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In current blockchain Korea news, the MiL.K Alliance has partnered up with the Shinsegae Duty Free luxury retail chain. This grouping gives online users opportunities to utilize loyalty points more easily and freely.

About MiL.K Alliance

The MiL.K Alliance is a blockchain rewards platform for clients of the travel, leisure, and lifestyle niches of the market. MiL.K is a fast-growing loyalty program with the MiL.K mobile application and can be used in a variety of ways. The blockchain Korea business is taking off recently, providing users with online opportunities that weren’t previously available.

Including the partnership with Shinsegae, MiL.K Alliance now has 4 ongoing alliances involving:
• Seoul Airport Limousine
• Delivery Car
• Yanolja
• Shinsegae Duty Free

With this growing collection of partners, MiL.K gives users the choice to connect loyalty points on the MiL.K mobile app. These loyalty points can be linked and transferred to an in-house cryptocurrency MLK, which provides users with tangible assets. Additionally, MLK can be used as currency to purchase loyalty points with any of the 4 partners with MiL.K. The linkage versatility with the MiL.K mobile app gives users options that weren’t possible before in blockchain Korea companies.

Blockchain Korea

About the Partners

The Shinsegae Duty Free is quite a popular retail destination located in downtown Seoul, Korea. It resides within walking distance of the N Seoul Tower and the Namdaemun Market. The Shinsegae Group is one of Korea’s large-scale distributors.

Yanolja is an online travel agency booking platform that encompasses not only accommodations but also others catered to the client. As a billion-dollar company, the aim of restaurant bookings, activity, and leisure reservations are in the works.

Seoul Airport Limousine and Delivery Car are tailored to users with diverse transportation needs. Being able to provide business products where loyalty points accumulate is a great selling point for many travelers.

How Blockchain Is Deemed Essential

As the world evolves and businesses progress more with advanced technology, blockchain platform systems are becoming more essential. This necessity can be seen with blockchain Korea business dealings. Blockchain networks have a wide variety of uses and are versatile for numerous industries today.

Blockchain can collect data from numerous systems and convert it to a desirable output for the consumer. The need for versatility is important to consumers since often loyalty points go to waste unused or forgotten.

MiL.K has shown how blockchain technology is helping them adapt to an ever-changing online market and catering to their clients. Now with blockchain technology, you can convert loyalty points and even purchase more if so desired. Users can collect loyal points from one affiliated partner with MiL.K and exchange it to MLK tokens for use elsewhere.

Blockchain Korea technology has also been deemed as very secure in its transactions and data giving users safe business dealings. As the use of blockchain technology for more services, the CEO of MiL.K is certain that users will accept it. With increased exposure for blockchain Korea transactions, it will soon become more mainstream for business uses.

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