Blockchain Life 2018 Event To Convene In St. Petersburg

Russia and Eastern Europe will get the biggest conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies yet to be seen. The conference will take place in St Petersburg, Russia from 7th to 8th of November.

The Conference is Bringing Together Major Stakeholders

The Blockchain Life 2018 conference will attract over 5000 attendees, 80 speakers, over 70 countries, and 120 booths. The attendees will be representing the major industry players who are playing a pivotal role in shaping the course that Blockchain technology and crypto markets are taking. The targeted groups are:

• ICO startups
• Cryptocurrency exchanges
• Blockchain projects
• Rating agencies
• CPA networks and advertising agencies
• Leading services
• Industry media
• Blockchain developers

The representatives will be exhibiting their ideas at the booths where other stakeholders will have an opportunity to see the models, ask questions, and contribute their ideas in order for them to replicate the models in their respective capacities.

Blockchain Life Conference

The Conference is Looking Forward to Making a Difference

The Blockchain Life 2018 will build a crypto community for effective and interactive cooperation. The community that will be established will enable the members to have a deeper insight into the opportunities that are available in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain firms.

Investors will be able to identify the viable projects that they can invest. This can be through contributing to crowdfunding projects in token sales and investing in tokens through crypto exchanges. This aspect will play a pivotal role in enabling investors to invest and reap maximum returns on investments.

Businesses, institutions, and corporates that are seeking to transfer their platform form the existing networks can get a chance of learning how to implement the blockchain technology. Since the booth will be offering their services for free, it is a chance for investors to kickstart their network overhaul prospects.

The blockchain developers with upcoming projects will able to showcase their ICOs to potential investors. Additionally, the blockchain exhibition will offer them an opportunity to interact with targeted people and other experts such advisors, experts and other peers to learn of ways of improving their projects to make them attractive and viable to investors.

Additionally, the Blockchain Life 2018 will be seeking to empower various individuals who are keen on improving their prospects in cryptocurrency mining. There will be relevant information on mining chips, equipment, and the most attractive blockchains to explore.

Lastly, there will be many contractors at the conference for customers who need to source for blockchain developers to develop their DLT platforms.

The Conference Sponsorship

The Blockchain Life 2018 will be charging for tickets. The proceeds will go towards sponsoring the events and catering for the logistical issues that make a convention successful. The sponsorship packages will be sold in BTC, and some options have been sold out.

Delegates Accommodation

For non-Russian delegates, Russia offers flexible Visa options. For the duration of the conference, there are accommodation options available in and around the City of St. Petersburg. In most cases, the major hotel will be within minutes’ drive to the ExpoForum. Additionally, there is the option of the metro Moskovskaia that offers reliable transport.



• +7 (800) 775-76-17
• Start: November 7
• End: November 8
• Event Category: Europe
• Website:
• Venue: Expoforum, Peterburgskoye Shosse, 64к1 лит. А St Petersburg,196140 Russian Federation