security in mind. There is a baseline level of security but by visiting Blockchain’s Security Center and adding additional levels of security to your wallet by providing additional information. The highest levels will give you 2 step verification as well as Block Tor requests.


Making use of Blockchain’s wallet services are absolutely free! There are no sign-up or base fees but users are charged small amounts for making transactions within the platform. Fees will depend on the amount of funds being moved. There is also an option to customize your fees.

Customer Support

As far as customer support goes, Blockchain is ahead of the game as they have a whole section of their site dedicated to customer support and assisting users through any issues they may have. There are tutorials uploaded for the various processes on the site. Additionally, there is a help center and a learning portal.

Summary of Features

Below is a list of Blockchain’s best features to get a concise overview of what they offer:

• Option to view your balance in your chosen fiat currency
• Vast security measures such as 2 step verification
• Straightforward and easy to use interface
• New wallet address is created after every transaction as an additional security measure
• By scanning a QR code, you can easily link your wallet to your smartphone
• Ability to buy and sell cryptos from your Blockchain wallet


Because Blockchain has been around for a while and supplies a vast amount of users, they have had both the time and resources to straighten out any of their initial issues – making it efficient and trustworthy!